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  1. I was the original drummer in the Southern Comfort Band. My buddy, Tony Taliaferro, hired Freddie Pate and they played all over for years as the Tony Taliaferro Band. I knew Randy Corner and Texas Cookin pretty well. Randy was an incredible guitar player, and was offered a national tour, but he had a serious dislike of travel!Randy preferred to play locally, and today is still in the North side of Houston I believe. Someone had mentioned Randy is nearly blind, but he has had an eye condition his entire life where his eye lashes actually grow inward...he was always wearing shades at night! Tony Taliaferro moved to Nashville 25 years ago, made a couple of albums, was Dottie West's Band until her death, and today is married to Louise Dorsey (Frank Dorsey aka Englebert Humperdink's daughter). I still play everyday in my music studio at home, have a much nicer kit than was available back in the 70's, but really miss Gene Watson, Mundo Earwood, Randy Corner, Roy Head, Johnny Rodriquez,Eddie Marshall, tons of others... and all the joints we played. I really believe the best music live and recorded came out of the 70's.
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