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  1. Likewise...had to become a member to reply to this. Brought back to many happy memories (dating myself). Wells Fargo Parker Road and Randy Corner....I used to ride my motorcylce to Wells Fargo just to hear Randy, the band, and dance. "Sometimes I talk in my Sleep" was the best. You see, I played in a small neighborhood CW band that played on Fri, Sat, and Sunday in a shack on Airline drive called the "Little Drop Inn". I was only in high school at the time but would venture over to the WF Parker Road club to lean how the pros do it. I actually grew up on the next street over from Randy. Before the Wells Fargo days....how about Bill Miraz's or Polish Hall.....tickets stapled to your collar, cold beer at the then drinking age of 18, and the pure two step and polka. Our lead singer, James Haley, went on to play with Frenchie Burke himself. Me....joined the Navy so I could get U.Sam to pay for my education. Really miss the those days....we could walk to school (Hohl elementry ...Parker and Yale). Once I got out of the Navy 5 years later in 81, so many things had changed. Now it was Desperados and Diamond Back but still good dancing...just no bands like Randy's. Anyway..thanks for the trivia question that brought me back to the times. I still have a never been peeled bumber Wells Fargo sticker...I should put it up on eBay Cheers.
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