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  1. Looks like a larger version of Highland Tower. I like it.
  2. Thank you all. It's great to see another parking lot bite the dust for progress.
  3. 1515 Gray is a proposed residential highrise for Houston. Austin doesn't have a Gray St.
  4. I can see them listening to Sinatra in that night rendering.
  5. Here's hoping that construction of Capitol Tower gets going after demolition.
  6. Wow, I did not know there was alot of tension between Bury and some of the forumers on here. I thought they were a good engineering firm?
  7. The Dallas one is U/C. The tower is called McKinney & Olive tower. Here's their website: http://www.mckinneyandolive.com/ Btw there is nothing wrong with the design of 6 Houston Center, to me it looks nice. Plus I wouldn't get carried away, atleast you guys have a nice signature tower going up. Can't say that about Dallas. No offense Dallas.
  8. The tower looks great. You know if they ever demolished that AT&T building. I wouldn't miss it.
  9. I'm positive that this tower will be built. People want to live downtown and demand is there. The days are long gone when just few percentage of people called downtown Houston home.
  10. By looking at all the digging, when can say that this project is moving foward. Also I couldn't help but to think that this tower was going to be built right in front of the new Marriott Marquis. Glad it's not because this project will have a great impact on the Houston skyline.
  11. Thanks, from far away it looked abandoned. But glad it's not.
  12. Love that last picture. Seeing all of this development is amazing. Also on another note, I hope they restore that old red brink building thats in front of BG Group Place.
  13. Thanks! Kind of a bummer that there waiting until early next year to start, but I guess it's better to wait than to rush through them.
  14. Wait, how can they start if the tower itself will take up the whole parking surface? Wouldn't they have to move the construction trailers off the site for them to start?
  15. Houston economy will feel the pinch, but not like it did back in the 1980's. Houston economy is more diverse now.
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