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  1. Well it's a start. Nothing says progress like have 2 crappers on site.
  2. This project has a name. "The Millennium Tower". http://www.themillennium.com/Texas/Houston/Millennium-Medical-Center/
  3. I see the portion on Keystone Pipeline is already built in Texas. Disregard what I said earlier.
  4. Oil may have dried up for a bit, but there is still the Keystone pipeline project which will benefit Houston.
  5. Houston is a fighter! While it takes a few blows like the current oil bust, but it gets up and still fights.
  6. Sometimes it takes a little bit to get the process started. I used to build residential buildings back in 2006 & 2007. The developers would breakground but sometimes we had to wait a few weeks for everything to get going and ready.
  7. Liking it alot, looks like it will also have retail at ground floor.
  8. If feel the same. This is a proud day for many Houstonians as well as Texans.
  9. Looking good! Can't wait to see more progress on this massive project, as well as the 17st building that's mixed in with it.
  10. That would be a great idea for Galveston to have a Skyhouse. "Skyhouse Galveston"
  11. My god that's massive! I thought they were working on 2 buildings at best.
  12. By the time this one gets finished, will be the time they'll start on the 3rd one.
  13. Correct. I also wish they could atleast renovate it as well, it would look a heck of alot better than it does now.
  14. I wonder if that waterfall will still be built right in front of it? But I gotta say the building looks impressive.
  15. It maybe the lack of construction workers. We also have the same problem in Austin as well.
  16. It's nice to see a great project fly under the radar, & break ground.
  17. I love the design, but they should have considered putting street level retail at the bottom.
  18. A month away. I have gotta say the construction in an around Houston is mind boggling, and I thought Austin was bad. But I'm glad my home town (Houston) is changing for the good.
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