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  1. The Skyhouse in Austin also has it's signature as well it lights up.
  2. All I can say it better than looking over a Walmart.
  3. It just went from demolishion to U/C just like that!
  4. Another crane added to the downtown area. I was thinking, Houston could surpass Austin in downtown residential construction. We only have 4 residential towers U/C with the rest either office or hotel.
  5. Seems like there needs to be new management. If the people that work there don't like what they do, it's easy find another job.
  6. I know this is a Randall Davis project, but lets give this guy some credit. If he can pull this off, I will have the up most respect for him. Houston lacks high end development and is now getting the attention it deserves. For other projects like The Marlowe, and The Windsor. I have no doubt in my mind that both those towers will break ground here very soon.
  7. I have full confidence in this tower.
  8. It's going to get built. Skanska isn't putting millions of dollars for some parking garage, right now there waiting for a tenant to sign and could be in the works for some company as we speak.
  9. I'm going to talk with the developer and simply say just build the d*** thing. This fight has been going on way to long. Screw these anti highrise nimbies, if you don't like it should have never moved to Houston.
  10. Love it. But wish they could have added brick to the parking garage adjacent to the new 2 building that's U/C. It would help blend it in.
  11. What, it's completely natural to be on the toilet while you look down on people. Remember your the king of your throne. Use it!
  12. From a perspective, it looked pretty big. I believe Houston blocks are a little larger than Austin if I'm not mistaken.
  13. I drove past the site last week when I was Houston. Man is that block massive! Also as I stated before, Skanska will build Capitol Tower as they are committed to the project. It's just a matter of when.
  14. Build it Houston. We need our Spaceport for the Space City.
  15. I'll take the Sinatra! Because Houston is "my kind of town!"
  16. I say it's on life support. Not dead yet. We still have hope people!
  17. We need more of these type of developments around Houston. Go Hines!!!
  18. A good power wash to that graffiti and mold will do wonders, heck I'll do it myself for free.
  19. I know right. Skanska should just build the tower, by the time it's complete or perhaps before it's complete they would have already landed a tenant.
  20. It's not only the tower that's getting built, we are adding retail as well as jobs once completed.
  21. Yes things will slow down in which they have to. It all repeats in cycles, but does this mean Houston will stop growing? Of course not. Houston has a robust economy even in a down turn, we just have to ride out the storm.
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