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  1. I hoping next year will be more willing for to get this project back on track. Lets hope Oil prices continue to rise, right now O&G companies are back to hiring.
  2. Personally I like it. To me it's not terrible or anything and is somewhat unique. You have the lighter earth tones on the side as someone mentioned, with a darker brick facade on both front and back.
  3. I don't get the point of having window awnings? Why? It would look less ugly if they took them down.
  4. Great to hear!!! Keep us updated as well as progress pics if anyone likes to provide.
  5. Very nice Houston. I was looking at google street maps and saw another restaurant that opened up recently called Bombay. It's great to see retail coming in, lets keep the trend continuing!
  6. Didn't realize that Mcalisters was going in as well. This Convention area going to have 4 or 5 different restaurants all together.
  7. Very nice Houston! I can't wait for it to open up.
  8. That's disappointing to hear. Why not build a residential tower instead? It's near the light rail station and parking garage.
  9. Apologize for the late response. But imo this garage looks to me 100x better than a normal bland parking garage. Take for instance that monstrosity that they built next to the convention center recently. A ugly garage with no detail or design to make it look different. I agree, it is sad that it's another parking garage but I'm excited that developers atleast put some effort into it other than looking bland like most garages these days.
  10. Well atleast it's better than a parking lot, and on the plus side it's not a bland parking garage. So It could have been alot worse. lol...
  11. This maybe a long shot for right now, but maybe just maybe there is some signs of life. I'm hoping like everyone else that this project gets on track very soon. Rise oil rise!!!
  12. The way it was set up seemed like a heist so the robbers knew exactly what time to strike.
  13. I've been wondering why the tower crane hasn't been installed yet? I hope Randall Davis does back out because of oil prices. This tower is 100% finance right? Just curious.
  14. It's getting close to it. The Austin area has surppased the 2 million mark last summer. So the current projection would be about... 2,050,000 or so.
  15. JoninATX

    Alexan 5151

    Nice... also on the plus side The Mercer looks ALOT better now than it did before.
  16. Love this type of development! Please Houston, build more of these.
  17. I appoligize if this has been mention before, but will this building have any retail?
  18. Reminds me of Los Angeles.
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