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  1. Btw I hope u guys are safe out there, sadden me that my hometown of Houston has suffered tremendously from this storm and definitely want to thank the local Houstonians and everyone who has came from all over to help. I know Houston will rebuild after this. 

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  2. On 7/28/2017 at 5:35 PM, quietstorm said:

    Color me a bit cynical about this project being successful in Houston. I love all of Texas' cities, but each is so unique...like very different members of the same family...fwiw my daughter just landed her first job in Dallas and lives in Uptown, and the vibe couldn't be more "opposite" Houston. While The Rustic has done well in Uptown Dallas, I'm not so sure it's larger than life, everything's bigger in Texas, honkey tonk vibe will do well in Houston's more laid back, cosmopolitan atmosphere. Not wanting it to fail by any means, but just not sure.

    I'm sure it will survive. This will give tourist who's visiting Houston a true taste of Texas. 

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