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  1. Now open! Houston can now add Le Méridien to it hotel collection. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=855969601175658&ref=content_filter
  2. Btw I hope u guys are safe out there, sadden me that my hometown of Houston has suffered tremendously from this storm and definitely want to thank the local Houstonians and everyone who has came from all over to help. I know Houston will rebuild after this.
  3. I wonder what could be done to prevent less flooding around the Houston area?
  4. I'm sure it will survive. This will give tourist who's visiting Houston a true taste of Texas.
  5. I'm excited about all the transformations that's happening around downtown, with The Rustic breaking ground in a few wks, it's really going to livin up that part near the Convention Center. http://m.chron.com/neighborhood/bellaire/business/article/Avenida-Houston-to-add-new-restaurant-art-11297609.php
  6. Are they still on target to open on August 8th?
  7. At least the views on top of the garage will have a great view of the skyline.
  8. Such a prime spot! I cannot wait to see what Hines have up his sleeves for this block.
  9. Sky pools are starting to become a popular thing in Houston. Also you guys beat out Austin in terms of the having the highest swimming pool in Texas.
  10. I'm hoping Hilcorp Ventures will sell later on, that area is a prime location for a tall mixed use tower.
  11. Thanks for the video, but talk about some 007 James Bond type place. That tower is heavily guarded.
  12. Not excited about a new parking garage going up, but atleast this will have GFR. Also excited to see that there is still hope for One Market Square, I have high hopes one day that this tower will be built. Houston we can't let DFW have all the fun, now can we.
  13. Did they forget to build the building itself?
  14. I sure hope "if" Whole foods does pull out, it doesn't effect the status of the project. Or it could be that they are ready to build covered walks. They did the same in Austin with 5th + West in which they had rendering of the tower then pulled it not long after.
  15. This year Superbowl put Houston on the map! Although I can't wait until Houston gets the another Superbowl. By that time we should have metrorail connecting to Hobby and or George Bush International Airport. Downtown will become more dense and urban. So happy to see my hometown shine like it did this wknd.
  16. I'm not a fan of Trump either, but this is disgusting to say the least. WTH is going on here especially in Texas. Burning Mosque, spraying swastikas everywhere. Not cool people, not cool.
  17. Liking the lighting scheme on top! Does anyone know if the lighting going to be permanent?
  18. Now we just in 9 more of these scattered around downtown.
  19. Maybe, just maybe in the near future a new high rise will be built next to it.
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