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  1. I'll be sitting at home, handing out candy and watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" If you don't watch it, you're not an American.
  2. A co-worker of mine was looking at these condos. He was totally won over, for whatever reason. He paid big money for The Works inspection. I hate to tell you, but from the inspector's findings it would appear the second level of condos was added to the top of a pre-existing building. However, the first level was not reinforced for the second story. The walls were bowed on the first level and there were evident issues of structure problems. My understanding was there wasn't a problem with the foundation itself, but the frame of the building. The HOA itself sounded like it was barely staying afloat; the banks owe the HOA $$$$$ for past dues but these funds are being held up in bureaucratic nonsense. I would very much reconsider even stepping foot in this place. I have heard GREAT things about the property management company though. I wish our HOA would hire them on tomorrow.
  3. The black is much seksier.
  4. No WAY. We went there all the time for birthday parties for friends when I was a kid. I had no idea any of that stuff still existed. Want to know what goes into it? Click here or here. Dook actually drums!!
  5. You're kidding, right? After I first saw Back to the Future, a DeLorean was the first car that I TRULY wanted. For the longest time, it was my "dream car." Mainly because I hoped that Michael J. Fox would come with it. Who cares if it's a POS? DeLorean had huevos to come out with this car. It's was too far ahead of its time as far as style was concerned.
  6. The Midtown Randall's was ok for when we lived downtown. We really tried to avoid it (like so many other people have said) because the prices were MUCH higher than at the Kroger on W. Gray. I think for every 10 trips to W. Gray Kroger, we would go once to the Midtown Randall's. Now that we're in the Galleria area, we continue to avoid the Randall's on San Felipe (exactly 1 mile away.) We will drive the 9 miles to Costco for the staples that can be frozen - chicken, beef, pork - and most of all, eggs and milk. It's amazing how much cheaper they are compared to HEB/Randall's/Kroger. For produce we generally will hit up the regular grocery store; I've been having a lot of trouble with produce lately. HEB has really let me down, there's no close Kroger, and Randall's is hit or miss for the $$$$. I've even been forced to try to stop by the Uber-Wal-Mart on the way home without any luck. It's really frustrating. ... Is anyone else having this problem lately? Yes, PLEASE. I miss Trader Joe's and Wegmans of all the NE stores... Meijer: I could live without. They changed too much since I knew them from when I was a kid. (They used to almost be like Costco as far as ambiance goes and had a HUGE selection.)
  7. From the article: A "Classic Victorian" that looks just like that one down the street. And that one over there. And that one.
  8. It's amazing the amount of people that do this after I-10 and 610 S merge, right before the Woodway and Post Oak exits. The signs give you PLENTY of warning to get the hell over because this lane ... surprise! exits only! I wish TXDoT would put up some kind of soft barrier before the barrels at the median so those jerks can't cut over at the last possible second because "oops" they didn't see that sign 1 mile before hand that gave them tons of warning and now they have to drive in the shoulder to pass everyone who they think are going "too slow." True Houston driver pet peeve: Those jerks who cut into the lane when the sign says "Do not cross double white line." Ok, at rush hour when everyone's stacked up and barely moving... Whatever. It's understandable. When it's 7am on a Tuesday morning and traffic's moving, just don't freakin' do it! I can't tell you how many people felt perfectly ok merging across that double white at San Felipe's northbound off-ramp almost-just nearly into my rear quarter because they can't just slow it down to get over and merge into the traffic that's already going straight. (*Yeah, you, punk. Nearly killed me yesterday. At least I know where my turn signals are.*) I love it when these old posts get dug up again.
  9. Kirzania


    I'm going to repeat it again: SEE Cirque du Soleil. You will never regret it. Any show, any show at all.. Unless you don't like nudity, in which case, avoid Zumanity. We went to see KA and loved it (Asian-themed show, almost a play on Kabuki.) As far as Blue Man Group goes, my parents saw the Vegas show and agreed that it wasn't worth it after seeing How to be a Megastar. Wait until the tour comes to your town - it'll be worth the wait. As far as food goes: Do NOT skip Michael Mina at the Bellagio. Seriously. Spectacular. Food. No so much for partying, but go hungry. We stayed at ph (formerly the Aladdin) - waste of money on the 70's-like renovations that place, but it was a good deal on the room versus spending twice as much to stay on one "end" of the strip. We aren't big party-hearty people (think in bed by 10.30) so we were never out late, it was just too rambunctious for us.
  10. Thanks, sev. I'll make it a point to be there. I'm sick and tired of seeing all 20-some listings on HAR for the same house.
  11. No way... That red building there in the foreground was listed on HAR for about 8 months. I seriously considered it after finding out it used to be an old fire station. I hope someone restores it and doesn't just tear it to the ground. It's a great looking building.
  12. So which was the course at I-10 and 610, just north of the highway-yellow antiques building?
  13. I could care less who's better - Wally World or Targe'. I just want to know why Target has been coming in and building plain ol' Targets instead of Super Targets? What's the deal with that?? I thought there was no excuse for a Plain Target in Sawyer Heights, but it would be crazy to continue the trend. Especially with Wal-Mart heading into full swing, starting to appeal to a "high-income crowd." Seems like there are more Super Wal-Marts in town than the plain ones too. Personally, I shop anywhere but Wal-Mart when it comes to almost anything ('cept maybe cleaning supplies). I either have to go to the Wal-Mart on Westheimer, just past Voss, or the one at 290 and Tidwell, which has been under construction forever. They're both dirty, have bad parking, ask anyone working there and they either won't understand what you're saying or have no clue where the thing you're looking for is (and have no initiative to go find out for you), andworst of all, neither bothers to keep anything stocked. I find that Target, even with its higher prices, keeps their shelves stocked, their bathrooms clean, and you can always pick up a help phone and someone will help you. $2 more for that DVD at Target is worth it and not just because it will actually BE on the shelf.
  14. I don't know. I enjoy the tunnels. Maybe it's just the result of my first job in downtown and all the "glitz and glammer" or whatever you want to call it. I think the tunnels just add to Houston. Running out of retail space up top? so they just go below. To be honest, I hated being trapped in the office all day, so I'd go into the tunnels to grab lunch, wander around, "prarie dogging" it until I found some place to sit and eat. I think I found more places to sit and relax around downtown than I ever had if I had had to walk street-level the whole way. And crowded? I don't recall ever finding the tunnels very crowded. Maybe under where Bank One/Chase used to be, near Beck's. (Still don't understand the appeal of that place. Ew?) Besides, it was always funny to see the same tunnel-walkers every day.
  15. I don't know if anyone heard on the radio this morning. They were saying exactly what I thought when I first saw the video. Why would you pay money to see a comedian "act" and then give him a hard time? You paid to see the man and then you sit there and tell him he sucks? What sense does that make. One of the DJs had been at the club and said he thought it was part of the act at first. He was dressed up like Kramer and it sounded like something Kramer would say. He said there were people in the back of the room snickering and the usual guy who laughs at everything because he doesn't know when it's funny.
  16. Best coffee maker that will never let you down: French. Press. Seriously, unless you break the glass beaker, it's not going to break down or not produce hot enough water. (Just boil some on the stove/electric kettle/whatever first.)
  17. This was a huge to-do in Lexington. Personally, I think it's a great idea because I don't smoke and it makes me pretty sick... I'm of the opinion though that the city should pass the ordinance giving any "public area" the right to be completely non-smoking and enforce it with fines or ejection from the premises. I agree with TJones and the others of you who say that "smoking's a choice, restaurants should give patrons a choice to sit with smokers or be in a smoke-free area." I would think though, that most retaurants these days would go non-smoking with the hurry to cater to people who want to lose weight and eat/be healthy. I do have to say, there was a hospital in Missouri (right?) who tried to make the entire campus non-smoking. "Entire campus" as in you can't smoke anywhere - not even outside, in the parking garage, on the grass, anywhere that is hospital property. The town was furious... I guess I hope that if Houston passed a non-smoking ordinance, that it would give the choice to be smoke free or not. That way people can't argue if a restaurant or hospital wants to be smoke-free. Btw... I don't understand why people would be mad against a law prohibiting smoking on hospital grounds. At UK Hospital, I saw a small family, mother, father, and little boy who was maybe 12-13... They had taken him outside in his wheelchair with a nurse pushing respirator in tow. The kid had way too many pipes hooked up to him and the parents reason for taking him outside? Not for the fresh air... Because they wanted to smoke. Disgusting.
  18. I go to Sammi at Touch of Red. She's aboslutely brilliant and funny. I'm extremely picky since my guy in Allentown (I miss you, Enzo) would cut my hair perfectly every time and I never had to breathe a word. I tend to shy away from people that don't know the words "texture" or "layers" .. or, in Lexington, "texture scissors."
  19. The HHN homes in Plaza Center/Bonner Plaza or whatever back right up to the working railroad tracks on the reverse side of the property. Not to mention the metal shop that doesn't shut down until 9pm on the weekdays. Trust me, as soon as my husband and I walked in, we practically ran straight back out. I think Washington corridor is too volatile to say whether or not something's "too high." Give it a year or two to let stuff settle. It's been mentioned in other threads about the road situation.. I would wait to see how Washington St. is going to pan out. Resurfacing? Better intersection lights? Timing? As for the units on La Branch that Coog mentioned, all I have to say is beware Urban Living. (And not just the fact that they're tin cans.) Not only have we had so much trouble with their sales people, our realtor has had several horror stories of clients who wanted to buy from them.
  20. Vicman, this is Lexington, not Houston. They don't just "build" stuff there without rhyme or reason. They've needed to widen their roads or, if nothing else, time their intersection lights to allow traffic to flow. Do they know they have to do it? Yes. Do they actually follow through? No. Will they extend the runway just because one guy in the control tower screwed up? No. Just for reference, the recent mayor's previous election year, his ENTIRE campaign was about wanting to solve the traffic problem. Here we are, well into his term and all they've done is install two cameras at two intersections on Nicholasville... Ugh. Don't even get me started.
  21. Ugh. This is nuts. This is the SECOND plane crash from Bluegrass like this. I believe it was 2-3 years ago, there was a similar sort of crash, but the plane was landing. It was just a two-seater, as I recall. I can't find the article now. Everyone survived, but New Circle was shut down and it took them forever to build a retaining wall to help make the landing strip "safer." (No one I knew why this helped, but I guess it did.) Too bad no one has mentioned it. Lexington Herald-Leader Article
  22. I keep getting the error "Too many users on server!" About every 10 minutes or so.
  23. Oh, man. I just got free tickets to the Texans game... Hm, maybe I'll get to drop by for an additional pre-game drink.
  24. Funny that you mention that... We've been house hunting for the longest time. My hubbie, without fail, would always point out, "Look! It's half siding! Why should we pay for half brick and half siding??" I had never noticed it before. (I blame his KY blood - I had to explain Hardi-Plank.) We've seen a lot of older homes where they've added on rooms or merged a duplex into one and don't want to bother with the brick. Instead, they just slap on some hardi. Until Daniel really started making it an issue (i.e.: we didn't even look at the house unless it was all brick or all hardi) of the whole thing, I didn't mind because all the builders do it.
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