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  1. Hey guys... Don't hate me for resurrecting this thread. It's been well over a year and I was hoping maybe someone had some kind of new information on this project. Our community toes the property line with this proposed ... monstrosity. I guess I really struggle to see how ONE building, let alone TWO can fit onto the JW's auxiliary parking. If anyone's noticed, they re-did their lot to separate it from the rest of the lot. It's been significantly reduced in size and is raised above the remaining portion of the lot. I don't know what they're thinking really. There's no way Brownway can handle the traffic that would come with the 600-some residents that would live here...

    Highway6 - apparently you're my neighbor. :)


    Well, I've done a little of my own digging since then. This transaction must've only been done this year. There is no HCAD record for 2007, but there is one currently pending under the Whiteco name:


    1000 E 80TH PL STE 700

    MERRILLVILLE IN 46410-5608


  2. Ha. Red, I never knew! Sort of makes sense.. I guess.:)

    I join tanith27 in his infinite geekdom. Kirzania was my first ever Beast Master on Everquest. I took her over to World of Warcraft in time. Got her up to 70, eventually. I don't recall how I picked the name. Perhaps one too many clicks on the random name generator button?

  3. I still haven't heard any response after my i-file. Should I be concerned yet? I keep hearing about others' results, and we've had no word yet.

    I was starting to worry too, especially when my coworkers were coming in late after their formal hearings. It wasn't until last week when our i-Settle became available online. I would not expect anything to come of it either. I was insulted by the decrease - if that's what you want to call it. They took about $3,000 off the appraisal value... I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of calling that "throwing a bone" since nothing has been done to our house since 1974 except some new paint and appliances. HCAD is a bunch of lazy slack jaw fools that can't get their rears out of their chairs to go put actual comparisons out there. HAR can put together comparisons better than HCAD can. </rave>

  4. I am super picky when it comes to my car wash places. I gave up on interior cleanings all together (I do a thousand times better with my old vacuum, Armor-All wipes and some Windex) so the places I go to must have exterior-wash only choices.

    Mister Car Wash on Voss was hit or miss with me. I've taken both our PT and our Town & Country through it (we joined the membership thing briefly) but more than half the times I took the cars through, there would still be dirt on the bumpers or bird droppings on the roof, whatever. I liked the Mister Car Wash (Signature?) on Kirby for awhile until the 4th time when the grill on the front of the PT was obviously not getting cleaned at all. I dunno, I think Houston's drive-thru car washes are generally all pretty shoddy. I really miss Mike's Car Wash (exterior only - they give you a super-absorbant paper towel and some coin operated vacuums at the back of the wash.) They would ALWAYS get the salt and street-snow-grime off every square inch of the van.

  5. Ha! I knew I should've checked here last night. I was coming home from work, going south on 610. I saw two cruisers drafting a POS going northbound and just figured it for a drug bust gone bad. And then... 4 more cruisers, an ambulance, a chopper. It was just like Blues Brothers, JLW. ;)

  6. I like the idea of a longer concrete barricade to split the 527 lanes from the 59 lanes much earlier. However, outside of rush hour when cars are running bumper-to-bumper at 65mph, it seems very dangerous to have such a solid structure. Outside of HOV entrances, they are usually reserved for splits in the roadway where direction changes are in play. I wonder what other types of deterrents can be put into place that work during both rushhour and non-rushhour scenarios?

    I love this idea. I agree that a concrete structure would probably be a Bad Idea, therefore I suggest the soft barrier - such as the ones they use at the railroad crossings on Westheimer and San Felipe inside the loop. This way, most people are not going to physically run through one but there was an emergency or an accident, it most likely wouldn't do any more damage than is already done to the vehicle. Same if an emergency vehicle was trying to get through... I don't care if you know the route or you don't. There's nothing safe or smart about power merging or forcing your way over when you can just use the *gasp* NEXT EXIT and u-turn.

    They need to put up all kinds of soft barriers at 59 and 610. I hate the punks who jump in line at the last minute. Same goes for the exits at Post Oak and Woodway on 610 south/northbound and the HOV lanes out 10.

  7. Problem solved: Get XM.

    I say this and I only have one receiver in one car.. But still. I gave up on radio a loooooong time ago. Generally, the only time I listen is around Christmastime to Sunny 99.1 because they just play Christmas music and there aren't too many commercials. And NPR for the classical stuff.

    I make LOTS of CDs to listen to also...

  8. Bocce ball is great fun. We play every year on the family beach trip. I really suck at it (someone once told me I throw like a girl...) but it gets easier exponentially with the amount of alcohol you imbibe. (Bocce Ball. See: Drinking Games)

    I really like the idea of a little rental shop at the park for lawn games.

    Only if they rent Jarts. ;)

  9. I do go to Alamo Drafthouse though. They're great because there are no kids allowed.

    Ditto on this!! I wish they could build another theatre or two that was "no children under 18," period. The only thing about Alamo is that they permit kids with (a) parent(s) and I find a lot of the time, the parent could care less their kid is talking loudly, kicking on the seat in front of them, throwing food, etc. Last movie I went to see was Beowulf. All of 7 people were in the theater until two moms walked in late with their 8-10 year old sons. (To sit right in front of me, of course.) Naturally, Beowulf is NOT a kid-friendly film and I don't know what the heck they were thinking as the kids were screaming half the time in fear.

    Btw, did people NOT read this story in high school? These same mothers didn't seem to understand the story or the ending. They were more than happy to voice their opinions too, but whatever. Another reason that I too wait for most movies to come out on DVD.

  10. Looks like the outside could use a new coat of paint ... or three. But it's darling! I love the hardwoods but ... Is there a reason the W/D isn't closed in? It looks like there's room for some doors on that end of the kitchen. And is that the only place for the W/D? I don't mind it too much after the set up in my place but I like options. :D

  11. I am getting tired of this. Why couldn't they have done this to someone who at least has the money (and time) to burn on this stuff?

    (like someone with something nicer than a Focus...haha)

    It's their gig. I have an '04 PT Cruiser and a '96 Town & Country - go ahead, laugh... They're both paid off so nyah. Creaks and moans and all sorts of fun stuff. We took the van in because the transmission wasn't shifting properly (would randomly drop out of gear in drive off the line and on the freeway - before the rebuild) and they told us they couldn't replicate the problem. I think this must mean they don't bother to get into the vehicle and even try it out because they're too busy that day or whatever. Four months of being in and out of the shop, a complete reseal, and $1500 later, AAMCO told us the transmission was utterly gone. They weren't surprised that the DEALER didn't notice the 2" of metal shavings lining the pan, sad to say.

    Good luck, sev... Seriously. I've been putting up with this shiat since I inherited my dad's old '89 Probe (which is why we bought the shop manual for it.) I can regale you with all kinds of horror stories from dealerships from here to Allentown, PA. Granted, a lot of them are because I'm female so obviously I don't know the difference between the master cylinder and the dipstick, but they're all the same and they keep you coming back because they throw you the old line that they "know your car better than anyone else." B.S.

    </steps off soapbox> Sorry, this always gets me fired up.

  12. All I can say is check up on the recalls. Take the tire off and look around. You'll be able to tell if the suspension coil is snapped/broken. If you can't see a visible problem - that is, just eying it - that means you need to get in there and start taking it apart. You can probably find the shop manual on eBay, or cruise the forums for people who have dug under their hood. Good luck with the dealer. If it's fairly new, do everything you can to tell them it's under warranty. Don't back down on that. I've been taken to the cleaners with Ford dealers before. (Like holes in less than 4 year old radiator hoses that weren't there before the trip to the dealer... Bastards.)

    My suggestion is this: Aside from recalls, take it to the dealer to have them look it over and give you a written estimate. Take it to AAMCO, Midas, Firestone, etc. Get them to tell you what's wrong and hand you a written estimate. Last possible choice: find mom & pop shop recommended by a coworker or citysearch.com. I have yet to find a good one of these in Houston. Personal opinion: I hate the dealership. I go because I can hold crap against them (why didn't you notice my transmission was torn to bits when you took it apart to reseal it?!) with paperwork and written statements. Mom & Pop Shops are hit or miss just because you either find someone who knows your car or you don't and get taken to the cleaners. Firestone and them are there to get cars in and out and turn a buck or three thousand in the process.

    Oct 03:

    Ford Motor Company told dealers that they may need to replace the rear upper control arms on Ford Focus models. The models include: 2000 through 2004 Focus Sedan, Wagon, ZX3 and ZX5 series.


    The Ford Motor Company parts service kit required for this replacement is 3S4Z-1A154-AA. Ford will perform the replacement of parts under provisions of the bumper to bumper warranty under TSB T31305.

    This is considered a "silent recall" where upon Ford may NOT notify owners of this condition. Owners should contact Pat Hoye (313) 248-8336 at Ford World Headquarters or click here for a Ford executive assigned to your area.

    Owners are advised to have their vehicles inspected before the warranty period expires.

    Focus Fanatics

    Recalls from Automotive.com

  13. I think you mean Smith. Lousiana is one way north.
    Whoops. Smith. It looks like same way going north on Louisiana too.
    What time of day? ... This is around 6:50 each morning.
    I usually roll in around 6.30ish. I should take a picture of the herd trying to move through the intersections.
    When it works, you'll see waves of green and red lights moving forward.
    Yeah, it's definitely not rolling forward. It looks now like it's rolling in the opposite direction.
  14. So the next light has already completed its cycle by the time you get there? That's crazy.

    Yes and no. Imagine if you will, looking south down Louisiana. By the time I exit, sit at the light at the feeder/HOV ramp and proceed through I see: RED -> RED -> GREEN -> GREEN -> RED -> RED -> GREEN, etc. When the reds turn green, the greens turn red, so this back up occurs. I always sit at the lights at Prairie, Texas, Rusk, sometimes Capitol, and McKinney (mostly because by then there's traffic backed up at the light at McKinney because they're all trying to get into the parking garage).

    There is no way I could hit even 25 mph even at 4.15pm. Hell, I didn't even get to the speed limit when the old timing was in place! There was only a couple of times that traffic was moving at the posted speed limit just because I think most people don't even know what the speed limit is downtown.

  15. How fast are you driving? When I did it on Monday, I was able to hit all greens by driving about 30 mph.

    I would be lucky to hit 10 mph in the morning or afternoon. Most of the time, I'm on the brake. My point was by the time you proceed to the next intersection, there are 6-8 cars already there that are still at a complete stop. They're still stopped because the light is red. If they weren't there, sure you could maintain a steady 30 mph (maybe?) and hit all the lights green. The problem is they ARE there and it backs everybody up. I really didn't see a problem with all the lights turning red/green at the same time because everyone would either be moving or stopped at *gasp* the same time!

    From the Chron article:

    I got caught at a red light twice, both times because a motorist ahead had been slow to move when the lights changed.
    EXACTLY. There are FAR too many people in this city who just can't pay attention and put their foot on the gas. Multiply this by about 100 at rush hour.
  16. I'm sorry, but the entire grid is all fubar now. Where I could move through downtown pretty quickly, now I have to stop every 10 feet. Louisiana and Smith are by far the worst. Coming in during the morning, things back up onto the feeder onto I10 far more than they did with the old timing. Leaving in the afternoon (even at 4.15) I hit every intersection on the way out and the traffic is by far worse. Even leaving the parking garage is miserable now. We don't have the luxury of a Rent-A-Cop and it lets out onto a side street. I think my commute just increased by 10 minutes and I live only 8 miles out of downtown.

    The synchronization sucks! If your light turns green, chances are that at least 4 lights in front of you are still red and will still be red by the time you get to that intersection.

    Put it back the way it was!

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