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  1. New Big XII: Enrollments and Football Stadium Capacities Enrollment Capacity BYU: 33,633 63,470 Iowa State: 36,350 61,500 Texas Tech: 36,551 60,454 West Virginia: 24,488 60,000 Oklahoma State: 25,622 55,509 Kansas: 27,565 50,250 Kansas State: 23,779 50,000 UCF: 68,571 48,000 Baylor: 18,033 45,140 TCU: 10,394 45,000 Houston: 47,090 40,000 +SRO Cincinnati: 45,949 40,000
  2. Nevertheless, it should not be too much to ask/require that they demonstrate basic proficiency and knowledge of the applicable laws.
  3. More evidence that there are just too many people driving who should not be. If one does not know that one is supposed to treat such intersections as 4-way stops, one should not be driving. We are not nearly strict enough with drivers licenses.
  4. Underground detention has been a thing for a while now. Here are a bunch of examples. I imagine there are many more. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Apartment-s-hidden-amenity-A-massive-vault-to-16142276.php https://ulrbi3gs84t2i973c1o5xaxg-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/r-tank_application_report__fire_station_37-1.pdf https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/ups-sweetwater https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/south-rice-apartments https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/longpoint-apartments https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/3933-pinemont-drive https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/the-aria-at-stancliff https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/western-houston-subaru https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/audubon-hollow https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/hampton-inn https://www.conteches.com/knowledge-center/case-studies/details/slug/us-post-office https://www.walterpmoore.com/projects/asia-society-texas-center
  5. We shall see. I would expect that TxDot will happily allow his driveway to exist within the right of way (or make negligible adjustments to the right of way to allow for his driveway). That being said, he might have a stronger case if he was actually currently using it as a parking lot. (BTW, I did NOT claim it had not been used as a parking lot for more than a decade.)
  6. Per the HBJ article: Houston-based commercial architecture firm Method Architecture will occupy 9,000 square feet in East River 1 (Building C). Teal, which provides a cloud-based system for delivering hot water to buildings without water heaters, has leased 12,000 square feet in the same building for its new corporate headquarters. Finally, the owners of The Astorian event venue near Sawyer Yards will open a new 20,000-square-foot private event space and rooftop bar in Trail Head 1 (Building F). The yet-to-be-named event space will include a ballroom, bride and groom suites, and an outdoor wraparound deck with panoramic views of downtown Houston and Buffalo Bayou.
  7. FWIW, the project's maps do not show the "parking lot" being taken. The entire parking lot is shown outside the right-of-way.
  8. I live in the neighborhood too. Whatever their reason for putting up the fence with padlocked gate, the fact is, there is nobody parking back there on anything close to a regular basis.
  9. That sidewalk portion is a very odd and awkward little section that would be easily fixed and there's plenty of room for the fix right along the same path.
  10. Ten years or so ago, it was indeed used for some parking. But anyone can take a look at Google street view and see that stopped parking back there years ago, and at least as of January 2020 the portion of the lot behind the structure is currently a fenced-in grass-covered nothing.
  11. Just a little additional context. From what I can gather, the much anticipated Federal infrastructure bill includes $110 Billion for roads, bridges, and major projects. Even just tunneling Houston's downtown portion would apparently take more than 1/3 of that.
  12. Nobody said it can't be done. Of course it can be done. The question is whether it would make sense to spend Tens of Billions of Dollars extra for a tunnel. Tunnels can make sense in certain places (like to get a railroad through the Alps, when the alternatives are (a) to go over the Alps, or (b) try to engineer additional capacity in very constrained and congested mountain passes)
  13. I presume you're referring to the Massey Tunnel replacement. About $3.25 Billion USD for an 8-lane tunnel roughly 700 meters long. Soooo.... somewhere in the ballpark of $85 Billion to do an 8-lane tunnel from the Beltway to the Loop. Yeah, we should definitely do that. 🤣
  14. I found a little useful information, but not yet a definitive answer to the Census Tract 3125.01 quandary. Apparently 3125.01 and 3125.02 were created from what in the 2010 census was 3125. Comparing the 2010 numbers for 3125 with the aggregate 2020 numbers for .01 and .02: 2010: Total Population: 4,235. Total Housing Units: 1,818. Occupied Housing Units: 1,622. Population in Group Quarters: 1,367. Population in Households: 2,868 2020: Total Population: 4,868. Total Housing Units: 2,587. Occupied Housing Units: 2,152. Population in Group Quarters: 1,066. Population in Households: 3,802
  15. Yes, but wouldn't the normal course of events likely lead to a similar quantity of young families/newlyweds moving in as those with toddlers move out? There does not seem to have been any reduction in family housing stock since 2010 that would have caused there to be significantly fewer families in this neighborhood now than in 2010.
  16. Weird. That's not good for anyone, HCC included. Or, rather, especially HCC. Not a good move for them to try to figuratively wall themselves off from their surrounding community.
  17. Yeah, I think there must have been some additional group quarters housing in 2010 that has since moved elsewhere or reduced their residency.
  18. It seems unlikely there were that many more families in that neighborhood in 2010 than 2020.
  19. Check the group quarters numbers? I don’t see the 2010 group quarters population. 196 in group homes in 2020. Maybe there were more group quarters residents in 2010?
  20. https://data.dispatch.com/census/total-population/total-population-change/census-tract-2125-harris-county-texas/140-48201212500/
  21. I found the 2010 numbers. 2010 population inside the Loop: 454,102 2020: 504,489 11.1% growth.
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