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  1. Census Bureau released July 1, 2022 county population estimates today. Using these numbers, we can come up with their Metro population estimates: July 1, 2020: 7,140,749 July 1, 2021: 7,215,837 July 1, 2022: 7,340,118 Added 199,369 people in two years. Someone on this board recently told us our days of adding more people per year were coming to an end. So far, not so much. Houston added 75,088 from '20 to '21 and 124,281 from '21 to '22. Austin added 58,136 and 62,985. Seems the trend may have peaked.
  2. Maybe because there is no HOV lane in the middle of the highway??
  3. For clarity, here is what the person asking for the removal of all of the very detailed discussion of the West Belt project actually asked for: "What is the other TxDOT project being referenced? Can someone provide a link?" A link, not a deep, detailed, drawn-out discussion of the project.
  4. Of course no one ever suggested that no mention should be made of another project and how it might intermingle with NHHIP. The West Belt posts I have suggested be moved to a West Belt thread go well beyond a discussion of its interaction with NHHIP and would be more logically located in the West Belt thread (having these posts illogically located in this highway thread means they are more likely to not be seen by viewers who want to learn about the West Belt project).
  5. You are making a lot of assumptions that are not in evidence.
  6. Not sure exactly what you have in mind by significant step down. I would not consider it such. From a strictly monetary point of view, I believe Congresspeople are paid $174,000 per year. Houston mayor is paid $236,189.
  7. I would read nothing in to that. It listed the Astrodome along with the other facilities at NRG Park, with no particular mention of how any of them could contribute. This is in the VERY early stages of discussions.
  8. FIFY The recent news of discussions among all parties about the future of NRG Park certainly adds a new wrinkle (and new hope), especially with the context of the Rodeo and Texans lease renewals also being in play. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/commercial-real-estate/houstons-nrg-park-area-is-underdeveloped-its-leader-is-ready-to-do-something-about-it-118261
  9. That can be easily and clearly accomplished by references and links. NHHIP also affects and interacts with the Inner Katy BRT project and the University Line BRT project. Should we just consolidate those topics here too?
  10. I don’t want it siloed so I don’t have to read it. I want it in its own thread so people can read and clearly understand the various and very much separate and distinct projects.
  11. Federal American Grill is going in the ground floor of Lyondell Basel Tower, across the street from the Highlight. 1221 McKinney, Suite G100.
  12. Mods, can we separate the West Belt project discussion into a separate thread?
  13. Interesting, but note that it was posted on Construction Journal in September 2022, and also says: "As of September 12, 2022, a firm construction timeline has not been determined." I don't think this has come up in any Houston First meetings or City Council meetings, so a June 2023 seems pretty unlikely.
  14. Where did I say an 18-point turn into the east end beyond EADO was going to be easy (and where is this supposed 18-point turn and single access point)? Other than to inquire about the EADO-East End connections, I don't think I've even participated in discussions about that. My focus has always been on the connections between EADO and downtown that are affected by the NHHIP. In any event, if the future of EADO was even half as dire as you and Samagon portray, developers would not be investing money and planning developments, especially now that the NHHIP is virtually certain.
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