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  1. Yeah, the letter was pretty lame and not worth our attention (and of course no one is relying on the letter to sway the developer; they have the lawsuit to do that). What is the source of that letter anyway? It looks like it was written by an individual resident. The deed restrictions do not require Tanglewood look like the original version. Tanglewood has been pretty vigorous in enforcing their deed restrictions. They have certainly not been widely ignored.
  2. Do you really think they just weren't paying attention and The Hawthorne slipped under radar? 🤣 There is little doubt that the site of The Hawthorne is not covered by the Tanglewood deed restrictions.
  3. We already have a land-value tax. Apparently, you want more.
  4. Why would you think the deed restrictions do not apply to this property? Your emphasis on the fact that this company is the successor to the company that developed Tanglewood is misplaced. That does not give them any extra rights. Further, I don't see any reason to think this is just posturing or a gesture on the part of the THA. I'd be surprised if they don't win.
  5. I haven't found anything about a "Grand Opening, but according to their website, the new museum opens June 22.
  6. The only 40 I see mentioned was a count of the floors in the prior "jenga-style" design.
  7. A nice description/review of the conceptual plans for the southern downtown park from OffCite: http://offcite.org/southern-downtown-park-plan-unveiled-a-response-by-ernesto-alfaro/
  8. Neither "job cuts" nor "reducing people" necessarily mean layoffs.
  9. Anyone who hadn't already figured out there would be job cuts is not a person they should worry about losing.
  10. LOL I just found, on the development's website, that the office building is 16 stories. Looks like 10 floors office space on top of 6 floors of parking (plus perhaps another floor of parking below grade). https://theepicdallas.com/office-2550-pacific-avenue-at-epic/
  11. The slide show is not entirely clear, but I think so.
  12. I think they are now required to be white, for temperature, energy efficiency reasons.
  13. Good catch. And, yes, there is a high-frequency bus route on 20th/Cavalcade.
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