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  1. /\ I can't find anything in those materials (or in any other materials I can find on-line) that indicates that the Walkable Places ordinance would impose screening or other design standards on parking garages. I wish/hope they will and I think the City needs to impose design standards on parking garages city-wide.)
  2. 1st floor is for buses (BRT and buses coming from and going to Westpark). Third floor is for buses coming from and going to Southwest Freeway. Second floor is park and ride parking.
  3. In my experience you vastly overstate the level of noncompliance. From what I've seen, more people comply than do not comply. I am in agreement that they are helpful and more compliance would be better. FWIW, I think you also overstate the density of the Bay Area, no matter which definition of Bay Area one uses. Yes, it is clearly more densely populated than the Houston metro area, but not by a factor of 3x (let alone quite a bit more than 3x). Houston metro population density: 835/square mile San Francisco MSA population density: 1,912/square mile (2.3x Houston's) Bay Area (9 counties) population density: 1,113/square mile (1.33x Houston's) Houston CSA population density: 715/square mile San Francisco CSA population density: 710/square mile (99% of Houston's)
  4. I think saying the Museum District doesn't want to play ball is a bit of a mischaracterization. At the January neighborhood meeting, we were told that the Super Neighborhood was asking the City not to include the Museum District FOR NOW. Note that the quoted letter says "requesting that Museum Park not initially be included in the ordinances." There are a number of concerns they want clarified and addressed before being included. As the post above mentions, those concerns included residential buffering and some concerns about parking because of the huge numbers of visitors to the Museums and Hermann Park.
  5. Perhaps once it is built the contrast between the new and old won't be as stark as rendered. There's good reason to hope for this result given the renderings and reality of the renovations to One Houston Center and Two Houston Center.
  6. LOL I don't know. I presume they will handle the street crossings in a manner similar to what they did when they lowered the portion of the Southwest Freeway just to the west of this. Some streets might have to be closed for some period of time. Oh, the horror!!! 😉 No doubt it will be a complicated project.
  7. Adding a station without shutting down the line doesn't strike me as terribly difficult. The station structure is all beside the tracks, not over or under.
  8. I think it has always had reduced service during Australia's winter months.
  9. Why are we beating this dead horse again?
  10. 4tth Quarter, 2019: Very slow quarter. A net -54 units were absorbed in the CBD, while zero new units were delivered. (Assuming 1.4 people per occupied apartment, downtown lost about 25 people per month during the 4th quarter) 88% occupancy. The "Central Houston" market (downtown, Montrose/Museum/Midtown, Heights/Wash Ave., Highland Village/Upper Kirby/West U, and Med Center/Braes Bayou) delivered 1,171 new units during the quarter, with 67 units net absorption (for approximately 94 additional residents).
  11. l've been hearing whisperings about this growth to 700+ flights a day recently in other forums. Hope it comes true. FWIW, that is a LOT of growth, especially considering they apparently plan to grow the Denver hub from about 550 flights per day this summer to more than 700 per day by 2025. https://thepointsguy.com/news/denver-could-be-united-airlines-largest-hub-by-2025/
  12. Good info. Thanks. The parcel I was referring to as being owned by MetLife is the northern most parcel, fronting on San Felipe.
  13. Thanks for the thoughts. Any thoughts on the Bank of the Southwest block? That bloc really needs a supertall... or to be turned into a beautiful and functional public square.
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