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  1. Interesting article in The Architect's Newspaper: Dazzling Glaze: Steven Holl Architects tames the harsh Houston glare with clever massing and opaque tubular glass
  2. Interesting. Moving from Arrive River Oaks (nee West Ave)?
  3. FWIW, HCTRA's website has nothing about it being shelved. But construction of the extension toll lanes is not scheduled to start until September 2021. The other (preparatory) items on the time line seem to be going pretty much according to schedule. http://www.hardyconnector.org/
  4. Perhaps they haven't yet made all of the planned route adjustments. Is the Transit Center even completely finished?
  5. https://www.flickr.com/gp/190082073@N05/cfaJQT https://www.flickr.com/gp/190082073@N05/cy6121
  6. Apparently the Research Park is actually the UT Research Park, and includes facilities for both UTHealth (which is a DBA/name brand for the UT Health Sciences Center at Houston) and MDAnderson Cancer Center. Mods, could the title of the thread be revised to correct this naming?
  7. Even if your characterization of the ownership of the sidewalk is accurate, (a) it is nevertheless almost certainly still in the public realm by virtue of city right of way or easement and (b) even if a trespassing charge was available, if the city police won't cooperate in enforcement, it's not worth much. (FWIW, again, a trespassing charge is probably not tenable, given that it is a public sidewalk, nominal ownership notwithstanding). To add further clarity, the encroachment agreement referenced above is to allow for the encroachment into the city's right-of-way (below grade, and probably also allowing for the canopy). It would have no impact on the treatment of the surface as public domain.
  8. Not entirely certain about this, but I'm not sure it's Episcopal Health Foundation that has "allowed" the homeless encampment. My understanding is that they have tried to get the city to take action, but the city has not been cooperative.
  9. If that's the location, in order to come up with 4 acres, the site of Sideout Volleybar would have to be included too. (Unless they've acquired the row of houses along Ideal Street...)
  10. I think it is a new canal, the South Canal. This was in the original BBP master plan, I believe, but I thought the concept had been abandoned. Apparently it is back, perhaps in a slightly different mode (more as flood control, less as an amenity).
  11. I saw something recently in HGAC's transportation plans regarding Ft Bend acquiring a bunch of buses to provide transit service, IIRC, to downtown Houston.
  12. Yeah, except the Galleria Neiman's is not on the closing list and is not likely to be, unless the whole company liquidates (which is also not likely).
  13. Drove by the other night and the interior lights were on. Looking very nice! (It's almost as if the architects considered what it will look like to ground-level passersby.) 😉
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