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  1. FWIW, the developer's website says it's 43 https://www.trammellcrow.com/en/projects/block-98 If this were going up in Dallas, it would be listed as at least 44 stories, if not 45. ;-) From the renderings, 43 looks right. Some might be calling it 44 because there might not be a 13th floor.
  2. That must be why the Milam Street entrance ramp has been closed too...
  3. A little more information from one of the other prime contractors: http://www.austingilbane.com/docs/OUTREACH_KICKOFF_FINAL.pdf
  4. That's weird. I just pulled that same record and those "Prior year" amounts are not on there. But it does confirm that they pay property taxes.
  5. For the record, the numbers highlighted at the bottom of my post "Resales" and "First Sales" are comparing sale prices (not asking prices) of units that have been resold in the past two years with sales prices (again, not asking prices) of units that were first sales (initial sales by the developer).
  6. So, you think you could start a restaurant named, just to pick a person's name at random, ... Wendy's? 😉
  7. This got me curious, so I took a look at HAR listings recorded sales (the building, or at least started with, 109 units): There are 18 currently listed for sale. They appear to all be resales. Asking prices per square foot range from $438.53 to $880.81, with an average of $594.69, median price: $546.52. There have been 10 resales in the past two years. Sale prices ranged from $366.23 (someone got a deal!) to $674.44. Average resale price per square foot: $502.07; median price: $466.98 There were 9 sales in the past two years that appear to have been first sales (the last one being in May of this year). The sale prices ranged from $439.27 to $772.77, with an average sale price of $513.40 per square foot; median price $486.70. Resales: First Sales: Average: $502.07 Average: $513.40 Median: $466.98 Median: $486.70
  8. That's really cool. Apparently it was publicly funded. Send the idea to the Mayor's office, Houston First, Central Houston, Downtown TIRZ Here's some more info: New public artwork rises at the new City Light Denny Substation May 9, 2019 by Erika Lindsay Leave a Comment Denny Substation is now home to two incredible new public artworks, the towering Transforest by Lead Pencil Studio and a kinetic piece, Switchwall, by Ned Kahn. The Office of Arts & Culture (ARTS) worked with Seattle City Light to incorporate artworks and cultural planning that supports the utility’s mission and goals at the Denny Substation. ARTS worked with City Light and architects to develop a temporary art program prior to construction of the substation, and permanent art installations at the new facility that are responsive to the surrounding community and reinforce the public nature and essential function of the station.
  9. Another good website for learning about and keeping track of the ongoing ITRP. https://houstonairport-fis.com
  10. And I believe they are expanding the Disabled Vets housing at the south end of Midtown.
  11. I think they've affiliated with HCA Houston for that purpose.
  12. Whoah... I don't think UH is building a hospital. Are they?
  13. Here's something interesting from UH's website regarding their lobbying priorities: Medical Research Facility at TMC3 Fund debt service to construct facilities for medical and health-related innovations at the proposed TMC3 facility at the Texas Medical Center in Houston. These facilities will enable and promote entrepreneurship, including a close partnership between basic scientists, engineers, technologists, data experts, business disruptors and health care professionals.
  14. alright then. :-) UH should update their website. ;-) Just curious, when was it constructed and where is it? In any event, I doubt it is the under-construction medical school building.
  15. Maybe it is The Health and Biomedical Sciences Building 2. https://uh.edu/facilities-services/projects/in-design/HBSB2/
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