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  1. I think our friend Phillip_White pegged it above. The fly-through video very clearly states the address as 3990 Montrose. Since that address is (a) owned by one of the project partners (Univ of St Thomas) and (b) currently a surface parking lot, there doesn't really seem to be any doubt of the location fo this project.
  2. You make a lot of good points. Why I like the architects' vision and their work on the Dome, they kinda failed to do basic due diligence before starting out on the project. As the KHOU story reports, the structural work is not possible because it is now protected as an historical site (b) surrounding the dome structure with a forest such as they envision is a non-starter for Rodeo and probably for the Texans and OTC. I love the concept of filling it with mixed-use, but wonder how feasible it is. Not sure if the financing can work for all involved (could such a mixed-use development rea
  3. That could make for an amazing hotel and/or residential conversion!
  4. Yes, the Terminal E ticket hall will be closing for the duration of the rebuild. They've been doing some work in the Terminal C ticket hall/TSA checkpoint to increase capacity. United anticipates completing move-out of Terminal E ticket hall in August. RE: Parking. last Thursday I had pre-paid parking for Terminal C. Finding a spot took nowhere near 30 minutes, but available spaces were pretty limited. One does need to plan for some extra time.
  5. This brochure says "Proposed Grand Re-opening Spring 2022". That seems ambitious at this point too. I imagine they've had some setbacks from the pandemic.
  6. For the record, you're the only one suggesting that we compare Discovery Green or any other project to Post. If you want to do that, have at it.
  7. Are you really trying to claim that Discovery Green has not been successful? FWIW, I was not comparing the projects, but the comments/complaints/criticisms from HAIFers. We were treated to the same arguments against Discovery Green as we're hearing about Post. Bad location. People won't venture over there. No one will drive in from outside downtown to go there because of parking/traffic/bad location, etc etc. It's too far from everything else downtown. It's not on the way to or from anything else.
  8. This thread reminds me of the Discovery Green thread. Thank goodness there are developers and others in this city with more vision than the average HAIFer.
  9. It looks like it's 1.2 trillion, not 3.5, and has not yet passed the Senate.
  10. The state has nothing to do with the tollway expansion (extension). FWIW, per the HCTRA/Hardy Toll Road Connector website, construction of the tollway lanes to downtown is scheduled to start in September. The Quitman overpass was scheduled start construction in April. Does anyone know if that has started?
  11. Too many people driving around Houston who should not be driving.
  12. It's under the "Lease" section of the Transwestern site, not the "Sale" section. And the listing says "200,000 square feet". It seems like the building is surely a good deal larger than that. Very curious. (and a little odd that Transwestern lists the address as 6623 Fannin, instead of 6519.) Perhaps they are looking for a lease/management deal.
  13. Also not exposed to salt water.
  14. That would be an amazing problem to have. Let's hope for it.
  15. There doesn't really seem to be one consistent name used. One hears "light rail", "Metro rail", "the train".
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