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  1. Interesting. My experience is the exact opposite. Every person I know who has moved into a high-rise absolutely loves it and has no interest in moving out. One couple I know moved into an Uptown high-rise "temporarily" while they remodeled their single-family house; they loved high-rise living so much they ended up staying there and selling their remodeled house.
  2. The Boulevard Project

    Might be part of the rebuild of the 69/610 intersection.
  3. Shepherd 10 Business Park @ 600 N Shepherd Dr

    LOVE all the creative re-uses of warehouse buildings being done around town.
  4. Not true. Being physically separated from the main campus would not interfere with AAU or other academic rankings. I think this is a mistake. They should put it at the medical center site.
  5. The Boulevard Project

    Early on, Swamplot reported that the sidewalks were going to be 12-feet wide.
  6. I do not. FWIW, I just saw a report this morning that apartment rents market-wide are projected to increase 4.5% in the next year. Uptown's occupancy rates is right at the market average; it doesn't seem to be hurting.
  7. 57 unit net absorption in 3rd Q, 89.6% occupancy.
  8. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    Check the Chronicle. I'm sure they covered the meeting. ROFL. J/K. Haven't seen or heard anything.

    Of course, the "straight slate" thing had nothing to do with straight party voting (and was hardly a thing for decades).
  10. Capitol Tower by Skanska, formerly Houston Club Building

    The Business Journal report on the lease says their lease at 1001 Fannin is 202,000 square feet. I wonder if they are consolidating some of their other spaces (for example, they have some significant space in One City Centre.)
  11. The loss of Ed Emmett

    I though they were previously limited to three 2-year terms and after the 2015 vote, are now limited to two 4-year terms
  12. IAH - New International Terminal to Replace Terminal D

    So, how many gates does United have in Terminal A and how many flights a day do they operate out of those gates?
  13. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    Agenda item for tomorrow's Downtown Redevelopment Authority meeting: Post HTX Economic Development Agreement
  14. Airline Green Plaza

    Isn't the Tornado Bus station several blocks south of these developments?
  15. Airline Green Plaza

    A quick look at Google Maps aerial view confirms the post office property is pretty clearly immediately the east of the purple shaded area. https://goo.gl/maps/dsTQWAQMtQw