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  1. I can see no reason to think Houston’s parking minimums caused this design or even contributed to it. I think the exposed garage design is awful and harmful to the community and I’m glad to hear we’re moving in the direction of regulating that.
  2. All true, but I think Houstonians' general ignorance of their city is fairly unique, while our car-centric culture is far from unique. I blame the Chronicle. (I'm only partly joking.)
  3. the linked news item says this is being done by the city of Galveston, not Galveston County.
  4. I’m very often surprised at how little Houstonians know about their city; not just it’s history, but even what it currently offers.
  5. Edition Sheraton Marriott (not Marquis) Delta Edit: removed Le Meridien; I forgot we already have one in the CBD Design Hotels Renaissance Four Points Conrad Canopy Signia Doubletree Tapestry Tempo Motto Intercontinental Six Senses Regent Vignette Crowne Plaza Avid Radisson Blu Red Radisson Park Hyatt Andaz Hyatt Centric Caption by Hyatt JdV by Hyatt Unbound Collection by Hyatt Standard Hotels Edit: add Loews Edit: add Omni Edit: add Royal Sonesta Edit: add Sonesta Edit: add Sonesta Select Edit: add Sonesta ES Suites Edit: add Sonesta Simply Suites
  6. LOL Gee, I wonder where the Chron found out about this . . . ;-)
  7. Per the Dallas Morning News (yes, the Dallas Morning News, not our pathetic local paper), Meow Wolf will open in Houston in 2024. Also planning to open one in Grapevine, Texas (Grapevine Mills shopping mall to be exact) in 2023. https://www.dallasnews.com/business/retail/2022/05/11/meow-wolf-a-santa-fe-immersive-art-experience-is-coming-to-texas/ Love the fact that Houston's will be in the Fifth Ward, while "Dallas's" will be in suburban Grapevine, in a shopping mall . . .
  8. The comparison to the relatively tiny Klyde Warren Park is just silly (and FWIW, they actually started planning that long before 2004). Planning for expansion of Florida's I-4 also started long before 2008. Likewise, planning for the expansion of California's I-405 started long before 2014.
  9. trolley (n.) 1823, in Suffolk dialect, "a cart," especially one with wheels flanged for running on a track (1858), probably from troll (v.) in the sense of "to roll." Sense transferred to "device used to transmit electric current to streetcars, consisting of a trolley wheel which makes contact with the overhead wires" (1888), then "streetcar drawing power by a trolley" (1891), which probably is short for trolley-car, attested from 1889. https://www.etymonline.com/word/trolley
  10. That’s a creative reading of history. In reality, passengers choosing to drive or fly rather than take trains is what killed passenger service in America. Suckling on the teat of the postal contracts kept it alive a little longer it otherwise would have survived.
  11. To be clear, the "Houston standard" along Montrose Boulevard in this location would 6 feet wide, which is what the plan appears to provide.
  12. Has anyone followed up on this or heard anything more? I had expected there to be more information by now, but I haven't been able to find anything. Edit: I found some info on the lack of info... 😉 In the 1st Quarter 2022 Earnings Call (on April 26), the company responded to a question about where they went in Texas: "With respect to Texas, we’re still under a series of transactions. So I’m unable legally to comment on that, but I do hope that, at the next call, I said that last call, but we’re still in pending transaction. But hopefully, we’ll be able to give you color on the next call". So I guess we'll have to wait another 3 months.
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j4p6qxfps42q61y/video1915764065.mp4?dl=0 Video of Neartown meeting in which the Saint Augustine was presented. This looks amazing! They expect to start construction activity in June and to be open by the end of 2023.
  14. Good concern. But FWIW, I doubt they actually plan to reduce Wheeler to 2 lanes at that block. These are only preliminary concepts and not to scale.
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