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  1. Do we actually know there is no ground-floor retail in this? FWIW, the very first report on this project said there would be retail on the ground floor on Montrose.
  2. Judging by the address and the description you previously posted, it seems they are building an 8-story parking garage on the surface parking lot between Butler Blvd and Wyndale St, adjacent to (West of) the Jamail Specialty Care Center (which is at 1977 Butler Blvd).
  3. You’ve made this claim about the “Cotswald” [sic] fountains before. It was false then and it is false now. Main Street Square Fountain repairs are in process. I believe the Downtown District approved funding for the repairs ($65,000) at their most recent board meeting.
  4. FWIW, Cowboys Fit has 5 locations and the 49ers, Bears and Browns have also started gyms. I would imagine most if not all NFL teams will eventually do the same.
  5. Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts Nancy and Rich Kinder Building at MFAH Kinder Lake @ Discovery Green Kinder Institute at Rice University
  6. Pretending that population size is not a factor is just silly. FWIW, the Amsterdam metro area of about 2.5 Million people has a density of about 2,500/square mile. Houston metro's 7.1 Million population has a density of almost 3,000/square mile.
  7. In reality, the residents won’t even be able to see this unless they literally hang their head out a window and look straight down.
  8. We’re working on it (most of the capacity added by the NHHIP is for transit and HOV and our biking infrastructure is improving by leaps and bounds). And of course it’s a little easier to deal with traffic when your largest metro is about 1/3 the size of Houston.
  9. Interesting. Seems like it would be more efficient to do it all at one time.
  10. Probably. It's one of those lame "Studies" that requires a lot of digging to figure out what it actually says. My understanding is that it uses an expansive (and rather illogical) definition of downtown Houston. Who knows how they defined "downtown" in the other cities?
  11. I see a lot of trees and shade structures in there (and the renderings show young trees; they will get bigger over time...)
  12. Purely decorative add-ons are not counted. But they probably could do something like was done with CenterPoint Energy Plaza when it became Houston Industries Plaza. That addition added 90 feet!
  13. Just following up on this earlier reference to United making plans for Terminal B: From United Airlines: "B Terminal Did you think construction was over? Work is underway to determine what we do with the B terminal moving forward when compared to the aircraft sizes we will be flying with United Next. We expect to have some definitive answers by the end of the year. This includes a full look at both North and South as well as the B Lobby, BMU, TSA screening, etc." "The traffic under the new Early Bag System building will open by November 1st, which will give back the lanes of traffic to south terminal road. Once that is opened up, the airport can then begin to build the structure for the new lobby. Completion for E is still slated for 2024.""
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