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  1. The Bellaire line is also slated to be a BOOST route. Also, I think the Asia Town/International District will be served by BOOST routes on Beechnut and Gessner, not to mention a pretty easy connection from the University Line BRT.
  2. The 82-Westheimer BOOST route: It appears they plan to use both lower Westheimer and the Southwest Freeway. Perhaps they plan to run locals and expresses? They plan 2-way HOVs on Southwest Freeway (they are currently one-way only) starting at Spur 527. I think the 82-Westheimer BOOST will use those from the Spur to Edloe. Information presented at a Metro committee meeting earlier this week said "January 2021 Solicitation Request to Issue RFQ for design services".
  3. I don't know who said the Inner Katy BRT is the only major project from MetroNext that's "in progress" or what they exactly meant by that, but to be clear, there are at least 3 BOOST corridors that are very much in progress and the University BRT is also in progress. It seems unlikely we would see ground breaking on the Inner Katy BRT this year. They are "hoping" to achieve LPA (locally preferred alternative) "later this year." Construction would almost certainly be some months after achieving LPA, if not more.
  4. I think Cspwal and Rechlin might be reading too much into the maps. While they are at times a bit ambiguous about it, in the clearest statement, the MetroNext website says that the Inner Katy BRT will "enable you to connect between Downtown and Uptown without transferring."
  5. That will be interesting. I wonder if those same stations can handle three (actually four) lines, each providing pretty frequent service. Currently, there's a train every nine minutes. I would expect the BRT lines will run, at minimum, every 15 minutes. That's already about 11 movements at each station every hour. I wonder what the maximum feasible would be, especially when it involves integrating schedules of 4 different lines.
  6. I think that is still in design/negotiation with TXDoT.
  7. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Baylor-medical-school-falls-from-Top-20-1706238.php
  8. In fairness, the 22nd ranking is for Medical Schools: Research. BCM is also # 4 in Medical Schools: Primary Care Also, re: BCM's "drop" in Research rankings. I think that is more a matter of not having really deserved the earlier top 15/top 10 rankings (they were apparently somehow allowed to take credit for research at MD Anderson in those earlier years). If they re-ranked without the MD Anderson research, there probably would not be the slide in BCM's rankings. As to the non-mergers, that was 11 years ago. They seem to have righted the ship some time ago (and I think it's re
  9. FWIW, the last I saw, the concert venue is planned for a later phase, along with a planned hotel conversion of the office tower.
  10. Another thing to consider is how big of a house do people want? If you don't want 3,000 square feet, your options in River Oaks are pretty limited. In the part of river Oaks between Shepherd and Kirby I only find 5, two of which are marketed for lot value. The per square foot asking price of the other three: $641.03 $763.51 $570.38 (and probably needs updating, for most buyers) If one wants to stay under 2,000 square feet (the size of the first Mimosa Terrace example), your only option in River Oaks is to buy a lot or a tear-down and build. In the area between Shepherd
  11. 907 Westheimer is on the south side of the street. Probably the new FM Kitchen?
  12. Has there really been that much of a slow-down? It seems like we've had projects starting up pretty regularly all through the pandemic.
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