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  1. Houston19514

    IAH - New International Terminal to Replace Terminal D

    I don't think I've ever seen that particular projection. The IAH Master Plan 2035 forecast says 13.55 million international enplanements (so presumably about 27 Million total international). Of course that includes United, which, at least currently, uses Terminal E for its international arrivals. In the most recent Fiscal Year, Terminal D handled about 2.8 Million international passengers (out of about 10.4 Million total international passengers). If we assume the same percentage (27%) of international traffic being handled by the new Terminal D, that would be about 7.3 Million annually using the new Terminal D . . . 20,000 per day?
  2. No. The ramps connecting I-69 to the spur will be lowered (but not buried; at least not all buried). They will connect to the existing spur. Except for the connecting ramps, I'm pretty sure there are no changes planned for the spur itself.
  3. HBJ this morning: Current connector ramp (left-exiting) from I-45 northbound to I-69 southbound will close permanently Friday night at 9PM (January 25). The new (right-exiting) ramp is expected to open June 28. Until the new connector opens, motorists will continue northbound on I-45 to Interstate 10 East to go back to I-69 southbound. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/01/23/txdot-to-close-downtown-houston-highway-connector.html
  4. Really? I thought the Montrose Bridge had to be replaced with a larger version
  5. Houston19514

    Tony Buzbee's bid for mayor

    Those articles are making me start to like him. Thanks for posting them.
  6. And one has to do with taking a "damn decade"; the other one does not (the room renovation is not going to take a decade.)
  7. Houston19514

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    I think I've figured it out. Someone upthread told us that the site plans had designated both levels as Food Hall. In fact, the 2018 and current site plan (posted upthread) clearly shows only level 2 is designated for the Food Hall. Level 2 space does appear to be a little more than 1/2 "abandoned" in words of the Rice Thresher. So I think we can safely presume that the Food Hall is going in the second level of the Arcade building at University and Morningside.
  8. Not for long... The freeway will be below grade, most likely covered by a park. There will be no view of the GRB from the freeway.
  9. Houston19514

    BLVD Place / Hanover Towers / Apache HQ News & Pictures

    Is there any reason to think that those lights are anything other than Christmas decorations?
  10. Houston19514

    Texas Medical Center - Main at Holcombe Property

    But there is no skyline cluster in the Energy Corridor
  11. Houston19514

    Rice Village Arcade "renovation" & future mixed-use

    "currently abandoned"?? The renderings indeed suggest the Market is going to be located in the former Rice Village Arcade on the corner of University Blvd and Morningside Dr., as Crockpot has assured us. But the statement in the linked article that it will "replace currently abandoned Rice Village Arcade property..." suggests it is going elsewhere. Of course it's entirely possible this is just another case of journalistic malpractice. Perhaps the Rice Thresher student journalists interned with the Chronicle. 😉
  12. Houston19514

    New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    I can't find the numbers. Can you define the way in which the Law college has been growing?
  13. Houston19514

    New Development on the University of Houston Campus

    Entirely new building. It's actually significantly smaller in square footage compared to the total they currently occupy. But they say it will be much more efficient and usable space.