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  1. So... apparently Ms Schuetz has been reading HAIF. A shout-out would have been nice (and professional).
  2. An extension is an extension. I don't think they said anything about how long the extension would be. (FWIW, there are easily three blocks between the current end of the street (4 blocks from Kennedy) by which Middle Street could be extended to the North before hitting the trails.) Would love to see the source of that alleged claim about "direct access to Navigation as a major thoroughfare."
  3. I suspect they are talking about extending Middle Street to the north, not to the south. It's hard to imagine what improvements they would make to Kennedy Street; seems likely they just plan to extend it to the east.
  4. I think most of those rankings only consider container traffic and do not consider the bulk shipping that is obviously pretty big in Houston (and our container traffic is growing very quickly).
  5. Actually, those parking requirements do not apply in downtown Houston. (If they did apply, this building would be required to have 449 parking spaces. The information you helpfully provided earlier says they are only building 417.)
  6. Exactly right. And apartment developers have noticed. That is why the the downtown market standard now seems to be 1 parking spot per unit.
  7. I doubt they will be connected to the garage next door or that it will be an issue. This is not Trammel Crow Residential's first rodeo. I'm sure they have a solid handle on how many parking spaces they will need (and even if most of the 2- and 3-bedroom tenants take 2 spaces, the math seems to work out pretty well).
  8. I doubt they have 2 parking spots for every unit. The market for downtown apartments seems to be 1 per unit. More than that costs extra.
  9. So you think the Mandolas are ready to close all three of those restaurants?
  10. Yeah, I would presume "redevelopment" includes retaining/accomodating the three operating restaurants. Hopefully they keep all three of the buildings at the front of the property. I love Grappino di Nino!
  11. Agreed. That does suck. Hate to lose places like that.
  12. RIDA is the developer/owner of the Marriott Marquis downtown. Brookfield is, well, Brookfield. Does this suggest a joint venture between the two? Interesting discovery: The property is owned by Innova Entertainment Investment Partners, LP, c/o Brookfield Properties.
  13. I would guess that at least one of those towers would be a hotel. The master plan calls for a new performance venue. (I would not have expected it to be as big as shown in this rendering.)
  14. I guess "plenty of trees" is subjective (and relative)... 🤠 And when did they move Tech's campus to the panhandle?
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