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  1. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    It came from this New Development Map that was referenced in another thread https://www.berkadia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Q2-2018-New-Development-Maps_Houston-FINAL.pdf
  2. Downtown Apartment Market

    2nd Quarter, 2018: A net 502 units were absorbed in the CBD, while 220 new units were delivered. Absorption accelerated from recent quarters (1st quarter absorption was 205). (Assuming 1.4 people per occupied apartment, downtown added almost 250 people per month during the 2nd quarter.) Occupancy rate increased to 78.5%. At that pace of absorption, and including the 271 units that were under construction, we only have about 3 quarters' worth of inventory. Time to start building some more! The "Central Houston" market (downtown, Montrose/Museum/Midtown, Heights/Wash Ave., Highland Village/Upper Kirby/West U, and Med Center/Braes Bayou) delivered 410 new units during the quarter, with 1,097 units net absorption.
  3. Just a Back of the envelope estimate: I'd say right around 7,500.
  4. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    That's the plan
  5. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Actually, on a per mile basis (and one presumes per Dollar invested) , it is projected to serve significantly more people than the University Line.
  6. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Yes it is. And in the presentation they made a point about how many people would benefit from this service.
  7. Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Why would the travel time double? The purple line extension to Bellfort is only 2.5 miles with 4 stations. Another mile to Hobby.
  8. Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    It seems the red line extension is not at all for connecting Hobby to downtown. The purple line would be much more direct. Maybe 35 minutes?
  9. Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

  10. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    You want the Texas Bullet Train Terminal there because mail used to travel with passenger trains???? ;-)
  11. Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    But this line is not planned to run alongside a freeway. I suspect it will have fewer stops per mile, but still, 12 minutes seems ambitious. I hope it's feasible.
  12. La Colombe d'Or Hotel Expanding with new Residential High-Rise

    LOL oops. I even did a search for "393".
  13. Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    Unfortunately, unless they build and operate the Red Line extension differently, 45 minutes seems pretty optimistic. 33 minutes to travel 6 miles and then 12 minutes to travel 9 miles?
  14. Sawyer Heights Target

    Why is this Pi Pizza/Starfish information in the Sawyer Heights Target thread?