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  1. Good thinking!! http://www.h-gac.com/2018-call-for-projects/submitted-application.aspx?id=340 http://www.h-gac.com/transportation-improvement-program/call-for-projects-uploads/1030201845847PM.pdf
  2. I don't think they are far enough along in the planning to have renderings or to even know how much property, if any, will need to be taken.
  3. Surprising to me too. And disturbing. How can our housing authority be sitting on boarded-up units and letting them be vandalized. It's a small step from this to the whole complex being an unoccupiable dead zone. And from there, the whole neighborhood . . . FWIW, I don't think these are "mixed-income". I think these are purely subsidized public housing.
  4. It's best to take those kinds of comments with a huge grain of salt. BTW, did we know this project has a website? https://www.trammellcrow.com/en/projects/block-98
  5. There is really nothing quintessentially Houston about it. This happens in developments everywhere.
  6. Can we please stop posting pictures of his vandalism? Doesn't that give him what he wants?
  7. Exactly. Different elements of what are now the same company have tried and failed. Safeway. Failed Albertson's. Failed (very quickly) Randall's. Failing
  8. From the Houston Business Journal: ". . . with the pandemic and the resulting economic impacts, we are taking a wait-and-see approach on next steps based on what market demands will look like as people resume their post-Covid lifestyles,” the company said. BKR Memorial said the next phase of the project will include additional residential units, as well as Class A offices, retail and restaurants, all centered around pedestrian walkways and a central green space. Other uses, including hospitality and entertainment, are being considered for future phases, the company said.
  9. Interesting ranking of existing and emerging life sciences clusters. (As of 4th Quarter 2018, we were not yet in the top 10, but we were no. 2 among emerging clusters.)
  10. FWIW, it would be Harris County residents that matter, not just Houston residents.
  11. Glass is going up on the south side of the building! (Sorry, no pic; I was driving)
  12. I presume this was the part of Clayton Homes that was damaged by the flooding? (When I first saw your post, I thought you were saying that all of Clayton Homes had been demolished, but that is clearly not the case.)
  13. I think that's a pretty standard practice among retail project developers.
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