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  1. I had been using zxq.net for a host and they have had major problems. Apparently my abandoned roads and highways site is gone. Also my high school website and church site as well, so I have to start over. The good news is I have all my abandoned roads and highways and bridges photos and will rebuild. I have 100 plus photos from the Houston area and near Houston/around Texas. So I just need to find a good webhost. Hope to rebuild even better. Marty Blaise
  2. I see that Delmar Fieldhouse Stadium is being torn down. Lots of memories of basketball there. Sorry to see it go, but guess it's time.

  3. Susan is home from the hospital but is still in a lot of pain. Very bad reaction from the last chemo. She has one more to go. This continues to be a real challenge for our family. We have to find a walker because she can't stand on one leg. As usual we need thoughts and prayers.

  4. Agreed. My guess is oid oil well roads, unpaved and perhaps trailers or shantys. Guess many of them were condemned to make way for the new.
  5. I have been finding some interesting things on historicaerials.com and google earth. For example, if you zoom to the area roughly bounded by Breen Road on the north, Fairbanks-North Houston on the west, West Little York on the south and North Houston-Rosslyn to the east, take a look at the subdivisions that exist today. It appears that many of these subdivision streets were built around 1980-81, maybe a few years earlier. But go to this same part of Harris County on the 1973 map and you'll see faint outlines of a different pattern of roads, VERY different from the subdivision. Go back to 1966 and earlier and the roads seem to be much brighter indicating a more heavily used road (or else the 73 aerials photography was not that good?). One road in particular is even more intriguing, if you go back to the 1953 aerial you can see a bridge over White Oak Bayou. By 1957 it's hard tell if there's a bridge. By 1962 the bridge is not even there. Anyone know if there are any road maps that might provide a clue to these streets. The oldest Houston city map I have is 1955, but this area was well outside the city limits then and not on the map. == I've also found some more clues regarding the James Bays Subdivision and Rosslyn plots if anyone is interested. - Marty Blaise
  6. I am thankful for my wife Susan to be back home after surgery for ovarian cancer. The surgeon said she did not see any active cancer so that was good news. Three more chemo treatments and we'll see where we are at that point, but it looks promising.

  7. Some of these roads are built out. I took the photos before they were built, So I guess those were temporarily abandoned. I need to update some of the text.
  8. I have tried to go through my website of abandoned roads/highways/bridges in Houston (and also around Texas) and fix the broken links. The site is at www.abandonedroads.zxq.net. I hope to add more in the future. Marty Blaise
  9. It might not have been the airport but a water tower in that area. It had a very unique checkerboard type pattern not seen anywhere else
  10. Excited about the Waltrip Class of 78 Reunion tomorrow! Got a haircut and now I gotta color my hair or I will look like I am from the class of 58, grin.

  11. I am still looking for any photos of the old water tower that was at andrau air park
  12. Texas A&M defeated Arkansas 58-10 today and looked pretty good. I'm amazed at how many passes they throw nowadays. When I was at A&M the offensive plan was run, run, run, punt... run, run, run, punt.... run, run, run, punt. I definitely like the passing game MUCH better!

  13. As promised, I have taken more photos of abandoned streets in Houston. My main page is at http://www.abandonedroads.zxq.net. You can access those new photos directly at http://abandonedroads.zxq.net/Ball.htm http://abandonedroad...t/hutcheson.htm http://abandonedroad...thmacgregor.htm Hope you enjoy the photos and a small bit of Houston history. -- Marty Blaise
  14. I need help with Twitter. If someone is good at this, please message me offline. Thanks.

  15. Have any of you out there watched a show called How The States Got Their Shapes - I think it's pretty neat. I can't remember what channel, but the show tells stories about how the boundaries of the state came together and sometimes it is different than what you might think. Take a look and see if you like the show.

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