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  1. Apparently they're in the process of securing a six acre property between Harrisburg and Buffalo Bayou...does anybody have any additional information on this? What are your thoughts on the project itself, and what impacts do you anticipate it having on the East End? HIVE Houston Website
  2. Sign the petition below for a New Navigation Boulevard. They're looking for 3,000 signatures before June 30th. Make it happen! LINK: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/EastEndNavigationPetition
  3. http://www.greatereastend.com/cmsFiles/Files/GEEMD%2019%20April.pptx
  4. Here's the full petition if you want to support the changes to Navigation Blvd: http://www.greatereastend.com/cmsFiles/Files/20110421175914682.pdf
  5. howdy, east enders! my fiance and i recently moved into the 'hood. we are really starting to explore different parts of the east end, and are enjoying our home purchase decision thus far. just wanted to chime in---lots of informative threads in here, i'm sure we'll run into somebody from these boards some time.
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