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  1. GrAbbott's problem is that the busses he is loading with illegal aliens are headed north and not south.
  2. EZ Tag worked for me in Jokelahoma, it's possible the system works in other states.
  3. I was going to ask if this is the building occupied by the Harris County DA's office, but, since they called me yesterday to interview me about a wreck I was in last June, my question was answered... it's next door.
  4. sounds like they're converting the Mellie building, not the Neils building
  5. the W is Waffle House is silent. :)
  6. Hurricane Harvey probably ruined any plans they had for this building.
  7. I will make sure to point at you and laugh as I drive my gasoline powered car by you as you sit in the middle of nowhere recharging your electric hoopty at a diesel powered generator recharging station. And... for sh!ts and giggles... take a lithium ion battery and drive a nail through it. You will want to stand back when you do that... That is what happens to electric cars when they get in an accident.
  8. weird, the address is wrong. 1201 Caroline is the bar that may or may not still be Reserve 101. The stupid place is 1204, this one should be an even number address. btw, if y'all are ever inclined to cause mayhem, all the pin numbers at the stupid place are 1204....
  9. I would like to see every freeway intersection look like my favorite one, the I-10 East ramp to the East Loop North, but, realistically, it's not going to happen, and some urban scarring will have to be lived with.
  10. This is now a general bird thread.. . I saw this guy and it's mate in my front yard late one night, this was the best picture I could get with the junk cameraphone I had earlier this year (that garbage phone has been replaced) They have long beaks, a decent wing span, and their legs are about a foot and a half long. At first, I thought the neighbor had the poor taste to put flamingos in her front yard, but then they moved...
  11. Digging the North Canal would help alleviate the flooding problem here, possibly making this project unnecessary
  12. the most dangerous place in Houston is anywhere between her and a tv camera
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