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  1. a real Aggy Aggey Aggie would make orange things maroon and age the building using cow manure.
  2. Wasn't that at Liberty Hall? The Liberty Hall shows were a huge deal for the Springsteen band guys- they still talk about it today. When I was waiting to meet Pink Floyd's lighting designer Marc Brickman, who was with Springsteen at the time, I was next to someone from the E-Street Band. They reminisced about Liberty Hall. (Me meeting Brickman would be like a guitar player meeting Eddie Van Halen)
  3. a good solution is one-way Greyhound tickets to cities that are better equipped to deal with them and or more accommodating to them. Most are on the streets because shelters have too many rules they don't want to obey, or they have been ripped off in the shelters
  4. If you're ever in Houston Well, you better do the right You better not gamble Yeah, you better not fight at all. Or the sheriff will grab ya And the boys will bring you down. The next thing you know, boy Oh, you're prison bound. Oh, let the midnight special Shine a light on me. Ledbelly wrote his version of that song while stuck in the TC Jester Unit in Sugar Land
  5. ok, place your bets... I have $5 on Randall Davis buying the plot at the NW corner of Post Oak and San Felipe and building something ugly and tall just to block Aspire's views of downtown.
  6. I think I have seen that movie before... or... Word.
  7. $600/month maintenance fee is quite reasonable for a high rise. It's slightly higher per square foot than what I was paying at the commie block in Sharpstown that I used to live in.
  8. play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  9. not to pick nits, but that's a 64 Catalina lower left, so unless Hines also designed cars, the earliest the drawing can be is late '63
  10. the race is on, which will open first, this, the new Live Nation HQ, or their (our, I work for them) venues... lol
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