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  1. Rhye is a great band. A few years ago, I stopped what I was doing and bought their album in the middle of their set when I worked with them at Warehouse Live.
  2. I used to work at the strip club across the street. the late owner RJ and i used to watch the crackheads steal all the copper out of the Medical Arts building
  3. As I drove into town on Tuesday, I saw a few grey and black buses whose banner said "Testing", or something to that effect. I'm thinking these are the new buses for this project.
  4. pretend I changed my screen name to anon and am wearing a mask over my whole face yeah, i do that too. The light takes forever and there's rarely any cars on either street
  5. It's a food trolley! They're the wave of the future the question is, will The Kindergartener build the North Canal, or will it have to wait until we have competence back in the County Judge seat.
  6. the people who designed this also designed the Houston Ship Channel Bridge, and it has the exact same problem. The old harbor bridge is fun at night, it's done up with LED pixel strips like the arch bridges on I-69 in Montrose
  7. an old friend was a civil engineer, he did a survey on the foundation for the Fingers building. He said that foundation was so thick that after a nuclear war, the only things that would be left behind would be cockroaches and that slab.
  8. If they were going for 'big grey slab', they nailed it
  9. there's other times Kennedy stayed overnight in Houston, like when he gave the 'we do these things because they're difficult/why does Rice play Texas/Put A Man on the Moon" speech
  10. AFAIK, it;s still the tallest 5 sided building in the world.
  11. Or, they could build a large parking garage at the end of the Red Line and eliminate the Smithlands parking lots. People parking in a garage at the end of the Red Line would have easier freeway access, too. It would be a bonus if access from the garage to the Wham Bam Tram was covered. Put it where Waterworld used to be, build a covered walkway, make the entrance on West Bellfort so people will avoid Fannin... It'll be gold.
  12. Are all these recent apartment buildings designed to be torn down in 30-40 years? The frames don't look like they will last longer than that.
  13. that's turning into a nice consolation prize. The original plan would have been better, but this will work.
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