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  1. apartments are going up here. I took one last walk-through of Fitz in early January, chatting with Sarah's son. He said she's opening an events center in Seguin.
  2. they didn't learn anything from Green Street, huh...
  3. so anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Are they going to jackhammer the garage to death or are they going to blow it up?
  4. ... and the moral of the story is... if you sell the units in a building based on the view, BUY THE LOT NEXT DOOR, TOO so the view can be there forever... LOL
  5. the Brazos River has more to do with the muddy look of the Gulf near Galveston. It's clear blue south of the Brazos's mouth.
  6. the new potato will be LONG gone by the time Phase 2 rolls out. The owner is a moron who complains about everything having to do with East River. This is unfortunate because I also preferred it to Little Woodrows- there are less sports douchebags hanging out at TNP.
  7. they smell like diesel exhaust from all the cement trucks
  8. heh. You're more likely to see a right hand drive old Mini or an Isetta at Cars and Coffee than you are most exotics. (mainly because one of the guys who runs it has a killer collection of off the wall cars)
  9. fortunately, that little girl will only have four years to do damage to the County before some power hungry Dem with actual experience Primaries her out of office
  10. I thought that the guy who plays The Undertaker in WWF (or is it WWE now?) is running for Mayor. HE is the guy who can knock Turner off his throne.
  11. Dallas is one example, but it's doing ok. Detroit and Philly are cities that are surrounded by incorporated suburbs, so they cannot grow and bring in additional tax revenue. They are also smaller geographically, and that's the key. If Houston was surrounded by a bunch of Bellaires, it would be screwed.
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