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  1. that's one of the best spots in town for taking pictures at night
  2. Cheech And Chong were there because it was a venue they were booked to play after their preferred venue, Liberty Hall, closed it's doors.
  3. McDonalds is more of a real estate company than a slop seller
  4. One of my guys lived on Jackwood St close to Fondren Dr. My inner 8 year old died laughing every time I picked him up for work... .
  5. I'm on the exact opposite of the political spectrum as Whitmire, but I'll tell you that electing him can be one of the best moves Houston can make in a long time. He's well connected with the regular people of Houston and is a damned good administrator. If you ask him to, he will hold that dumb bolshevik (rhymes with witch)'s feet to the fire and get that big ditch dug near the jailhouse.
  6. the only thing worse than a bus running late is a bus that is ahead of schedule
  7. they tried that about 100 years ago. Those buildings sank into the swamp. Then they rebuilt them. Those buildings sank into the swamp. Then they tried again. those buildings burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. But the fourth set..... that's what you see here. :)
  8. is this where I mark myself safe from having to see the Embassy Suites when I'm at the GRB or Rustic? .
  9. fortunately, every body panel for early mustangs are made by reproduction companies. You could almost build one from scratch.
  10. that made my soul hurt. The ONE THING a Ferrari is NOT supposed to be is practical.
  11. I saw one of those, and I said "wtf is that". Then I saw one of the new "Mustangs", and I said I wanted off this clown earth.
  12. that piece has been like that since they tore down that part of the building. It's a structural part of the sky walk cover.
  13. I have been to the McClendon triple. i have no idea what the front gate looked like, I was shoved into the trunk of my brother's 66 Polara with two other kids so we could sneak in...
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