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  1. I heard that song before, wasn't it called winter Breeze, but by England Dan and Croft?
  2. Medical offices are just offices with specialized equipment. you don't really need a specialized building until you have beds and surgery centers.
  3. that's the crane they use to install the facade
  4. That's Ted Shaw doing most of the speaking in the video, right?
  5. I think I know who Rowdy is, I'll bait him with this pic on fartbook
  6. suburban stores have been raided of all paper products, eggs, ramen, and hand sanitizer already. Next year, UN inspectors will find 300 million dead people with very clean asses... LOL
  7. KRIV moved once already, are they looking to upgrade again? They were on Westheimer, now they're on the SW Freeway
  8. I-10 needs to be widened all the way out to 71, it is hell out there Fridays- Sundays.
  9. it's not going to need a huge mat like the buildings downtown, so i imagine the trucks will line up on Grant and Crocker streets.
  10. Here's your every-so-often reminder that Gare Du Nord and KIng's Cross train stations are nowhere near Paris or London's central business districts. Dallas can put a station downtown because their downtown is on the south edge of the city limits with nothing but a few neighborhoods in the way.
  11. A picture is taken of every car that uses the HoV lane. People look at every single picture and bill your EZ Tag account accordingly. My brother's kid works for HCTRA doing this, so I make a face every time i go through the toll booths so he can have a laugh if he comes across it.
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