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  1. I happen to be in New Orleans right now. They are about to implode the cranes, we're on the way to watch it now.
  2. sounds like the system needs to have a human approve any actions the system may want to take against someone.
  3. Number is fine, all the kids think it's a trendy place called "Hashtags."
  4. When i think of the Aeros, I think of the Gordy Howe era Aeros, 1972-1978.
  5. I'm 45 minutes from home to downtown every day. I hate it. It's too much wear and tear on the car, even though I go in at noon and out at midnight. I would move back in to town if i had to do that during rush hour.
  6. Perhaps the 1945 Berlin method might have been cheaper...
  7. eww, In N Out fries are terrible, unless you get them with cheese
  8. probably like fingernails scratching blackboards while you're in the back seat of a rear-engined airplane and a baby is next to you crying... Put it all inside of a cement mixer and that's what Beyonce sounds like to me... lol
  9. When you live in a town with a Whataburger, In N Out gets the nod because it means you're away from home hopefully enjoying the vacation/travel/whatever. When you live in a town with In N Out Burger, Whataburger is better for the same reason. When you live in a town with both (Phoenix, Tucson, Austin, San Antonio, and DFW), Whataburger proves itself to be the better burger.
  10. there's another In N Out close to opening at the Katy freeway and Katy/FtBend Rd
  11. I don't remember what the two story place was before '87, but the company I worked for did the lights/sound in it when it because a teen club called Club Soda. it then became Bayou Mama's after a couple of years.
  12. 40 years ago today, July 31 1979. https://www.chron.com/houston/slideshow/The-Woodway-Square-Apartments-fire-of-August-1979-114389.php i have no idea why it says August, must be that fake news from the Comical... lol
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