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  1. it's like they're giving it a very unflattering nose job
  2. I'm getting new tires tomorrow, will give this a spin on Sunday when I'm in the area
  3. also not exposed to explosives.... (yeah, watch the video in slo motion)
  4. I drove by this yesterday. I'm back on the 'it's estupid' train
  5. you have to remember that bride was built for Model T type cars, back when the Old Spanish Trail was the main east-west route in the southern US. It looks like a typical 1920's bridge, you can still find them all over the place, most have been decommissioned
  6. Wham Bam Tram didn't catch on (and they improved the roads around the train or stopped reporting accidents after the first few hundred), so it's just the train
  7. that's the trailer... lol that reminds me, I need to call a bud who occasionally works there and find out if Robot's videos are still around
  8. the southern end of 130 is 45 miles from San Antonio. 45/610 S and 45/610 N intersections won't move.
  9. Thru traffic would go around downtown. That's enough of a difference to make a difference, even if it's only 20% of the traffic.
  10. to displace the fewest residents and businesses, they need to route I-45 around the East Loop. Make the current I-45 inside the loop a spur that links to downtown and to 59. the main difficulty with this is that the Ship Channel Bridge is approaching 50 years of age...
  11. When I used to have facebook, I posted something about how i hated living in Houston because it was 100° and 100% humidity at midnight. A friend from Sweden said, "But you get to look at rockets on the way to work" So, yeah, we have that going for us.
  12. I'll be there Aug 14 with The Hunger, it should be a fun show. My brother used to be a DJ at #'s in the 90's, his name is Sprocket.
  13. the #'s ad explains why an old friend still calls it a gay bar 40 years later.
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