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  1. there's another In N Out close to opening at the Katy freeway and Katy/FtBend Rd
  2. I don't remember what the two story place was before '87, but the company I worked for did the lights/sound in it when it because a teen club called Club Soda. it then became Bayou Mama's after a couple of years.
  3. 40 years ago today, July 31 1979. https://www.chron.com/houston/slideshow/The-Woodway-Square-Apartments-fire-of-August-1979-114389.php i have no idea why it says August, must be that fake news from the Comical... lol
  4. it has almost risen to the point of SERIOUSLY pissing off those in the Cosmo... I will do a laughing reaction on almost every picture post from here on out... heh heh
  5. it's called a Juliet window, like as in romeo romeo, where the hell are you romeo... lol
  6. When the crummy band I'm in played in Austin in February, we went by the venue during the day. There were homeless people camped out front, and a homeless shelter was across the street on Red River. (It is a half block away from Stubbs) When night came, a homeless woman who had a nice setup on the street corner at the venue packed up her tent looking thing and her padding, and moved on. I''m sure she went right back there at 2am after we were gone. So I thought street camping was already legal in Austin.
  7. Is the northbound I-45 ramp from the South Loop open now, too?
  8. this site floods, so this is the best you'll get here.
  9. you say that like it's a bad thing... LOL
  10. it was probably dismantled in 1968 because the Weatherball became the globe that sat at the gates at Astroworld
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