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  1. hah, northern cities have a steam system, we have a chiller system.
  2. everybody has their hands out. wanting a piece of the pie. They want the pieces they didn't earn, nor did they help to bring that pie to bear. Pardon my French, but, f*ck those types, they're all grifters.
  3. Thread's over! Helluva first post, dude, welcome to the forum.
  4. Main Street is the divider, so the Museum District is split between the third and fourth wards. One thing to remember is that when the Ward system was made, the boundaries of Kirby and Holcombe Blvd was waaaay out in the country.
  5. Greenway Plaza area. You get views of the main areas, Downtown, Galleria, Med Center, can see Westchase from up high, and Gunspoint too.
  6. how long are construction permits valid before they need to be renewed?
  7. 9 greens, 18 tee boxes. I guess the foursome on hole 1 plays, then waits for the group on hole 10. All 8 people are shooting at the same hole. The next set of tee boxes are about the same distance from the previous green. Looks interesting to me. I'll have to pull out the clubs once my tendonitis goes away.
  8. the filename on my laptop for this pic is "Battlestar Galactica"
  9. there was a different club called After Dark in the late 80's/early 90's. It moved 3 times. One location was on Antione just north of Little York, their next was on Dyna Drive where the Pontiac dealer used to be. I think their third was on Mangum near Dacoma, or on Dacoma near Mangum. The guy who owned that one was a Middle Eastern guy named Alex, his monthly UAE oil royalties floated the club
  10. It's a nice day at the Park today
  11. A year ago if someone said this lot was being tarred, feathers would have been involved.
  12. they couldn't fix the roads because they were too busy doubling the size of the area. No one told Californians we're full... lol
  13. The First Colony golf course was one of the few courses with real bent grass greens. My brother and I got about 2/3 of the way through it the one time we played there, we had to stop because of rain.
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