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    near that which used to be Sharpstown
  1. Spaghetti Warehouse purchased for renovation

    I would gut the first floor leaving it open (with fences to keep the homeless out) and build out the second floor. If the second floor can flood, the building needs to be removed from the flood plain.
  2. New Houston Hope Clinic Along Bellaire Blvd

    Bellaire and Metro is about a mile east of Hwy 6
  3. GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    their plan is to eventually have the Houston Sports Museum between the HoB Gear Shop and Guadalajara
  4. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    When people are drunk you get the truth out of them. She was drunk last night.
  5. GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    the first induction ceremony for the Houston Sports HoF was at HoB today. Honestly, it was sad watching Earl Campbell ride in on a wheelchair scooter. (H)Akeem was looking well, and Nolan Ryan sent his son to accept his ring.
  6. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    i met one of the dumbest people I have ever met tonight. She owns a bar across the street from this property,. She bitched about everything having to do with the old KBR site. I was like, you don't realize the gold mine you're sitting on. I'll buy your bar when your ignorance takes over... lol
  7. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    and lined with trees so the Germans can march in the shade
  8. Post HTX: 401 Franklin Post Office Site Redevelopment

    10 years ago the population center of Houston was at I-10 and Silber, where the Edwards cinema is
  9. Midtown Sears to Become Houston's Innovation District

    the building is certainly large enough to where an atrium with skywalks would fit perfectly, and would make a nice feature for the building
  10. Alleyways in Dallas

    I went by my old neighborhood in Amarillo late last year. The alleys are still there.
  11. 100 Block of Main and Commerce

    Cottonmouth opened Thursday night
  12. Record shop on Belaire Blvd.

    Don's was closer to 610. Was it Oasis? The owner moved locations a few time... The first time I went in there was on a school skip day with my buddy Mike. It was at Gessner and 59 at the time, then he moved to Gessner and Harwin, and a couple other locations. I got my import copy of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap there, then it received an American release 3 weeks later. They had imports, bootlegs, everything (including a recording of The Beatles in Denver on the day I was born.)
  13. The Boulevard Project

    it looks weird Uptown without the Jetsons street signs