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  1. the finished product looks like a minecraft building
  2. there's a stop at Park Plaza. Doors open right. puertas abiertas a la derecha.
  3. yep, but it WILL happen. Skanska is 2 for 2 including a grand slam with the BoA Tower, so they'll be back for more in Houston.
  4. Why would they want to cover this pack up with an ugly "modern" facade???
  5. all we need now is our overly wide streets lined with trees so the Germans can march in the shade
  6. I'm still wondering why they didn't level this building and start over from scratch because it looks like they would be farther along if they did.
  7. totally serious, have you been to Conservatory at night? Every square foot of sidewalk on that block has a bum laying on it. It's so bad you can't get to Conservatory without stepping over people, and forget it if you're female.
  8. the two apartments? The neon is every night lighting
  9. Those Bonnevilles are the 1965 model, so it's between late 64 and mid 65 edit... the 4 door behind the 2 door is a 66 model. (I'm a Mopar or no-car guy)
  10. yep. most of the bums have been chased back to the downtown area.
  11. would be a shame if that luffing crane was to accidentally break a few windows at the Cosmo....
  12. yeah, at this point, they're dreaming if they want to build another hotel.
  13. my guy Floyd (the guy who will be setting the stuff up) said to submit a request on discoverygreen.com. If enough people request it, they might do it.
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