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  1. I told myself I would repost this when the tower opened, for those who said Capital Tower wasn't going up. I told y'all it was going to be built
  2. the ramp is most likely for the loading dock for delivery trucks
  3. most of the units from the downtown initiative have been built, delivered, and leased, so there will be a slowdown until more are built.
  4. my buddy Chris played at the venue across the street from Fitz yesterday. He took this pic.
  5. The big problem downtown started when they closed the Midtown Sears store because that's where major homeless camps were. You can't keep shuffling homeless from one part of town to another, what they need is affordable housing near transportation centers. Houston's problem isn't nearly as bad as LA or San Francisco- you have to make 350k a year to afford a house in SF. Housing out there is super expensive, and it's going to be that way here soon.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/16/obituaries/im-pei-dead.html?cid=ed_npd_bn_fb_bn
  7. I did a video shoot at The Silos a couple of months ago. I felt like I was in a Mad Max dystopian world... lol
  8. have you looked under oocities.com? That's where mine is archived.
  9. it still has the Continental tail design
  10. apartments are going up here. I took one last walk-through of Fitz in early January, chatting with Sarah's son. He said she's opening an events center in Seguin.
  11. they didn't learn anything from Green Street, huh...
  12. so anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Are they going to jackhammer the garage to death or are they going to blow it up?
  13. ... and the moral of the story is... if you sell the units in a building based on the view, BUY THE LOT NEXT DOOR, TOO so the view can be there forever... LOL
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