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  1. by that time, the people would be asking what parking lots were used for
  2. it's almost time to get the car's tires rebalanced and front end checked in anticipation of some (murmuring unintelligble things about going slightly faster than the speed limit)
  3. it looks like all of the tunnel sections are in place, they need the end caps now.
  4. If you have ever watched the Cubs on WGN, every April the vines covering the outfield brick wall at Wrigley Field are brown. On one Spring day they all come to life. It's the same with the vines on 59.
  5. haha, let's dredge one up from the beginning. This post is old enough to drive. I wonder if Groovehouse still looks at this forum occasionally... Yo, we're doing shows at HoB again soon, hope to see you around.
  6. couldn't resist. Build it, build it higher... lol
  7. While moving my (not quite as) fat (as before) carcass around Memorial Park yesterday, I caught this in action... Then I decided the best way to go around the track is clockwise - that way, you don't have to look at The Astoria on that stretch of the trail.. But then again, wanting to get out of that thing's sight range should be good motivation to go faster.... Oh, at the trail is moving about 100' to the north where they are building the tunnels, they need to move the mountain of dirt first.
  8. it's been open for a while. They had Velcro Pygmies today, Ozz last week. Sunday Fundays.
  9. they put their name on this, so anything could happen.
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