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  1. suits are dumb in Texas where it's 100° and 100% humidity at midnight. In places like NYC and London where a hot summer day is 70°, they're ok.
  2. just make sure that if you office there, don't get stuck on the second floor beneath the HoB. We WILL make your life miserable between 3 and 6 when it's sound check time... those suck.
  3. y'all said that about the Capital Tower. I said it was going up. Skanska moved in to this market and struck gold.
  4. Which lot is supposed to have Camden Phase 2? (Not that I see them building that within the next 10 years)
  5. that looks like why they put the frame around it, to not damage what is already there.
  6. the first step to the solution is speed bumps.
  7. this one? A talented stone artist could easily save it.
  8. it took 6 tries to bring up the "add post" box here... Anyway, Saturday was a nice day to be outside trying to figure out how much of the work a gym's treadmill does for you as you "jog"... (it was definitely more than half... a stair stepper machine does 75% of the work for you)
  9. When was the last time you went into Dean's or Notsuoh? They have been rebuilt, they're very nice - on the first floor. The second and third floors.... not so much (I haven't been to the late night after hours at the one on the right in a few years, so I can't tell you if it's still an unfinished disaster area with the worst restroom i have ever been in to - it made punk rock club bathrooms look nice, and that includes the old bathrooms at Numbers)
  10. it's not a 'go to the store' type place, it's a gathering place where people can be entertained. A Whole Foods would be out of place here, just as it would be out of place at the Marq-E complex
  11. there are smaller markets that are served by IAH but not Hobby, and vice versa. Southwest wants to capitalize on those passengers who need to go from say Chiraq to Marfa... You catch a SW flight from Chiraq, fly to IAH, the catch AreJay's charter service at IAH to Marfa.
  12. it does, just a little bit. But, the important thing is, it blocks half of the Cosmo from South Post Oak so I don't have to look at that thing while headed north on South Post Oak
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