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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/amp/Houston-council-poised-to-approve-millions-in-15121355.php
  2. Microsoft’s already entered Houston with an accelerator at the Ion. This was announced way back in April 2019, Mayor Sylvester Turner was the driving force behind it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/04/17/microsoft-to-launch-accelerator-for-smart-city.amp.html If you’re waiting for something else from them then I think it’s safe to say that it’ll lead to disappointment because I don’t think they have any additional expansion plans beyond this. Microsoft already has two offices in Houston besides the Ion. The first is near Memorial Park in Uptown Houston along I-610W. The other is inside City Centre along Beltway 8 West and I-10.
  3. Arcades in Australia refer to alleyways that are either built or converted to house shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment, etc. They're also alternatively called laneways. Arcades https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=720&ei=bnORXLrtJ_GV_Qamt63IBw&q=melbourne+arcade&oq=melbourne+arcade&gs_l=img.3..0j0i8i30l9.1506.4727..5209...0.0..0.186.1121.14j2......1....1..gws-wiz-img.....0..35i39.E1kicH3JnAk Laneways https://www.google.com/search?biw=1280&bih=720&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=dHORXLqfFIyO5wKu7ZmwBg&q=melbourne+laneways&oq=melbourne+laneways&gs_l=img.3..0l3j0i5i30j0i8i30l2j0i24l4.98803.100222..100440...0.0..0.109.673.7j1......1....1..gws-wiz-img.cp6qSd3RxhE
  4. That is really nice. How could anyone be opposed to this project now? The design doesn't leave room for argument.
  5. Good design and height. It will help fill in some gaps in the skyline and extend it further north.
  6. In one of the rendering images it shows it to be either just as tall as 609 Main or slightly taller. It's location and height also extends the skyline in a direction that really needed it. The design is underwhelming than what I imagined but still a good looking building. Nothing great about it's crown but I'll take it.
  7. Not odd at all. I think of it as a chance for Uptown to plug in the holes in its linear skyline. There's a gap between Williams Tower and US59 where those skinny beige stucco condo towers are. This will fill in that gap and because the site is basically just a field, this will densify Uptown.
  8. I'm guessing that "The RO" stands for "The River Oaks". While Greenway Plaza doesn't have official boundaries, I consider this apart of it. What's more is that Greenway Plaza and Upper Kirby are increasingly merging into each other due to all these developments. A mixed use use with multiple high rises at the intersection of 59/Kirby will go a long way in blending the two clusters together. Hopefully the plans for that site are still there to eventually happen.
  9. Laneways are what alleyways are called in Melbourne, Australia. In Melbourne they put movie theater entrances, restaurants, and activities in it to attract pedestrians. It's like a hidden nerve system for the city. Here are some pictures of laneways in Melbourne http://www.traveller.com.au/six-of-the-best-melbourne-laneways-12wkbf https://www.loopfinancial.com.au/sydney-melbourne-livability-surveys/ Laneways would be an excellent idea for Midtown Houston.
  10. Uptown already has over 100 highrises (buildings with 10 or more floors). I did the count myself in 2013 and at that time there were 117 in just Uptown alone.
  11. I like Memorial City at night when you can't see the beige stucco buildings but only see the blue roof lights on the buildings. They should try coordinating colors with the high rises in City Center, it would look like a decently big skyline at night from far away. BTW, I like this bunker hill proposal. Are there any legs and timelines to it available?
  12. This came to mind for me 2929 Weslayan is 39 stories, is completely all residential, and its height is officially listed at 533 feet. http://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=98555 I think the Allen will at least match that in height, which is great, because 500 feet in these market conditions is more than what we could've asked for anyways. The Allen's base floor looks to be a few feet higher than 2929 Weslayan, so I think there is a great chance that this will eclipse 500 feet.
  13. The renderings are great and this project definitely has legs to move forward. When this project was first announced, the developers said at the time that they want to build a skyline changer and new landmark tower. This is exactly that. Although im weary of initial renderings as they are prone to revisions, here's hoping they keep the concept intact and get underway in the near future!
  14. Show them renderings of Regent Square and then ask them if they envision a similarly urban design for their development. Emphasize to them that where they decide to put parking is key. Parking that comes between the sidewalk and storefront typically endorses a suburban design, with large pedestrian unfriendly setbacks. If they put parking behind stores, that's ok. If they make parking garages, that's ok. If they go underground parking, that's ok. If they put parking on street sides, that's ok too. But they should try to avoid putting parking lots between their developments. Show them the street level interface planned for Regent Square, or even City Center. Because they have nearly a mile of bayou fronting their land, a river walk type of thing with stores, restaurants, and bars along the bayou would be amazing.
  15. ^ Does this mean that they've announced yet another new tower that they'll build after they finish the 25 story children's hospital tower? If this is another new tower, where will they put it? The area seems built out to the max. Or is this the same tower as the one under construction in this thread? thnx urb.
  16. It had a very sleek transparent design. I love how it looked like a video gaming desktop computer
  17. I know this isn't going to be a popular opinion but I like it. It's a home run on my checklist; 1. Replaces a surface parking lot 2. Adds verticality (34 floors) 3. Preserves an older structure 4. Adds to the cluster of buildings near it 5. Most importantly, it infills, which is key for the long term vision of seeing DT and UT spill into each other in the middle by way of Greenway Plaza, Upper Kirby, Allen Parkway/Neartown, and now Montrose too. Not every tower will be an architectural masterpiece, actually most won't be, even in cities like ATX, DAL, MIA, CHI, or NYC. But I love its height and the infill. I'll take it!!
  18. I was just thinking last week that it would be great if Neartown's skyline doubled in size. Then today we find out about this!! * Neartown is the neighborhood west of DT on Allen Parkway. It's anchored by the cluster of office and condo buildings with the AIG building in the middle of it. It's the tall building with the flag pole and US flag on it and the surrounding skyscrapers and high rises. Also I look forward to the day when Upper Kirby and Neartown converge. Upper Kirby and Greenway Plaza already have converged.
  19. I count between 35 to 45 stories for both. That is substantial height for Neartown. I'm excited for this and the developer mentioned two more towers that aren't in the rendering for the future after phase 1.
  20. I'll give Randall Davis this much though, the sidewalks he built around the Astoria are wider and better than the sidewalks in all of the surrounding properties. Just take a look at this picture where the sidewalks on other buildings nearby are narrow 3 footers with massive setbacks. So kudos to Randy on fixing the sidewalk, at least on the premise of the property he owns. The extra width and standard of his sidewalk is great. Randall Davis report card Sidewalks A- Building architecture F-
  21. From close up the Astoria looks decent. The Astoria is one of those buildings that looks decent close up but extremely, and I do mean extremely ugly from far distances. I feel sorry for the people that preleased the Astoria. They paid their deposits thinking it'll look like the renderings that were released on construction start day and ended up with this ugly monstrosity instead. Randall Davis is horrible. The Arabella's design was striking, dare I say breathtaking, and now there's a high chance that it'll end up ugly too just like the Astoria. Randy's track record is thus so far. On another note, I am holding out hope that the curving corner across the street from the Astoria will get developed, Posk Oak with curving skyscraper canyons will be incredible to see!! Hopefully developed by someone other than Randall Davis IMO.
  22. This Australian developer purchased the land to build 1,000 units there. Now we have details that their first tower will have 380 units. So basically that leaves 620 units for their future phases after their first tower is complete. Initially the reports seemed to lean towards 2 towers overall, but if there is 620 units to still build out after the first tower, that makes me think that their future development will be 1) multiple towers to split the remaining 620 units with or 2) a very tall and imposing tower that can hold 620 units. This project is exciting, especially because its in Midtown. I've been spending a lot of time in Midtown recently, wow, its so different than 5 years ago. So much construction everywhere in Midtown. A lot of cranes along Main Street. This will be great. Long live this developer!
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