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  1. Well some good will come out of it and that will be it will provide allot of jobs in construction not only for the people of Louisiana but for people from other states as well. It will be a group effort from all over the United States. To get the town backup. If enough people work on it anything is possiable. Maybe if the town was out in the sticks I say yeah it would be ok to abandon it. But my god this is a major city and their is a major interstate that runs through that major city. Not fixing anything would hurt Houston transportation out of the state and into the state. Up here we ha
  2. Well putting them in apartments at this point in time will not fix the problem and will just add onto and compound the situation into bigger problems. Because now you will have everybody displaced all over Texas. We need to try to keep everybody in a centralized location for now. The fact is The only people that are going to be able to rebuild the city are the people that use to live in the city. Another fact is Lets get one thing straight as Texans its not are job to take on Louisiana
  3. Yes While Texas has done a great job on housing the refugee's in are vacant domes and arena's its not fair to them or us if they remain there for a long extended period of time. The goal is to get them back to New Orleans. Because in the end known of those people will be able to get on their feet if they don
  4. In order for New Orleans to ever get back on its feet again. I have studied quite a few years in the past about how nations rebuild from natural disasters. A couple of things need to happen. Here's the facts 1. I-10 needs to get fix. Without I-10 no rebuilding can occur. 2. They need to fix the flood problem and make major modifications to the levees and walls for it to withstand much stronger hurricanes 3. They need to start making make shift shelters around the city running on full back up generators and have a supply line of fuel to keep the generators working. 4. After they get the m
  5. Lets hope he posts again soon or we find out if he's still ok. Does he have a hotmail account or yahoo account??????
  6. Well from what I heard housing them in the Astrodome and now the Reunion Arena in Dallas. Will be temporary until New Orleans can get some form of make shift shelters going down their after they fix the flooding problem. So people can get their lifes back to normal. And start the process of rebuilding. Whether they choose to stay here or not is up to them. Being the way that so many people from New Orleans love New Orleans people will probably go back to rebuild. I think the most important thing to do after they fix the flooding problem is rebuild I-10 if I-10 dosent get fix then you might
  7. Actually I heard on the news that they will have access to computers and the internet inside the astrodome. So they might just read it.
  8. Well I will differ on you a little bit their. Fort Worth can easly handle more glass and glitter. To me no matter what Fort Worth does it will always be Fort Worth. Nice, Clean, Friendly, And the cops that patrol the streets on bikes are really awesome. One help me carry my bags to the car. The nightlife is great especially on Friday and Saturday. On weekdays it can be a little low. If any we need more hotels Downtown. Make the hotel high enough so that you can see the city and the freeway. Like the Wyndham in Arlington. One thing is for sure. What ever Fort Worth does I will in the end pr
  9. A couple of things its really sad that its gonna be torn down. But if it must. All I can say is Fort Worth does need some more parking in the downtown area. The parking we do have as of now is pretty tight. In some space lots where almost door to door. Or bumper to bumper. I hate to see it go. I would rather have it stay up versus being torn down. That would be a great place for a hotel tower.
  10. Its been talk about before. Does anybody have any Day to Night time lapse videos. I think some videos in here would spice things up a bit. I think it would be neat if Somebody could film a time lapse of the skyline going from day to dusk to night. That would be so cool.
  11. Anybody from Dallas been in this area before. I would love to get some shots at night of this.
  12. ok where is this picture taken at. I have been around Dallas allot and cannot spot and area where you can park right off the freeway like that. Somebody be so kind to tell me exactly where this picture was taken?????????? where is this
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