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  1. I've seen this structure going up and couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was going to be. The more you know...
  2. This must be over my head or somethiing because I have so many questions... Who's Frank? Who's Blue? Who passed? A KY wrestling match? Or a KY wrestling match? Or maybe they're the same thing? I'm so confused but oddly intrigued...
  3. Why would I have to go back? That's exactly how I read them the first time... and it was glorious!
  4. arndthwrld82


    I have beer in my profile pic. That is all.
  5. It looks like 3 ottomans stacked on one another... but I like it well enough.
  6. That's how that hot steamer ended up on the middle of my hood when I was down town last week!
  7. "There are just too many beer gardens around here" said no one ever! ;-)
  8. Monarch if you talk in the same style as you post here I think it would be absolutely mesmerizing. Maybe you should try to get some voice over work that you write the dialogue yourself. I can just hear Morgan Freeman saying "excellent illustration as per this magnificent edifice".
  9. Small world. I'll be in Vacaville in 3 weeks for a wedding. And no I won't be eating at the Dickey's. Also the last time I was there my friends took me to a Mexican restaurant called Chevy's. I ordered Queso to start and they looked at me cross-eyed. Apparently they don't serve Queso there. I was appalled!
  10. Certainly seems like a missed opportunity to build out as much track as they have, covering so much of the area and not have a train to the area with the ballparks and Six Flags.
  11. The idea is exactly that you would transfer from the upper car into the train below after the car is picked up. It would be very simple. The upper car would lock into place above a fixed stairway and a hatch would open in the bottom of the upper car (and the top of the lower car and you would walk down or up the stairs. To limit chaos there may be one ramp for up and one for down. They would have to be timed to open and allow movement within cars between stops. For safety they would have to close automatically with ample time for riders to transit between and then lock out any late-comers. I in no way think this would ever happen in this country. But I think it's a very neat idea. I hope China attempts it so I can check it out some time.
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