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  1. This was a good thread if I must say so myself.
  2. I can tell you that Baytown and Chambers County really want this thing. This road is opening up a lot of area over there which will be used for distribution centers. This road will also provide a needed link between the port and I-10 East. I certainly understand the gripes of those who are worried about sprawl elsewhere in the Houston area.
  3. It doesn't seem like a lot of thought was put into that article. The cities of Houston and San Antonio operate under different cirrcumstances. Houston has a large stadium that is unused and is surrounded by a large parking area that makes it ideal to stage this type of operation out of. That city of San Antonio has plenty of former military bases that make them ideal places to stage operations like this out of. I would imagine if the city of Houston had an old base with good transit options in and out (Ellington certainly does not qualify) we would have turned there first. The Dome was the most logical choice for us. In San Antonio, they use the Alamodome for many events. Notice we have not considered using Reliant Stadium for anything. All of this was based on the circumstances of the city.
  4. http://www.khou.com/news/local/crime/stori...t.5342d5ac.html
  5. It's about a 45 minute drive. Although Midland would look like NYC compared to Big Spring. It's a very quiet town.
  6. He gave an answer, and if you ever read any of editor's posts you would know he is not a blind follower of any party line.
  7. Many of those small schools find ways to compete. Baylor for example has great baseball, tennis, and women's basketball. They are only weak in football and men's basketball. They are weak in basketball because of the recent scandal and subsequent sanctions to their program. As far as these schools being "too smart" to compete they obviously can by Duke and Rice's example. On another topic schools such as UT and A&M consistently rank ahead of SMU and Baylor in academic surveys. A school's committment to academics has nothing to do with their committment to athletics.
  8. A new restaurant is taking Rockfish's place. It will be called Fish Daddy's. Rockfish was never that crowded. Their lack of customers was even more apparent sitting next to Cheddar's .
  9. Personal trasportation is never going to go away. The form of energy that propels it may change, but the need to have a form of transportation that will take you from where you are at to where you want to go without any disruptions will always be important. In the past it was the horse drawn carriage. Today it is the automobile. Tomorrow it may be some type of flying vehicle. I think the advances you will see will come in propulsion and navigation. We started with animal propulsion and moved to internal combustion. Over time our use of that engine has improved. At some point we will probably develop an even more efficent engine. In navigation we will probably become more reliant on technology such as GPS instead of human sensory to get us where we want to go. However, mass transit is just as important to our future transit options as personal transportation. In some areas it is not feasable to have people use their own personal transports. Traffic concerns and parking concerns are very important when dealing with dense settlement.
  10. Coog, did Ed and the gang bend you over and spank you in front of the girl you had a crush on in high school? Why all the animosity? Why do you even care?
  11. Federated has already stated they are dropping the Foley's name. Besides, a name is a name. You will still be able to buy the exact same stuff you could buy at Foley's or Dillards now.
  12. The homeless have figured out ahead of many suburbanites that the inner loop is a dream factory.
  13. Does anyone know if Joskey's built that building before the Galleria was built?
  14. No observation deck. There is a sky lobby at the 13th floor. That's the lowest level of floor space. Most of the building is either tightly controled or vacant.
  15. The very top that has the stepped pyramid does not have windows. The part below that has darker glass and a brown stone facade. That part is rentable. That is the part of the building that is tapered. The floorplans for that part are smaller than the floors below. The floors below are just the plain blue glass facade.
  16. The very top that doesn't have windows is not rentable space. Below that is rentable.
  17. The first 12 floors are parking. At the top, where the building begins to taper, the square footage of the floors reduces, but I don't think anything is in the pyramid part.
  18. Must be the Dallas version of Montrose 1100
  19. I'm a little verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves... I'll give you a topic: Clear Lake, it's neither clear, nor a lake.
  20. Sure he has opinions. I have opinions as well. I even say non flattering things about Houston often. But I try to offer solutions to the problems that I see. That is because I wish Houston to be the best city it can be. This particular poster only offers up what he sees as wrong with our city. To further add insult to injury he goes on to claim the superiority of his own city. I don't care about Dallas. I don't love it or hate it. I enjoy visiting it to see friends and family. However I don't need to be told that my city sucks and his city is so wonderful. THAT is why I call him a troll.
  21. It seems every post this poster makes is a post that trashes Houston. He is a troll, nothing more, nothing less.
  22. I didn't know it was dedicated for the new building. It won't be bad at all then.
  23. I have no idea what a retrofit would cost, but I guess it would be costly. There would be new floorplans, new water, electrical, and sewage hook ups, and residential soundproofing. But hey, John Hancock in Chicago was built as the ultimate mixed use, so why not Heritage Plaza?
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