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  1. Looking at it this morning, it's definitely a parking lot. The black panels they were putting in had a bunch of holes in them, and they had workers last night go out and put red buttons in the holes in the shape of parking spaces. I'm not going to be home until much later today, so no pictures, but it is definitely a temporary parking lot they are building. My guess would be that it's for the Uptown Lighting. Here's a picture of the panels. I wasn't able to get any of the buttons they were putting in, but they looked like red versions of the yellow ones in the middle of the road:
  2. This is the best I could manage: They've been working for a few days, and it looks like they're putting down sand, and covering it in some black... stuff. They look like panels of some kind. They're thin, black, and have a lot of holes through them. Almost looks like they're doing some kind of temporary parking lot or something.
  3. This one: https://goo.gl/maps/upwv0 Between Jefferson, La Branch, Pease, and Austin. I can't find anything Googling the address, but Google Streetview drove by in September, and the fences are visible.
  4. Looks like they are going to raise up the gurney with the crane and lower the guy down to the ground on it. I've never heard of any construction site ever doing that before.
  5. Whatever happened to the talk that Apache might opt for selling the land back to Ed Wulfe and instead buy some land out on the Energy Corridor for their HQ instead?
  6. They started taking down the crane at the Hanover tower yesterday. Sorry for the hazy picture, it was right after the rain had stopped. As someone who lives on the east side of Post Oak and who's view would be seriously blocked by one, I really hope it's a LONG time.
  7. It was supposed to, but I talked to my ex who works at the Whole Foods out on Wilcrest, and she said that the word is that they are opening the BLVD Place store in August.
  8. I finally got a new phone with a good camera, so I can finally take pictures again. They aren't great - still learning how to use it and it's still a cell phone, after all. Threw in a panorama from my balcony which shows the cranes at the BHP Billiton and Astoria sites as well (never had a camera with a panorama function before, and was testing it out).
  9. These were posted on the UH Football facebook page last night: To get an idea of how fast this has gone up, here is a picture they took exactly 8 months before, back in June of last year:
  10. I've been told it's in several pieces in boxes somewhere over in the ERP, waiting for someone to figure out what to do with it. It's not designed to be placed outside in the elements, so they need to figure out how to weather-proof the material or where to put it. My suggestion would be the trash. That thing was awful.
  11. The story I've gotten is that this tower is delayed because Chevron is diverting a lot of money to upstream development (exploration, etc.) and the money for the tower isn't there because of it.
  12. It lists 6 BLVD Place. That's the existing building, with RDG Bar Annie and whatnot in it. I wonder if it's the wrong address they put or if a current tenant is leaving.
  13. The tower crane is being erected right now. It's blue. My camera fully died so I can't get pictures.
  14. This tower is DEFINITELY happening. Why is this even being debated? Source: my father is a Chevron VP.
  15. The steel is done! They have the tree up. There are two red beams with a little tree on top and a few flags hanging beneath them. They are over the big entrance on the corner facing Cullen and Cougar Place.
  16. If the price that it comes with is losing a run-down, crime-filled neighborhood and improving the safety of the third largest university in the state, I'd happily pay that price.
  17. Which site would that be? That little apartment complex behind the Astoria on Garrettson?
  18. Finally back from Asia and able to take pictures again. They have all of the scaffolding down, and (seen in the last picture) they have gotten going on paving the road that will become the hilariously named BLVD Place Dr. From today:
  19. My family just likes to travel a lot. My dad is a Chevron executive in the Philippines, so a lot of our travel is around Southeast Asia. I'm here visiting my parents right now. This string of comments made me laugh so hard. I love you guys. I've talked with some people at In n Out up in Dallas, and the higher ups have been asking for people who are willing to move down to Houston to help open the new stores. 2014 is what I've been hearing as well. The rumor is that the first location will be near the new baseball park in Sugarland.
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