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  1. There was a mention of Hedgecroft Hospital in today's Chronicle in an article regarding the polio epidemic in the early 1950s- Google "Hedgecroft Hospital Houston" and you'll find links with pictures of the original mansion and the entrance, and one of the expansion in 1952.
  2. IIRC, the Super "K" stores were formerly UTotEm stores, just rebranded.
  3. I think you're referring to the old Bob Robertson Chevrolet which was located at the outbound side of the Gulf Freeway @ Wayside.
  4. Don't forget Sam Montgomery "The Rocket Man" Oldsmobile on Kirby Drive!
  5. I remember a Sambo's on the north side of the South Loop- around Crestmont or close to there, back around 1976 or so.
  6. I believe it was called "Lowe's Sharpstown".
  7. Cap't. Benny's? Seems like I remember one being on I-10 just west of the West Loop. There was also one near the Medical Center & on the Southwest Freeway at Stafford. Are any of them still around?
  8. The Winchester Club was on the north side of Bissonnet between Chimney Rock & Hillcroft- I forget the name of the cross street closest to it. Back when I was a young Bellaire cop working day shift in the late '70's we had a "departmental meeting" there every Friday night. ;-)
  9. I believe you are correct.
  10. I believe that car has a '66 grille on it.
  11. There's nothing more useless than altitude above you.
  12. If I remember correctly, the first McDonald's was on Gessner north of Katy Freeway. It opened back in the early 70's. Coors came in in the mid- to- late 70's. Bob Aspromonte, the former Astro, was the first Coors distributor.
  13. Do y'all remember Fool's Gold at Chimney Rock & Westheimer? How about Moe & Joe's up north (1960 area, IIRC)?
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