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  1. I always use their guides. They're usually quite helpful!
  2. Yes, I'm a square because misogyny is so cool. Sexism, too. I've committed the internet equivalent of walking into a lion's den and wondering why they're mauling me ... same as when I walk out the door every day? Is walking around as a female blameworthy, too? How dare I?! I know full well the mind of a teenager as I was one once, too. Not a male one, mind you, so my opinions probably don't matter. I don't know how I would have reacted to this as a teenager. What I do know is that crap like this has always bothered me, but it took much growing up, and growing really freaking tired of it before I could begin to articulate why. Again, goes right back to the point I keep trying to make but apparently am not making very well. This kind of crap coming from a 17 year old is remotely understandable as they are a teenager. When adults defend it, though, it's infuriating. Why is the depravity already there? Is it there when they're 5? Not sexual urges or wishes or wants; the depravity. Where does that depravity come from? Your post comes off like we should just write off all boys because they're just incapable of growing into decent human beings, though I really doubt that's what you were trying to say.
  3. I can't believe that this is seriously being argued, but directly from the Facebook group for these shirts: "This year's Underground Shirt is titled "Memorial Toweres Over Stratford" featuring two of our most prominent stallions with an unfortunate Stratford cheerleader." I think that if they felt she was empowered, they probably wouldn't refer to her as unfortunate. Which goes back to what I tried to address earlier - that they will see it, along with all of the other repulsive & sexist crap that's around them every day, and that ultimately results in more of the same.
  4. I really don't even feel like debating this, except that I kind of did already. For me, misogyny is the theory and sexism is the practice, but they're intertwined. The fact that at least half of the comments on this item, if not more (especially looking at the other sites mentioned upthread), say that it's "just a joke" and that those of us who said it was offensive should "get over it" speak directly to this. I'm not saying that one kid is going to see the shirt and possibly go out & try to copy the act depicted. It's possible, but not my main concern. Will lots of kids (both male & female) see it and just file it away with all the other sexist crap they see daily? Yes. It only begets more of the same. The fact that a lot of adults don't see any problem here is even more bothersome, but I'm unfortunately used to that, too. Are all feminist views bullcrap?
  5. Argh, this is completely misgoynistic and not funny.
  6. Yeah, I mentioned Bellaire's old fire station upthread. And yes, I'll miss it.
  7. Good to know, as I haven't made the move yet and I wouldn't want to forget about that when I do. I'll probably make the jump this weekend.
  8. Were you parked on the Party City side? I just saw this thread now, but it we were there on Saturday, early evening. We parked over on that side and I saw glass on the ground in the parking lot and was thinking "hmm, must have been a break-in last night." Glad to report that our car survived the trip fine. We had a horribly slow waiter, though, and somehow stuff that we didn't even order ended up on our bill. Manager took care of it. It sounds like it was just a bad weekend to go to that Chili's!
  9. Stunning pictures. I hate to leave another "thanks for sharing!" post - but seriously, thanks!
  10. Yes, lots of people. Went by around 4pm and it was packed. Sheeats has a nice story up at the Press, with a slideshow, too.
  11. Awesome. Thank you so much for this, Ben.
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