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  1. Hello Team: Last month while walking around Downtown I found this: Southeast corner of Fannin and Leeland St.
  2. I work in the IT Field (Desktop/Technical Support) Austin is always listed as one of the best places to live: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bp.../bigcities.html That's why I'm getting interested in moving there, I'm aware that housing costs are higher in Austin.
  3. Hello Team: I was layoff in mid March and now I'm considering moving to Austin if I found a good job there. I think I'll like to live in the Manor or Elgin areas, Anyone knows how's the commute at rush hour in 290 going towards Downtown Houston..?? or will be better to live in Georgetown or Round Rock areas..?? Also how are the property taxes compared with Katy..?? I pay around $3,500 a year, not even sure if is worth it to buy another house, Wife will like more to move to an apartment complex. Finally..Is it worth it to live in Austin..?? I really like Houston but so far no good job leads, so I need to expand my job horizons. Any ideas/advice will be really appreciated. Thank you very much.
  4. Great...!! Thanks for posting that info. So...Chase Tower is the tallest building in the Houston area..!!!
  5. Please, Forgive me if this's a repost. i just found this and wanted to share. http://skyscraperpage.com/33worldbuildings/
  6. Hello Team: Just a quick question: What's the tallest building above sea level in Houston..?? I'm not sure if it will be the Williams Tower over the Chase Tower in Downtown because the Galleria area is higher (ASL) than Downtown. I am correct...??? Thanks.
  7. WOW...!!! In the backyard....??? I'll call that trespassing...!!! I'm not sure if they are allowed to do that, They normally park in the curbside to take notes. Good luck.
  8. Hello Team: Is anyone familiar with this Company..? http://www.paverconnection.com/ I'm planning to remove all the grass from the back yard and install paving stones. Looking for a professional company with good reputation. Thanks.!!
  9. Hello Team: Anyone here has some experience with Geodesic homes..???? What are the pros/cons of this type of construction..?? Is cheaper than building conventional..??? Thanks
  10. I totally agree but they are more expensive, the R series is the best bang for the buck and somethig to consider if you are on a short budget. If money is no object, I'll advise the 17-inch MacBook Pro (2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) smoking...!!!
  11. I also advice getting a IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad. Best machine to go "mobile"..!!! The screen hinges are made from steel, not plastic..!! Hard drive is protected by a rubber rails to prtect it from shock and vibration.
  12. Hello Team: Wikimapia is getting biger and better..!!! Check all the Houston sites already there: http://wikimapia.org/#y=29770000&x=-95...amp;m=a&v=2
  13. Orikal: There's another Buddhist Center West of the city in the Bellaire are near to HWY 6. Do not recall the exact name and address, I'll like also to learn more about Buddhism and ws planning to attend that temple Can you elaborate more about your bad experiences..?? Somthing special to look for..??? Thanks.
  14. Hello Team and Happy Holidays...!!! Has anyone check the new patio homes at Antioch Courts in Downtown (between Gray and Dallas)..?? The exact location is the intersection of Ruthven St. and Bailey St They seems to be very afordable ($92,000) but I do not like the area where they are located, is that why the price is so low...??? I went today in the morning to check the area and lots of thugs wandering around, I'll love to live close to Downtown and this new patio homes seem to be a good deal but my wife uses a lot public transportation and walking from Grey St or Dallas St. to get to the new homes, means walking in the middle of the bad area...!! She is not the "fighter" type and I know she will be very scared. Why they are building nice residential places next to ghetos..??? Anyone living in similar areas..??? Thank you very much.
  15. Very good question...!!! Maybe because the USPS considers that area Katy...??? I live exactly in that area: North side of Clay Rd., East of Fry Rd and West of Green House Rd.
  16. I like more a "rural" setting. With all the Housing/Commercial Mega Developments in the Katy Area (Cinco Ranch) we have the risk of becoming the next Sharpstown... http://www.texasfreeway.com/Houston/photos...n_history.shtml
  17. Yeah...!! Those Bermuda shutters look very nice but out of my budget. I'm planning to buy some plywood this weekend and start doing my shutters following the instructions in this web page: http://www.stormsurvival.homestead.com/Hur...m_Shutters.html They also talk about Garage door bracing but I'm not sure if that will be really necesary living in Katy, We live in a new sub-division (3 years old) in the area of Clay & Fry Rd. so no trees around. Last year I only forgot to buy batteries but power never went out. For this year I already got a Gasoline Generator, camping stove and enough water, still pending food and other supplies.
  18. Hello there: Just an update. I went there. Interesting place. There's a refinery in the other side of the road. Not sure if is still operational but looks too old.
  19. Hello Team and pardon my ignorance. Can the Katy area be hit by a Cat-5 Hurricane...??? I know the Pearland, Friendswood and surrounding areas are more prone to a disaster than Katy, but what's the possibility..??? Do we really need "storm shutters" in the Katy area houses...???? Last year with the Hurricane, we stayed put but most of the neighbors evacuate and at the end nothing happened. Most people put masking tape in the windows but I read that is useless if you are hit by Hurricane winds. Thanks
  20. WOW...!!! Interesting report and pictures. Thanks for sharing guys. I has to be man-made, the cross looks to perfect, like mentioned before, probably a religious cult of some sort. Nudist are out of the question, too many bugs to be there naked....!!! My first thinking when I saw the very first pictures was: probably a secret undeground facility from the US Goverment..??? Great Job....!!!
  21. I'll try to make it...!!!! Is OK to bring the wife...??? We normally Carpool Fridays so I need to pick her up first at Downtown EDIT: Well wife will not be able to make it she's working a little late today, but I'll try to be there if a customer do not call at the last minute. I normally try to leave the office at 6:00PM
  22. I also used to have several personal web pages, now off-line and very neglected, trying to keep updated my Fotki.com albums. http://public.fotki.com/Zapata/ My Motorcycle page: http://home.earthlink.net/~zapatazr7/index.html not updated since 2004..!! Most likely I'll shut it down..I do not even ride any more My Space: http://www.myspace.com/25083342 I think is more for youngsters...probably will take it also off-line.
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    Editor: Please can you give more specifics about what Law are you talking about..?? I want to take pictures of the Katy Natural Gas Storage Hub [url="http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/HAIF
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    Hello Team: Do we have a "template" or standard format for HAIF
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