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  1. I love the cleanliness of this tower. It's simple, but sophisticated.
  2. I think River Oaks will pull some stores that Houston doesn't have instead of stealing many from the Galleria.
  3. LOL. I see the black man but the other ones you pointed out are not black.
  4. When a building is in pre-development stage, how likely will it get built?
  5. Please tell me that this is going to come to life.
  6. Oh no. From the posts, that what it seemed like to me.
  7. Sounds like Houston is about to get another tower...
  8. I can't wait! I don't know of any boring boxy residential towers (off the top).
  9. I'm gettin mad just looking at this thread. Houston would be a different place if at least some of these developments were built.
  10. I wonder how are there town centers going to affect Deerbrook Mall.
  11. Thank you. I kind of figured. Do you know what's proposed for the greenspace?
  12. OK. Thanks for the clear up. A 102 story building would be awesome but would look kind of odd IMO.
  13. I was reading a blog post about downtown developments and had come across this part of the post. Will someone shed light on this? http://texasleftist.blogspot.com/2013/07/downtown-houstons-construction-boom.htmlhttp://texasleftist.blogspot.com/2013/07/downtown-houstons-construction-boom.html
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