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  1. I forgot about that project! I don't think it will because Gables has new developments within close proximity of each other.
  2. Also, the article said there are two more residential high rises, an office tower, and a hotel in works. Are these in addition to Skyhouse, this one, and RD's high rise?
  3. This isn't bad. Now, I'm even more ready to see RD's tower!
  4. What's going on with the development that's similar to this one off Richmond near its intersection with Weslayan in Greenway Plaza? I see that the lot has been cleared.
  5. International Tower? Where did the info come from?
  6. Houston?

    Memorial Green

    Awesome. Where is the exact location?
  7. But cities like St. Louis, Charlotte, and Cleveland have a Ritz Carlton.
  8. I just read somewhere that the new phase of ROD is most likely going to be vertical. Will/can anyone confirm this?
  9. But yet, ROD, Westcreek, High Street, and Azalea are all mixed in together, so the area does hold a candle to BA in some regards.
  10. Last time I checked, even the apartment rents were neck and neck. ITL rents are the fast growing just like the rents inside the perimeter in Atlanta. Several COL calculators say that housing is cheaper in Houston. I guess where one fails, the other one succeeds.
  11. I can't w until they start on City Place. That's going to be nice. With this, The Woodlands, and Camp Strake, I-45 N is going to have several entertainment destinations.
  12. What's the status on this tower? The bolded link had me excited.
  13. Chile, put it to rest. This is dead as a door knob.
  14. Thanks! I hope it gets built out just like the pictures that someone posted recently.
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