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  1. Exactly! People ditch Houston when oil prices fall. It's not fair to the other industries that add growth to the population and economy. I am glad that some developers are ignoring the downturn.
  2. Which companies are adding jobs? Do you know that?
  3. Really? There is going to be 62,000 jobs created this year with an anticipated 120,000 population gain! When we went the through the recession AND the oil crash in 2008 and 2009, Houston added 138,000 and 149,000 people respectively!! People were STILL moving here in droves when Houston was only gaining 40,000 jobs a year on up to the recent spark in job growth. People will CONTINUE to move to Houston. Everyone is NOT in the oil industry. I don't get it. Houston goes through these cycles ALL THE TIME. I don't understand why this time everyone is so down and out and negative. Come on you guys, let's perk up! Houston is going to get through this like it already has. Houston is more popular than it's ever been. Somebody is going to want to start a business here. Some industry is going to move some jobs here. Jobs will be created; they won't be as high as oil unless it's medical, especially. Houston WILL weather this storm. Like that above quote says...when oil is down, Houston grows. When oil is up, Houston booms. Ain't no doom here. We are growing.
  4. Yeeeeeesssssss to the new 13 million square feet!!!! The medical industry is about to be on fire!
  5. I know, but the name of the developer screams wrap around. LOL. It's fine with me either way.
  6. I agree, but no one has been a "realist." Either one has been ALL optimistic or ALL pessimistic.
  7. TBH, we can say the same thing about the pessimists.
  8. I'll be so glad when oil prices increase! I'll be even happier when Houston diversifies a lot more!
  9. If this is like CityCentre, I will be excited! I LOVE CityCentre!
  10. No retail? I've heard residential towers, office space, and a hotel.
  11. Will these apartments be the first phase of the whole project, or is the whole project dead?
  12. I would be shocked if WF doesn't make it. The Memorial City area is a smaller Uptown; it can definitely support a WF.
  13. I agree with it. People act like the oil industry is the sole industry in Houston. Granted that the oil industry plays a big part in Houston, Houston still has TMC (medical industry), manufacturing, NASA, engineering (not oil related), etc. These industries will keep Houston afloat.
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