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  1. This is truly scary. I hope that don't build that Christmas present.
  2. I can see East Downtown being transformed more into another identity than Third Ward. East Downtown is virtually empty and needs some filling and life badly. I hope Houston will definitely take care of this area, truly transforming it into an urban haven.
  3. What will the next phase include?
  4. Well, I'm black too. I hope I'm not treated unfairly there. Sorry you had t go through that, USCATS35.
  5. The new subdivisions next to Rooms To Go are a stone's throw away from Brookshire.
  6. This tower is so Atlanta and Charlotte! I love it!
  7. I just don't see how you all don't see that Brookshire is poised for more growth, especially looking at how Fulshear is exploding.
  8. It's pretty obvious at this point. It's not like Brookshire and Katy are far from each other like Willis and Huntsville.
  9. Katy is creeping well into Waller County close to Brookshire. I can see Brookshire being the next Katy or Fulshear.
  10. The Franklin Beauty School is there. That area is not all that bad either. It just needs some revitalization
  11. Please tell us when this will start construction!
  12. I hope the 40 story apt tower gets built because all of these new towers and mid-rises will compliment each other and the baseball stadium well.
  13. Yaaaaaaaas! I love CityCentre! An expansion east would be something to write about. I would include some of the existing restaurants and retailers like Pappadeax, Pappasitos, and Bed Bath & Beyond from the current shopping centers in the newly expanded areas. I think having more popular mainstream stores and restaurants will give CityCentre even more life.
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