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  1. 2001 W. 34th

  2. Look like there is a phase 2!
  3. New Tenant announcement! On Page one of the leader -Tiff Treats -Shine in the Heights
  4. 2001 W. 34th
  5. Lots of news: Pop & Pan moving to Timbergrove on West 18th street Marble Slab Creamery moving to the space occupied by Pop and Pan Brush & Bobby Salon The Avid Coffee Truck will move to the parking lot with a possibility of a brick and mortar store
  7. Reve At Montrose
  8. new brochure with new concept art
  10. 2522 Yale confirm tenant Bishop Cut/Color
  11. Floyd Barbershop will be next to Hopdoddy
  12. Common Bond is going to Height Waterworks. Ascension no longer in the development
  13. 402 W 11th St.
  14. The UPS store & Vive nail spa have been announced for 33 1/3