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  1. Anyone have any clues as to why they would spend the money for below grade tunnels? And why so hush-hush? Is this going to be their doomsday facility?
  2. And it will likely cut into the new Whole Foods' pull if it's a Signature version.
  3. The article linked above says the building was built in 1950. Is that correct? Nice gesture and project but wow...the bending over backwards by the city to save four walls from a 60 year old building is amazing.
  4. I agree that the area is interesting and has a lot of potential, but seems to lack basic amenities that would attract residential development, like hike/bike trails (although I did see one sign nearby while attending the Dynamo event), parks and well paved roadways. The city should focus on those things to pave the way for additional rooftops. 3rd Ward to the south seems to have not changed from the last time I was over there many years ago. Not sure why. I would say that the Dynamo/Eado area will catch fire from here on out and spread east, not south, as there seems to be nothing but decaying warehouses for miles.
  5. Regent Square will be nowhere near a MetroRail line and that area overall is "close to everything" but sort of isolated as far as pedestrian action. I would love to see it happen but something like High Street there might be a major pig-in-a-poke.
  6. Those snazzy low-pitched roofs on the Mods seem to have been the design flaw that sent many unfortunately to the landfill. Luckilly this architectural style has achieved collector value far earlier in its life cycle than others, like the Victorian and Craftsmans, which typically have had to endure nearly a century of abuse before falling into the hands of preservationists.
  7. Let's face it, if someone is eating on a pooch patio, they would be aware of the possibility of Spot at the table next to them pinching one off mid-meal, as well as potential barking/fighting/sniffing/humping. I've seen worse in some bars. All part of the experience...
  8. So Metro went ahead with these plans knowing that they were subject to congressional whim? OK. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Hopefully we'll keep these lines but the real shame is that it is doubtful that the bogus wars, Homeland Security or the Intelligence Gang would get cut. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, "let them take busses".
  9. Restaurant owners deciding whether allowing dogs is best for them, and patrons deciding which restaurants suit them is freedom and free markets working well together. The noise ordinance, on the other hand, is a good example of where those elected can protect all citizens as one cannot simply choose to sleep or live elsewhere as easily. And this type of freedom allows the free market to create and inovate. Imagine someone creating a restaurant near a park with a "pooch patio" with special leash post and menu items, and cute signage like, "watch your step" ..
  10. The restaurants should decide, not the city politicos.
  11. Bad karma was incured when they eminent domained a neighborhood out of existence in order to build that place. Failure will be the Cowboys' legacy for many years..
  12. I was there. Quite the diverse and enthusiastic crowd. Yes, Sheila was greeted with a huge round of boos...I was somewhat embarrassed for her , but she handled it stride, her voice louder than anyone else (since it was impossible to hear anyone else actually, at least where I was. Maybe they were respecting the neighbors but the mikes needed some volume). It's a great spot for a stadium, with views of the classy skyline on one side, then with the smattering of townhouses sitting amid antiquated industrial. Quite the juxtaposition as is Houston.
  13. A pig frenzy. They should be fired at a minimum and charged with assault, especially the one who stomped his head/neck.
  14. Glad the dog at least made it out alive. Who was it that said, "a single death is a tragedy, a lot of deaths, statistics".
  15. Yes,they might assume the poor black folks would welcome such a hip and progressive scene amid their neighborhood, but the reality is more likely that resentment would proliferate if this project succeeds in drawing masses of artists as the surrounding area would likely spawn higher priced land and businesses that cater to the same, and not the indigenous population. Doubtful they have done any studies along those lines but it probably does give all involved a sense of undefined social responsibility and a vague hint of hip cultural awareness. Or, maybe it's just the cheapest large land mass available in the near-loop area. I like the vision and it's very Houston.
  16. So this makes 3 years out of the past 7 where we'll have measurable snowfall. Does anyone know when the last time, if ever, that has happened? I guess there's a broken pane over parts of the US in the atmospheric greenhouse. Maybe I'll let my car idle all night in the driveway so as to do my part to heal the environment with some carbon dioxide.
  17. Yay. With the Heights Walmart and now this one, I will feel so much safer when inside the loop, now that "front-line employees" and well trained Walmart shoppers will be looking out for my safety. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oabg4ido8xI List of suspicious activities; http://publicintelligence.net/you-may-be-a-terrorist/
  18. Yes, at least we apparently aren't getting the cereal box treatment as above. As for the Dynamo Stadium rendering, it looks as if the structure has been clad in a transparent skin which would be an interesting effect by allowing difused light to enter, like it's been wrapped by kids in toilet paper. Maybe toilet paper companies should buy the naming rights....Charmin Park has a nice ring to it.
  19. I doubt any will on this one...but some people will find a problem with anything. "The architect is from San Antonio; a local historical consultant is working to make sure the design is what the developer considers “period appropriate.”" But then again, nothing is more period appropriate than a vacant lot, I suppose. Even the dirt is mostly original..
  20. Cheer up. The real stadium won't be only in black and white. I am hoping that this stadium makes an artistic statement of some kind, seeing that this area is in the early stages of a rebranding and this structure will be the big cheese of public developments there so far. They ought to enlist the talents of some of EaDo's artists for the cladding. For an area as mish-mashed and colorful in its starkness and contrast, it needs to fit.
  21. I'm all for the free market and WalMart building wherever they want. The Heights people are about as activist as they come so if they want, they can organize a boycott, which I would already be aligned with as an advocate of local businesses and American products, but not because a store wants to build nearby, although I support their right to protest for that too, or for whatever reason.
  22. I'm not as optimistic as you. Things have changed in the past 100 years. Back then, a dropout could still become an apprentice and earn a good living as a tradesman of some kind. A dropout now has much fewer options. Minimum wage, military....and a lot of the lower paying construction jobs go to....immigrants. I suppose endless war and continuing popularity of fast food places will absorb the "non-creative" masses. Plus lower income people seem to have twice the number of children as the others, so one has to wonder what the future will look like. Massive poor areas with pockets of walled prosperity?
  23. Swimming is supposed to be excellent for one's heart... This makes me wonder what Harris County's numbers would be without the pollution, radiated water and stress.
  24. I wonder if the EaDodos (a cutesy name for those residents of that area near the stadium with the cutesy name) became involved and influenced those changes. And I'm so glad they decided to build over there. It seems like the perfect location with DT views to inspire and in an area that is ripe for a lot of excitement to harmonize with the laid-back townhouse clusters which seem to be everywhere. And a local young man was drafted by the Dynamo. http://www.houstondynamo.com/news/2011/01/dixon-happy-be-back-home
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