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  1. This post has been edited by Editor to remove off-topic content. Please keep this thread on topic, or it will be closed. So back to Metro, the same analysis needs to be used? Were there kickbacks involved or simply extreme incompetence? Will there be an investigation or cliched statments like, "we need to move on" etc.? As people, we need to not fight with one another, but rather share facts and discuss reality, not beliefs and see who is working for the people and who is working against the people. One indicator of that is who is giving true information to the people and who is keeping tha
  2. This post has been edited by Editor to remove off-topic content. Please keep this thread on topic, or it will be closed.
  3. Yes, great infill indeed...get a tat, haircut and shave all within walking distance of the Hookah Bar! And such a interesting juxtapositional reuse for that building. Boy Scouts to hookahs...."Geepers, Wally, I just saw a sign on the Boy Scout building that says, Hookah Bar coming soon". What's a hookah bar? Gee, I don't know, Beav, but I think it's a place where those ladies who stand on the corners downtown can go and hang out together. Oh, I guess that's ok, Wally. Maybe they're gonna get merit badges or something". But yes, it does seem like Midtown is starting to gain steam. The place h
  4. Yes, romance with architecture. And this is the town to have your heart broken. I wonder if people who love architecture are somewhat non-people people. Buildings are silent and it takes a quiet mind to appreciate their finer qualities sometimes. They're a lot like trees, really. So can we call those who fight to preserve architecture building huggers?
  5. This post has been edited by Editor to remove off-topic content. Please keep this thread on topic, or it will be closed.
  6. The Pentagram "missed" 2.32 trillion as per Rumsfeld's announcement 9-10-11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qtv_yt_E60&feature=related The accounting offices at the Pentagon were hit by something the next day so I guess we'll never know the full story.. At least the Spaniards gave the money back.
  7. Well, you're very fixated on the people again, and their race. I was talking about the houses, and the fresh 1940s look (Rockwell) to a more melancholy, edgier, sad and dishelved look, the families and lives within notwithstanding (Hopper). And I don't know where you're coming from with the comment on the WASP household. Are you saying they're cold and lacking family values? So back to the EaDo topic. I see it as neither Rockwellian or Hopperian, but rather Daliesque.
  8. Again, you're really reading too much into what I wrote. Using "forgotten" was simply a colorful, poetic description. I visualized the old houses as if they were sentient beings, the crispness of their youthful origins now long forgotten, as they settle into old age, transformed from being like a Norman Rockwell painting to one by Edward Hopper. But since you mention socioeconomics, if the economy and dollar are pummeled, then those with no reserves will find it hard to buy food etc. and there are likely to be a lot of these homes for sale cheap. Enter those who are still able to buy houses,
  9. Whaaat? So, don't you own Inner Loop East End? Are you a white shade too? What happened to the 100% people that owned the home prior to you? Did you burn a cross or two in their yard and run them off or did you simply respond to a real estate listing, or don't those "people" sell their homes, or maybe they don't even own homes? Were you drunk, frustrated or both when you wrote this? This racist/elitist insinuations are semi-offense but I have a thick skin and a soft heart so no hard feelings. Besides, I've been drunk and frustrated more than once myself..
  10. $7 gasoline and overall inflation in the near term will force people to to try live cheaply and near to work and might seek the cheaper inner loop areas where there are still a lot of small, old and forgotten wood frame houses where people can simply live simply without trying to be trendy. And rather than trendy boom/bust boulevard businesses, there will probably be just the chains and big boxes added to the landscape, as small businesses are too risky during economic upheavals, like forum faves such as CVS and WalMart...
  11. It's got the Santa Fe look... And it appears to be still original including doors and windows, which is rare.
  12. Nice to read http://www.hcfcd.org/trees.html that we won't be left with a linear park that resembles a suburban back yard of pure lawn, but that 1400 trees will be planted along the banks too, although I would prefer the total natural jungle approach with a trail running near the concrete bank. I go to the Willow Waterhole often and am grateful that it's there, although it's a bit minimalist at this time. This is such an amazing project and I feel fortunate to be around when while it's happening, and that the city and county as a whole are finally seeing aesthetics as something of great benefi
  13. I have no idea whether they're pompous asses or not, how could I? I really meant to call the naming/website creator one. But they definitely are not trying to identify with the East End. So yeah, from a marketing standpoint the We Are Downtown angle is probably the one that had the best chance of gripping people. But if a freeway is no obstacle, then Midtown should've tried for SoDo instead and maybe it would've gained traction sooner. The truth is I like that neighborhood and see it as a real success, now and in the future, as far as generating interest and development in the East End area
  14. They had a contest as mentioned above. The thing that gets me about these folks who live over there is that, in their initial mission statement/neighborhood description, they never mention the East End http://www.eadohouston.com/index.html. They are clearly attempting to SEPARATE themselves from the East End (what they really mean is, "we're part of Downtown, really. That icky barrio is that-a-way ), and are actually the East Downtown Management District, as opposed to the East End Management District. If they were proud of being part of the East End, they could've offered as a name Eastgate,
  15. I guess to really answer the topic question we would have to do some library research and check old Post or such for the first references. I would guess that East End wasn't used until relatively recently as that side of town was, as The Niche pointed out, the cities of Harrisburg and Magnolia Park and Houston 2nd Ward for many early years. And for some reason our main area designations are mostly generic and used in many cities; Downtown-universal Midtown-common Uptown-common (and ours has no directional congruency with Midtown or Downtown) Medical Center-generic sounding (enough that it is t
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