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  1. They are definitely still there. Maybe with an even more permanent sign (??). The Verizon store (directly south) definitively had all of its signage removed.
  2. They are about 90% done w/the demo. Only the back row remains... and the sad pool in the middle.
  3. Good comments Gene. Since I'm usually buying beer, I'm too lazy to walk to the far end where the express is. I will say... I went there Friday at 5pm sharp. No express checkouts were open, only 3 registers working. I just don't understand their business plan. When people are buying basket-loads of single-item prepared foods, you need more people working the stands.
  4. This one is ripped down to the concrete. (Also, confirming this is effectively behind the Cameron / Sirius Solutions buildings).
  5. After a two week hiatus, they are back on site today with some small equipment.
  6. Something has changed on the last two floors that have been poured. They are taller, and have a reinforced corner (south-east end). I remember reading that some of the condo's were going to have soaking pools... wonder if that's what it is.
  7. So, as many of you know, I live two blocks away. While I have walked to WF several times, I generally drive since the underground parking is outrageously convenient (seriously, this is the number 1 feature of the location, and I cannot overstate the greatness of the design). That said, I have a huge issue with the store. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, there are never enough people working the registers. Without exception, I spend 10+ minutes in line, each time, every time. The weird part is... it doesn't matter how many people are in the store. The store can be empty... I still wait 10 minutes. The store can be packed... I still wait 10 minutes. Why bother when I can go to any other grocery and not wait in line. Also, what's the deal with the prepared foods? Again, there are never enough people working there. The point of this location should be flow... get in, get out. Instead, it's easy to park, but then you get trapped inside with no one to help you. Hire some more people... I'm begging. I want this place to be a success.
  8. There was some kind of complete f#$k-fest at this intersection today. Car upside down, people crying... I couldn't figure it out. Luckily the car didn't go INTO Soap... but it was close.
  9. Is there any news / rumor on the remaining sites? Even with Apache on hold (or out... or whatever), there's still quite a bit of acreage left for development.
  10. I'm assuming this is from the south looking north? and the structure is the parking garage?
  11. Definitely doing more than a garage... there is a ton of steel going into that hole. I'll take a pic when the sun comes up.
  12. The view of this as you drive east through the 4 Oaks development is pretty cool. At the light on Post Oak it feels like the road just dead-ends into Astoria (obviously it doesn't, but it's a cool feel).
  13. They are definitely doing doing something over there. Since they have a giant pile of sewer pipe on site... I'm assuming utilities.
  14. Crane is visible from uptown. Also, to clarify re the pour, those lines were phone, not power.
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