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  1. Found it... LINK Mac Haik Breaks Ground on Embassy Suites West 208-Room Hotel to Deliver Next August in Houston's Energy Corridor By Michael Cobb August 4, 2016 Email Print Mac Haik Realty and MH Hospitality have broken ground on Embassy Suites West, a new 16-story, 208-room hotel located at 16435 Katy Freeway in Houston. Situated across from the new Park 10 development, the hotel is expected to deliver next August. The strategic location is intended to attract visitors from the Energy Corridor as well as the Katy area of West Houston. The project will come on the heels of MH's five-story, 142-room Home2Suites hotel slated to deliver by September roughly six miles to the east on I-10 at 1106 Sherwood Forest.
  2. 2016 09 01: Nothing happening yet. (Photo by me) Even after (many) months (a year? two years?), I still don't really understand the new HAIF layout. Anyone know why I'm limited to photos of a size 60kB or less for the direct-attach method?
  3. Dallas wedged in a lot of lanes by half burying / half elevating 635 between 35E and HW75. Seems like the logical next step. Alternatively, can we please, for the love of God, add some braided lanes for the Post Oak to 610N and 610S to Post Oak exits? I realize these were purposely not included since the build required a no-capacity add, but I mean, COME ON.
  4. What about the construction south of 10, just west of the acura dealership (just outside HW6 on the west side of town). Any ideas what's going up out there? I can't find anything.
  5. Given the title of this thread, I want to explicitly state that I am FOR transit improvements along the Post Oak corridor, my home for 7 years. Asphalt laid from Uptown Park east. Utility improvements ongoing along the north / west side at various places. Tree removal in front of Astoria today (not visible). 2016 08 27: Pic by me.
  6. The 2017 UTP is available here (beware, it's a hefty scroll). While the 610/59 rebuild and Post Oak bus-lane projects are included, the 610 Express Lanes are not.
  7. I don't really see an issue with the location. Aside from people at the school and an occasional jogger, this isn't a foot-traffic area (especially since Crescent City left). I went to a wedding at St. John the Divine that had a reception at Bammel... nobody walked. And that's three blocks.
  8. The work has kicked off. Trees have been removed from 610 @ Post Oak to the new BHP building. The ring at Uptown Park has come down. temporary light poles are up at 610 (and half-strung), and the poles are up at Uptown Park. Once the lights are strung the median is going to be paved over and traffic shifted over. Then utility work starts.
  9. The sidewalks were built as a mock-up for the post oak redo... RD didn't come up with that.
  10. Lufthansa still flies it (saw it taking off last week). Beast.
  11. I retract my previous statements, it's still listed in the HGAC 2040 RTP (v.March 2016). LINK. Specifically, Appendix G, for the southwest corridor.
  12. I've walked past it a few times... kind of looked like mold / water damage behind the facade.
  13. I'm totally with you on the dig-in option, but the neighborhood went nuts when it last came up. Maybe in a few years when 59 locks up some more.
  14. Trees down along Post Oak from roughly the Astoria north-east to 610.
  15. They could just add a toll ramp off 610 WB to 90S and 90N to 610 W/E and loft them. Avoid the demo. The fire station that has the exit perpendicular to the freeway is surprising.
  16. Never going to happen. FB toll road is focusing on south-bound expansion. Imo, the current set up isn't the worst thing in the world, but a ramp or two off 610 would be super.
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