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  1. Grade separation came up several times as part of the "how would Houson get high speed rail to downtown" question.  I can't find the links, but one of the options was a plan to put two lines each of freight and high speed rail deep in a trench.  


    I also recall there is (or was) a long-term vision to build underpasses for Shepherd and Durham under Washington.  

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  2. I used to live across the street, and there are some good places on the property that I would use: Starbucks, Crave, Embajadores (cigars), Song Kran (good Thai), Etoile (work meetings & food) etc... The western building (where Anejo used to be) never really met any needs in my life, and I still can't figure out what anchors the north end.  It's been creamed by the road work on Post Oak, which makes going north-bound after work a frustrating experience, and the River Oaks District, which is the new hot spot has filled the void that used to feed this place.  Also, the lack of a sidewalk on the west side of Post Oak lane, and the lack of ANY SIDEWALK AT ALL on the north side of Post Oak (since ~ 6 months ago) made walking to Uptown a terrifying endeavor.


    The project feels like a minor upgrade until the next super-cycle.  This would be a great location for tons of apartments / condos, but retail access is very challenging due to the traffic.

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  3. Am I the only one who's going to miss the elevated portion of 59?  I liked coming from the airport, going elevated past the GRB, diving into the hole under I-45, then rising, like a phoenix to the elevated portion through midtown.  You can see downtown, the med center, midtown... then you dive back down into the Montrose trench with the colored arches.  The elevated portion is cool.  You can see the scope of the city.  


    I shall miss you.

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  4. Anybody else see that helicopter come through the Galleria area today (Monday 1/30 morning)?  Holy mother-fu#$ing shit.  I work on the ~15th floor of one of the buildings just south of Williams and we were literally looking down into the rotor as it blew past about 25 feet from the windows.  People dove out of one of the conference rooms thinking it was going to come through the glass before it ducked away.  It came within about 30 feet of the tower crane  building the new apartments on Hidalgo and cut the buildings down the lakes on Post Oak. Complete nonsense.    

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