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  1. Good evening all.

    I drive past this (future) new building every day. They continue to drill what I assume are caissons on the south side of the lot. I'm pleased to see that work has continued north on Post Oak to fix the (god-$#*&ing-aweful) pavement. While they have walled off the site pretty well, there have been pieces of the *future* tower crane on site for about 2 weeks. It appeared today that they had anchored the first piece. While it is too early to say for certain, this would be a big step. Also, this project is more or less neck and neck with the apartment tower at Westheimer and Sage.

    Have a great night.

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  2. Good evening all!

    After trawling this forum for 2 (?) years I'm happy to have something to add. They have now put up a chain-link fence and black semi-transparent material around the entire San Felipe / Post Oak / S Post Oak Blvd Lane site. The fence has been up about a week. There were several fine gentlemen out this afternoon doing various ground level activities with a backhoe. While I am not ready to announce that the site is "under construction", this is a significant step away from the grass field that we have all enjoyed for the last few years.

    I'm looking forward to future growth in the area. Have a great night.

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