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  1. From Sept 2. Not a great photo, but they are up past the first floor already.
  2. Attempting not to make a fool of myself... feel free to delete this after an hour. Thanks, SV
  3. Drove by yesterday and there appears to be quite a bit of work going on at the site. I seem to recall someone saying that there were a couple of low rise office buildings slated for the location, though I cannot find the post, and cannot find the source (big fail all around today). Does anyone happen to know what the plan is?
  4. Happened to see a new crane up in Westchase. It's inside the Beltway, and looked to be just north of Richmond on Briarpark. I know there are a number of developments seeking interest... does anyone happen to know which one this is?
  5. I happened to be driving around today and noticed a new crane up along I10 at West Lake Park Blvd (south side of I10). Does anyone happen to know what's going up there?
  6. Pumapayam is correct. New website on the trailers... http://www.astoriahouston.com/index.html. Triangular building, McD's appears to stay.
  7. Given the current highway construction & maintenance funding, I would rather pay an additional $0.10 to drive the distance than not have it at all. People who use it have decided they can afford it, and have decided to live somewhere that requires them to use it. If you live in Cinco and work inside 8, you're probably going to use the Westpark. Hell, half the selling point of Cinco is the line that the Galleria is just 18 minutes away (LOL... maybe at 6am). You pay an additional $300 a month in tolls, but make it up on your house payment. The toll roads are so jammed they aren't much better than the "free"ways anyway... if the users are willing to pay more (as I am when I use them) why not charge us. Keeps the mainlanes free(er) of traffic. From day 1 the builder, the Chronicle, and even the HCTRA / FBCTRA has said that prices would adjust for inflation, and to keep the traffic flowing. Anyone who says this is a surprise has been living under a rock.
  8. The outcry against this perplexes me. Wouldn't it be better to reduce street traffic immediately adjacent to the ballpark and create a dense street-level pedestrian experience? I for one will miss parking in these lots for $20 and walking across the street to the ballpark, but it never really seemed like a long term situation. It would be a bonus to approach the park around or through something other than an empty parking lot with homeless dudes. As an aside, the last game I attended I parked across the street in one of the lots taken up by this development. I showed up in the 3rd inning and there was half the lot full. Most people aren't parking here anyway, and are walking from further afield. Given the size of the ballpark and multiple entrances, I can't imagine many scenarios that would increase the walking distance more than 1/2 a block.
  9. This whole issue is petty... on both sides. I believe a Pulp Fiction quote sums it up well (obviously Antwan = the girl, Marcellus = the cop). Happy Friday! VINCENT Still I hafta say, play with matches, ya get burned. JULES Whaddya mean? VINCENT You don't be givin' Marsellus Wallace's new bride a foot massage. JULES You don't think he overreacted? VINCENT Antwan probably didn't expect Marsellus to react like he did, but he had to expect a reaction.
  10. At least they are starting to get the site ready. I drove past and it looks like they are carefully boxing up the trees for relocation.
  11. After much consideration, I believe this item to be a complete red herring. I think it was tossed into the mix under the belief that SOMETHING about the 288 toll lanes would rile SOMEONE up, and with that in mind, this could be the scape-goat. This will be the one item on which they defer, and give in to the masses, thus ensuring the future of the rest of the project... and giving up something that no one ever really wanted in the first place. Well played America, well played. Seriously though, given all of the traffic hell holes in this city, this project makes no sense.
  12. What about the tow trucks that sit on 610 (with or without their lights on) WAITING for the accidents to happen around Uptown? Do you have to move over / slow down for those asses sitting on the on ramps blocking your view while you're trying to merge with traffic. I can't believe they let them sit out there.
  13. Well that's an interesting comment. Is it possible that the dilapidated trailer parked at the McDonalds on north Post Oak is the future sales office of something?
  14. Sorry to bump this, but this is a question I've had for a while, is the Hotel 31 even open? I drive past this all the time, and I can't even tell.
  15. Thank you Jay, Chris, and Lockmat. I didn't know where to drop this Terranova trailer observation. They've been there for about 2 weeks, so I have to believe it's not a short-term parking issue. That said, they look like @ss and have not been improved in any possible way since being parked there. Wasn't Randall Davis involved in Terranova? Could this be the prelude for a new yet-to-be-released project sales office?
  16. Ok. At first glance, I have to agree that this sounds preposterous, but the news story is just about completely useless. Show me a map. If the north McGregor connection jumps Almeda before immediately diving into N. McGregor... Ok. If it dives straight across the golf course and zoo before aborting into Fannin, then I think there's an issue. 75 comments total is not even a useful number. Something like 100k people work in the medical center. I could get 75 to have an opinion if I stood at the intersection of McGregor and 288 and had a "I'm poor and hungry, lets boycott TXDOT sign". Let's get some facts. I'm not for the proposal, but this sort of reporting is counter productive. ABC had 2 minutes to fill and took one sentence out of the 288 toll lane proposal and went to town. Lame. Show me the money! (in this case, the map).
  17. Checked out the Skanska website... looks like it's only 14 floors now? http://www.usa.skanska.com/Brochures/3009-Post-Oak/
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