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  1. As of 8/31, the TX Supreme Court denied the motion for rehearing. LINK: http://search.txcourts.gov/Case.aspx?cn=17-0564&coa=cossup
  2. Nobody here has posted the BANGING blue lights on this thing yet. Side note: what's up with this site... I can't link any content anymore.
  3. I'm pretty sure the equipment is related to ongoing utility work on Post Oak Lane. The crew has been working south from the 4 Oaks complex over the last few months.
  4. What's the story with the big empty lot behind the Best Buy? Has anything ever been planned there?
  5. I'd also point out that several of the largest units in the building are on the market (check HAR). Also, while the Post Oak project has started working on literally every single piece of sidewalk down the street... they have not started any work / planted any trees / done any improvements on the portion that falls within this property. Makes me bullish that the project is on deck.
  6. I'm really into the fact that it's at an angle to the block. Well played. Well played.
  7. Thanks for the update. This is a serious project!
  8. You either timed that photo really well while barreling by at 70 mph or you stopped in the death-hole. Either way... well played!
  9. Moving things back to topic... here's the real question... what's planned for the next site south? Another Hanover!? (LOL)
  10. Side note: this building has some really unique lighting that hasn't been discussed (and generally isn't on). The current lighting is classy, and the new features are 100% Vegas. I saw a brief glimpse at dusk a few weeks ago... it's really going to bring some glam to Uptown. Can't wait for the Holiday colors.
  11. The equipment is related to the Post Oak widening project. 3/4 of the site is used for storage / dump trucks / etc. The front side facing Post Oak is getting torn out, and will be eaten up as part of the PO project.
  12. From 6 years ago: http://swamplot.com/apaches-new-34-story-hq-in-blvd-place/2013-07-11/ Current lease goes through 2024: http://realtynewsreport.com/2018/02/26/apache-signs-524000-sf-lease-for-uptown-houston-office-space/ The share price is down 60% since 2015... they have bigger things to focus on than a trophy tower.
  13. Crane is up for (what I believe to be) the apartments on the back of the property.
  14. Throwing in more thoughts into the growing pile... Looking through the other projects from the designer it appears they may really be focused on the aesthetic and design of the amenity elements, and less so on the development overall. Said another way, what if you threw away the towers and replaced it with a resort (a la Gaylord in Dallas/Denver or Travaasa in Austin)? That might make more sense for the area, and still be relevant for the real focus of the waterfront stuff presented in the videos. Other things: 1. the connectivity to this site is hot, burning hot garbage. Until/unless woodland hills is extended across the San Jo, this is a complete nonstarter. 2. what is the draw for this? Kingwood isn't enough. Getting here from the woodlands would be tough. Galleria / memorial very tough. Maybe Generation Park... but that's 10 years from now. Can't imagine they intended to pull from the colonias out northeast.
  15. There's a bit more than just the marina... check out the first 20 seconds of this: LINK
  16. I like the fact that this is a big project on limited lot. It didn't buy up 2 acres around it for ground level parking / pool / tennis courts etc. Leaves open the possibility of other close development and makes it less of an island. The proximity to the other two high-rises also makes it feel like it's part of a neighborhood.
  17. The goofiest one... they turned the arches 90 degrees by the Dillards while they get lengthened. It's now north-south in the parking lot instead of east-west over the road.
  18. Other GWP buildings (when originally numbered) include(d) the two condo's, the Koch building, and stuff all the way down to Wesleyan @ 59. LINK
  19. It may be semantics, but IMO, the core issue for non-inclusion was the site. We shouldn't have presented a "please help us make our city better" location (east side)... we should have presented a "this is what Houston is all about and it's AWESOME" location. Generation Park would have been ok, though it's damn far to town, and it's green-field. There are lots of great big empty lots in this country, and we didn't need to show Amazon an empty lot, we needed to show them something that would have fit into the fabric, culture, and excitement of our town. Trying to think of sites that I would have presented (and ignoring who owns them), I offer three options. 1. The Rice-owned property on Main where the old Sears is going to close (in town, transit, colleges, area is dynamic and building, plenty of apartments and a good scene) 2. The Energy-Corridor at I-10 and HW 6 where plans show a campus similar to what this would become (bus transit, good highway connections, access to suburban homes and great schools, planned dense developement, Top Golf) 3. Around the future Bellaire transit station (transit, access to Uptown, 'relatively' convenient to areas out west) These sites are true Houston, fit into an existing fabric (rather than trying to make something from scratch), and cater to the demographic of the Amazon workforce. We shouldn't have put the success or failure of a neighborhood on the company, we should have invited them to participate in the ongoing success of an area.
  20. Wow, I thought I'd read it would be a copy of the existing bridge. This looks great, and it gets the supports out of the water. Good compliment to Fred Hartman.
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