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  1. It has not begun. This is all still related to the Post Oak widening.
  2. My office overlooks the site. All four quadrants are being used (extensively) as a holding area for the Post Oak work. PO @ Richmond is supposed to re-open in May, but I can't imagine they will be able to move all the stuff out of there until the full Blvd is a bit further along.
  3. Let's not hit the Cosmo too hard. The base is bad, but don't forget it used to be worse (#NeverForgetUrinals)! Also, for the area, and the unit size, some of the condos are pretty price-efficient now. If you want to own a place with floor to ceiling windows in Uptown, and don't want to drop $1M for a 2/2 at the Arabella, this is your baby. All-in with condo fees it's comparable with the new 2/2 apartments nearby. There's a bunch of them on the back side (away from the construction) on higher floors for $600k. LINK
  4. The amenity thing is a relatively new addition to Houston. Some of the newer apartments / the ones with really nice pools & cabanas charge them. My wife and I (which live/ have lived in Houston high rises with and without the fees) call it the "cabana charge". If you see cabanas... there's probably an amenity fee.
  5. 35,000-40,000 sq ft would be a lot smaller than the last proposal... right?
  6. Neighborhood meeting earlier this week. Believe it was 12 floors... "may look something like Elan Heights". Premium price point to the Elan across the street.
  7. Rebar assembly on site already. Boring truck too. Not fooling around on this one.
  8. Still COH PWE. Basically a holding yard for work ongoing in Tanglewood to the west.
  9. HBJ said 600,000 sq ft... 14 floors.... 42,000 sqft/floor.... 300ft x 140ft. Using googlemeasure (high tech stuff), that's ~ 1/3 the site if you assume the garage goes through to the back. #ChecksOut
  10. Thread for 610/59 here. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/26657-59-610-interchange-partial-rebuild/?page=3
  11. The sheer number of people working on this every day is amazing right now. There are teams on both sides and the middle down the entire 3 mile stretch.
  12. The bus lanes fly over the freeway and dive "into" the freeway... ultimately coming out in (like literally inside) the underpass where 610 intersects Post Oak. FYI, 610 SB is completely closed all weekend around Woodway. All 610 SB traffic (all 8 lanes) is being pushed to the one-lane Woodway exit and along the 610 frontage. It's 10pm and it's backed up for a mile and a half. Avoid.
  13. Also... is there a way to move this out of the Trains section and into the general Transportation section? The Boulevard Project has nothing to do with trains.
  14. I came across an article indicating that the Bellaire transit station is underway. This will anchor the southern end of the Blvd project. Article: https://www.virtualbx.com/construction-preview/houston-bellaire-uptown-transit-center-due-in-2020/ Indicates work starting effectively now (Oct 2018) and ending in 2020. I checked the planning commission minutes, and it was reviewed and variance granted. I drove past after work... all I could see was the first pillar to hold the elevated drive to get to the HOT lane (immediately south of Westpark Dr) and it ap
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