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  1. Rebar assembly on site already. Boring truck too. Not fooling around on this one.
  2. SkylineView

    Tanglewood Medical: N Wynden Dr @ South Post Oak Ln

    Still COH PWE. Basically a holding yard for work ongoing in Tanglewood to the west.
  3. SkylineView

    Town & Country/City Centre *update*

    HBJ said 600,000 sq ft... 14 floors.... 42,000 sqft/floor.... 300ft x 140ft. Using googlemeasure (high tech stuff), that's ~ 1/3 the site if you assume the garage goes through to the back. #ChecksOut
  4. SkylineView

    The Boulevard Project

    Thread for 610/59 here.
  5. SkylineView

    The Boulevard Project

    The sheer number of people working on this every day is amazing right now. There are teams on both sides and the middle down the entire 3 mile stretch.
  6. SkylineView

    The Boulevard Project

    The bus lanes fly over the freeway and dive "into" the freeway... ultimately coming out in (like literally inside) the underpass where 610 intersects Post Oak. FYI, 610 SB is completely closed all weekend around Woodway. All 610 SB traffic (all 8 lanes) is being pushed to the one-lane Woodway exit and along the 610 frontage. It's 10pm and it's backed up for a mile and a half. Avoid.
  7. SkylineView

    The Boulevard Project

    Also... is there a way to move this out of the Trains section and into the general Transportation section? The Boulevard Project has nothing to do with trains.
  8. SkylineView

    The Boulevard Project

    I came across an article indicating that the Bellaire transit station is underway. This will anchor the southern end of the Blvd project. Article: Indicates work starting effectively now (Oct 2018) and ending in 2020. I checked the planning commission minutes, and it was reviewed and variance granted. I drove past after work... all I could see was the first pillar to hold the elevated drive to get to the HOT lane (immediately south of Westpark Dr) and it appeared to be outside the property line. Anyone have any other details?
  9. I drive by here a lot. It's structurally "up", but there's still a lot going on. Entrance (canopy u/c late last week) is on Sage. It's not a giant entrance/waiting area. I like this one. Really wedged in there... but that's what Houston is becoming.
  10. SkylineView

    BLVD Place / Hanover Towers / Apache HQ News & Pictures

    It's def been painted. The concrete is going from grey to white. Very nice.
  11. That square mile from the railroad tracks to 610 and westheimer to san felipe has been (and continues to be) completely reworked over the last 7 years. Unreal.
  12. New lighting... and it pops! Photo doesn't do it justice. I can't get content to post properly on the site... if you can pull this out of purgatory and into the thread, please do. Pic by me.
  13. SkylineView

    McDonald's in Houston

    I have some pics of the one on Post Oak from when the Astoria was built... Original McDonalds (pre Astoria): New McDonalds (pre Astoria): During Astoria construction: 07 19/IMG_2175_zps8367892c.jpg.html 5 minutes ago: I can't get content to work properly on the site... if anyone can pull these out of purgatory and into the thread... please do. All pics by me. You wouldn't believe how many people walk over there on weekend mornings. #ImLovingIt
  14. SkylineView

    The Boulevard Project

    Yeah, this is a huge impact... even just the 200 feet of trees makes it feel like the good old days (remember the trees and planters from back in 2016?). The sidewalk is also really coming together from San Felipe up to 610. I was skeptical, but this is great. [an aside, and then content] What's up with posting content on this site? It's been messed up for (literally) a year for me. I can't drag files... I can't "insert other media" and I can't use the "link" button anymore either. Anyone know what the deal is? I've cleared cookies, I've tried different photo hosting, I've tried IE and chrome, I've tried my work comp. It's like the site is anti-content. How are you guys posting photos in content? This is literally the best I can do: >> Tree Pic here (by me) >> If anyone has the ability to drag it out of purgatory and into the thread... please do!