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  1. You cut through on Crocket St, which is the only street in the area bordered by Sawyer/Taylor, Washington, I-10, and Houston Ave. that's been recovered. I'd guess that the reason that street was selected, aside from it being in horrible shape, was that it's the major East-West through street for the neighborhood, it crosses I-45 to Main St and beyond, and it hosts a Bus route. Future plans call for it to extend beyond Sawyer to the West.
  2. Around 1997 or so, the NE apartment (that faced the corner) was available and I went and took a look. The bottom floor is sunken below the ground. There was quite a bit of water damage and water intrusion from poorly sealed windows. The interior felt very late '60s with lots of unfinished wood. I would have loved to rent it, but I had too many cars at the time and street parking was not acceptable for some of them.
  3. I've been lurking for more than a year, but I have to pipe up for this one. Call the number. Call it again and again and again. It's not going to get a squad car sent out within an hour, but it DOES get more patrols down your street. I live in 1st ward near the Pigstand. I hear automatic weapon fire at least twice a month. It's usually less than two houses away. There are bullet holes through my building. There are slugs on the roof and driveway after every holiday. That's an improvement. Weapon fire used to be every other night!
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