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  1. Please?! Really hoping someone on this board can tell me a bit about the train that runs on Runnels behind the Alexan Lofts and let me know whether it's a problem w/noise... Thanks again!!!
  2. Really? No one? Anyone? Bueller...Bueller...Anyone? Anyone?
  3. Hi! Wondering if anyone can give me an idea if the Runnels street area where the Alexan Lofts are located is a quiet zone? I wouldn't mind the noise of the train going by, but the whistle would not be good. I saw some posts from 2009, but wondered if anyone could help me with an update. Thanks!!
  4. Wondering about whether the Runnels Street tracks near the lofts are really designated quiet zones. I saw threads on here from 2009 but wonder if the situation has gotten better. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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