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  1. The store on FM 529 near HWY 6 was originally built as an Albertsons, after Albertsons left the Houston Market it didnt sit empty for very long, after that Food Town moved in. In Food Town fashion, they ripped out the bakery, deli counter, and the pharmacy..
  2. Thanks guy I knew i could count on yall to point me in the right direction , im semi-new to the fourms. Im still learning how to use it
  3. are there any family owned grocery stores still around in the Houston area or are they all apart of big chains or owned by grocery supply, Ive always liked to see the old grocery stores bc it reminds me of an era gone by.
  4. how hard would it be for someone to open one of these "superettes" in todays grocery and bix box retail enviroment? I only ask because it seems like most of the old superettes can not compete price wise, I would love to have one of these types of stores in my neighborhood(Fairbanks/Northwest Crosssing), but with the Walmart, Target, and the numerous dollar and c-stores I dont think one would be able to survive even though we dont have alot of traditional grocery stores in the area.
  5. what about a true oldies format with songs from 50's and 60's i think it could work, but what company would have enough balls to program something like that, we will just have to play the waiting game.
  6. is this the old K-Mart building that they will be tearing down, if so i think it will improve the community, thought with the current demographics im not sure how the developer will be able to sell homes from the $400s-$700's, i wish them luck with the project.
  7. according to the link below from braun enterprises one of the tenants will be a Zoe's Kitchen,not sure what else will go in the strip center, also the church bells will not be returning as they already tore down the bell tower they used to ring from, I guess if the neighborhood threw tons of cash the churches way(which im sure the church wouldn't have mind, lol) it might could have been saved. http://www.braunenterprises.com/?q=Property/PropertyDetail&id=a906aff5-3005-3e9e-0da5-528fa51b92ec
  8. We could use another "soft rock/AC" station to compete with Sunny 99.1, This would be a great opportunity for that.
  9. Now if Gannett can place "The Late Late Show" back at 11:37pm like most other CBS stations(well at least KBTX has it at that time). I know they are replacing the host at the end of the year but thats another way to reach a younger audience, back to the topic on hand, I thought darby douglas worked for Clear Channel as he did traffic reports for the Clear Channel Houston cluster and for KKHT-FM.
  10. thanks for jogging my memory purpledevil, it was most certainly JoJo's, and yes i remember Hancock fabrics, but i dont remember spending alot of time there, and the Tradewinds roller rink, ah the memories, the skating rink building is still standing but is now for sale, and i remember going to the davis food city on West 43rd and Hempstead Hwy. I love going down memory lane lol.
  11. a great start, i like to read all of your memories of this side of town as i grew up off of 290 and remember different things, like the kroger on 290@W. Little york(where track 1 is now) and the other kroger on 290@ Fairbanks N. Houston rd. I cant remember the name of the restruant before bravos mexican, but it served food like dennys or ihop for the life of me i cant remember the name. there was another restruant of the same name(that the former bravos replaced) down the freeway at 290 and West 34th, this was still open when randalls was in the former academy space. Keep up the great work.
  12. Recently I download the i heart radio app, while browsing everything they had to offer i came across WLGX-FM out of Louisville, KY which plays a 90's variety format, and i liked what i was hearing. I know that we use to have 92.1 doing this kind of format which wasnt around for a long time, but do you think it could work now as it has been a few years since that format was on the air in houston. http://www.genxlouisville.com/main.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WLGX
  13. I remember there was a checkers on Antione rive and west Tidwell road it sat in front of the now closed HEB Pantry and future Albertsons(@5620 west Tidwell) that was across the street from it years later.
  14. KFTH TV 67.2 is now airing GetTV with a small logo stating that they are launching in FEB. 2014, It looks like Univision has dropped the similcast with KXLN and has starting stunting with GetTV, sorry if my termonolgy is not correct im new to the fourms.
  15. I also recive KBTX, KBTX-2 on a regular basis from 77092 with a terk hdtva facing BCS, its neat that i pick it up from so far away.
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