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  1. You should post this to Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg as this is in Richmond. Also, there are already traffic signals planned well in advance for when the overpass gets opened (it's already complete). These lights will activate when the overpass goes live.
  2. They are building some strip centers out front in between the jack in the box and the shell / McDonald's Any idea what is going in there. I heard Wendy's was going to be st the north end. Anyone hear anything else / different?
  3. Asked a couple of construction guys what is going up in the front of Waterside. They said ,"A Jack in the Box and some sort of Liquor store." Not sure about the liquor store as there is already one in the shopping strips and a heck of a selection for beer and wine in the Kroger. But, even a terrible fast food chain like Jack in the Box is a semi-step in the right direction adding some much needed dinning options to the area. My Rant (for what little it is worth) Who the @#$% determined that the 99 corridor was an extension of the Hwy 6 Ghetto? I think the more accurate description would be Sugar Land and Cinco Ranch type people with less uppityness about them. In other words, they don't overextend themselves on overpriced housing and Luxury Cars. That means more disposable income to actually spend at stores around them. Kroger got it right, saw the perfect storm of "age of acquisition" and "modest living, disposable income" families and built the largest Kroger in the world right there. That's why they are as successful as they are. End of rant.
  4. They are ripping the road right through that cotton field to connect the two roads and eliminate the current intersection.
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