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  1. I just moved to the Cy-Fair area from Sugar Land and I'm not really familiar with the area beyond the massive traffic problems on Hwy. 290 every single day. Is there any big stuff going on around here besides transportation? I want to get involved, but have no idea what the issues are out here.
  2. Hi, my name is Kimberly Stauffer, and I'm a reporter with the Katy Courier. I'm doing a story on theme parks in the West Houston area. I'm especially interested in Indigo Earth. If anyone knows anything about the development, rumors or facts, and is willing to go on the record, please email me at kstauffer@katycourier.com or call me at 281-675-8012. I will also be checking this website for replies. Thanks for your help! Kimberly Stauffer Katy Courier, reporter kstauffer@katycourier.com 281-675-8012
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