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  1. Wow... this thread is a funny one. I will attempt to add something meaningful though. I recently used InTown Homes to build my new house. InTown and Lovett are both owned by Frank Liu. The floor plans offered by both companies are exactly the same, but the price points are different based on location and finishes, with InTown being the lower priced homes. While the building process was not 100% trouble free, my family and I are extremely happy with the quality of the home and price we paid. In my opinion, the homes sell themselves, and representatives of this company should not feel the nee
  2. Sold my previous home through Urban Living, and I would not recommend them to anyone. No attention to detail, and their customer service is pretty pathetic. When my home went on the market, they brought over a stack of about 50 printed flyers for people to take as they walked through the house. I could tell right away that it was something they just reused over and over again. The flyers I was given had features listed that weren't even present in my home... obvious stuff like stainless appliances (mine were black), a "spacious" patio (no patio on my home), etc. It was a joke. Took me sever
  3. Our son is enrolled at Teeter Toddler on Dairy Ashford just south of Briar Forest. About a 5-10 minute drive from I10/BW8 intersection. Great hours, great price and very good student/teacher ratio. Place is always clean and relatively quiet.
  4. I know plenty of West Coast people who ask me when Whataburger will be expanding out that way! People always want what they can't get easily. In-N-Out will be popular, but Whataburger has a huge headstart and will win the location/convenience war without even trying.
  5. I love that you wrote this, mostly because it echoes my own feelings about the area. I've been living within walking distance to CityCentre for the last 5 years and have been watching the area develop and grow. We recently outgrew our 5 year old, 2 bedroom condo and sold it for a very significant profit. We love this area, the schools and the opportunity that it offers, but just couldn't justify the expense of a house in "Memorial." There is so much new construction just north of I-10, that we are now under contract with a home builder and are having a 4 bedroom home built just 2 miles from C
  6. I've been visiting CC at least once a month since it opened, and it's things opening up. The only thing that bothers me at this point is that it seems to be very dining oriented, with hardly any retail shops. From their website under the dining and shopping tab: 17 dining establishments 7 shopping establishments Seems sorta 1 sided... also not a single mens clothing store. Maybe because Memorial City mall is right around the corner?
  7. These are without a doubt the best outdoor ceiling fans... they come with a large price tag though. http://www.bigassfans.com/residential/index.html
  8. Lot's of great suggestions in this thread so far. One that hasn't been mentioned and is a particular favorite of mine is Texas Hamburger Palace. If you live or work in west Houston you have to try it. Get their bacon cheeseburger, you won't be sorry. There is literally more bacon than burger. It's on a street called Ranchester, just south of Richmond and inside BW8. For you burger fans, this is a great website to check out: http://www.texasburgerguy.com/
  9. Some really cool new houses going up on the north side of I-10 around Wilcrest. The builder is InTown homes which is owned by Frank. I'm sure this is part of the development that the article is talking about.
  10. The wife and I tried SushiPop on their opening day and thought it was a big letdown. For the price, I expected it to be much better. Great looking place though. Hopefully they are just working out the kinks and will improve over time. Until then, Koto on Westheimer near Wilcrest will continue to get my sushi money.
  11. Couldn't agree with you more! I think it's so popular because of the atmosphere.
  12. I'm currently under contract with InTown Homes to purchase a home in their new Upland Lakes community. We've seen many InTown homes both inside and outside the loop and have always been impressed by their construction quality and the way their communities are laid out. My wife and I have lived in Memorial for the past 5 years and love the area, but are now needing more space. We found Sherwood lakes, but since it was almost completely built and sold by when we found it the selection of homes there was very limited and we could not get the size of home we needed. Upland Lakes is now under con
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