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  1. There is now HISD concluded that some administrators (unnamed, and without providing evidence) had inflated students' grades. It didn't directly say Simmons did it, and it didn't provide any statement about her employment, but the Chron thinks it's a sign they want to fully terminate her.
  2. That sounds like a cool idea! A bit ambitious since the old Favrot tower was only 13 stories tall. Also if it's in the Pershing attendance zone TMC might have to have a talk with area homeowner associations so the building doesn't infringe too much on the neighborhood. They could put more 2 and 3 bedroom units in the lower floors and more 1 bedroom units on upper floors. I heard from a poster on city-data that the old Favrot had a higher proportion of nursing students from Texas Woman's University and Baylor College of medicine compared to employees. Under your arrangement the lower floors could be a mix of families and unrelated nursing students who have roommates.
  3. Previously the Texas Medical Center had the Favrot Apartments, but they closed in 2012 and were demo'ed in 2014. I understand that the TMC probably wants/wanted a building of higher utility at 6540 Bellows. Also, I never lived there nor knew anybody who did, so I don't know what the housing quality/atmosphere was like. However I like the idea of the TMC building a new tower for employee housing. Perhaps some people want to be very close to work, or have the institution take care of their housing. Therefore I wonder if the TMC could build a new housing tower. A few things: If possible have it be placed in the Pershing Middle School zone - Favrot was zoned to Cullen Middle, which wasn't attractive. Yes, people building institutional housing need to take school zoning into account. Florida State University's report on its former graduate school housing compound, Alumni Village, described the statuses of the schools that served that complex. (see PDF pages 154 and 155) Having a playground and/or a rooftop/similar swimming pool would make it more attractive to families. I wonder how the complex could attract singles and childless couples; I wouldn't suggest going whole Michael Pollack Colonial Park Apartments style, but taking cues from swanky Midtown/Montrose complexes could help. Since the Medical Center Kroger was demo'ed, it would be good to have ground floor and/or second floor space for a new supermarket and/or an attached parking garage with guest spaces. That way things would be super-convenient for tenants.
  4. As they say, River Oaks Boulevard has two country clubs, and St. John's in fact isn't country club #2
  5. Aren't those now used by Greensheet and Spanish language papers?
  6. The wording in the article itself was: ... so I suspect newspaper revenues were already getting tighter and the company/parent company determined it would cost too much money.
  7. The legal issues are explained here: They did put Post articles online, but yanked them after New York Times Co. v. Tasini was decided by SCOTUS in 2001; it held that articles written by freelance journalists can't be licensed for online databases by newspapers. The Chron said they wanted to sift through articles to determine which ones were allowable and which ones weren't, but decided they weren't willing to do this with the resources they had.
  8. I'm not Lomax, but I did enjoy his work. I particularly liked the derivative article "Seoul of Houston". Yes, Texas Monthly archives are available online, but many publications are not. Houston Chronicle articles before 1985 are not online, and Houston Post articles are not available online at all (due to legal issues).
  9. Actually he walked down the whole stretch of Westheimer. A bit different from driving. While we instinctively know what he observes, he got it all in print. That means it's in the record, and his commentary can be cited in online references about Houston. As for the "stolen content" (writing an article on an old article) that's a good thing because (without the retrospect article) a lot of these things are only in microfilms and not online.
  10. Houston Press cut almost all of its jobs, as it is now freelance-reliant, and it's going online only. I will miss the old Houston Press. - It was fun going into a cafe and just picking up a free copy. Hopefully somebody else fills the void?
  11. The students seem to favor Simmons
  12. Are there any pictures out there of the Oshman mural and the old Oshman buildings?
  13. Foreign Consulates

    In that case they reopened it in 2015! Holy cow! Now we just need the Netherlands and Switzerland back. Nigeria would be a good one too.
  14. They could try to make a two story store. Many grocery stores in East Asia use a two story format.
  15. Foreign Consulates

    It's only an honorary consulate - no actual consul general. I think the original consulate general closed in the 1990s.