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  1. Yeah, but NRP is the replacement for Clayton, Ojalla is going to be a mix of incomes.
  2. I’m under the impression the NRP one by the silos passed. Not 100% sure thought.
  3. Which lot is this at? Is this the one at 800 Middle St on the other side of the bayou?
  4. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/economic-development/the-urban-revival-of-houstons-east-end-is-building-on-its-historic-bones-103439?utm_source=outbound_pub_54&utm_campaign=outbound_issue_37040&utm_content=outbound_newsletter1&utm_medium=email&utm_source=outbound_pub_54&utm_campaign=outbound_issue_37040&utm_content=outbound_newsletter1&utm_medium=email#ath Looks like “official groundbreaking” is this summer.
  5. Looks like they’re building a new sidewalk along Jensen where the fence was.
  6. They had the intersection of Clinton & Jensen closed this afternoon. Wonder if it has to with east River?
  7. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/neighborhood/5-projects-planned-for-eado-and-east-end-98989?&utm_source=outbound_pub_54&utm_campaign=outbound_issue_29053&utm_content=outbound_newsletter1&utm_medium=email There’s some interesting info regarding East River as well as an event on June 4 with developers and investors on the Future of Eado and East End.
  8. So is this replacing TNP or is it the lot right across from it?
  9. I noticed a couple commercial trucks were parked in the middle of the East River development yesterday. In Section 1 where the warehouse is , workers were moving equipement around, possibly taking soil samples?
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