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  1. I am a teacher and am moving to the Houston area to be closer to family. I live in Dallas now and am just tired of not having family near me.

    My brother is a pastor of a church in Humble, but my niece will be moving with me as well to do her internship--which is most likely going to be in the Woodlands??

    We'd like to try to live in between Humble and the Woodlands so that the commute for her job and to church would not be so bad either way.

    I am "considering" applying for a teaching job either in the Klein ISD, Tomball ISD, and Spring ISD.

    I've heard not so great things about the Houston ISD and the Humble ISD. Although, I have no personal experience with either.

    I am single with no kids, so I dont' need a big house--but, I need a back yard. The thing that is most important to me is to be in a good safe area. I have to be able to sleep at night.......

    I am not 100% sure if we are going to go ahead and buy this summer or just try to find a rental home.

    If I buy-- I would like to keep it around 150K. If I rent, I need to keep it low as well. Teacher's don't make too much money.

    I am hoping to be finished with me ED.S degree by August and perhaps can move up into administration or get a specialist job in one of those districts as well.

    If anyone has any idea ??

    Klein would probably be your best option although its further to humble but an easy drive.It is the closest to Humble except for Spring.Some people like SPring, others don't. Resale wise, Klein is the best if your plan is t buy.. Great school district and nice affordable area to live in..about 20 minutes to The Woodlands..

  2. Good description of the Woodlands, but it seems that if your being theWlaws C&VB representative, you shouldn't post travel times to other attractions that are not in your city/county. There are a ton of other MPC that have shorter commute and travel times. The Woodlands has almost everything going for it except if you want to get from there, to Downtown, Galveston, etc, it's going to be a long long time.

    Commute times are often at the [hour+] range from downtown.

    If your comfortable being in your car, the Woodlands is great, but there a ton of other cities to look at....

    The Woodlands is a fabulous master-planned community..there are alot of rules for living in any MPC as someone said so be sure you are ready for that. HOA fees can be very high also but is no longer applicable in most of TW now because it is now a township. ?It also has a great tax rate and everything you need is right there. There are others around town I like such as Gleannloch Farms in the Klein area and Fairfield in Cypress..There are alot to choose form depending on what part of town you settle in..What makes The Woodlands especially beautiful is all the trees..which your not allowed to cut down without permission,lol!

  3. Is the woodlands a nice area though? I am seeing things about malls going bankrupt there or something? Is it still an up and coming neighborhood or is it going downhill? Mostly making sure it is a safe environment.

    Didn't read all the responses, too many but The Woodlands is one of the best master planned communities in the state. It is a township now with great tax rates.The mall is beautiful and is a tourist attraction.

    There is alot to do in The Woodlands..shopping, restaurants, concerts, movies, dog park, walking trails..its all there..

  4. We are currently considering moving and need to know if Klein schools hold up to Katy schools?? are they pretty equal? Has Klein been steadily getting better worse or staying the same? Are there any schools or districts in the outskirts of houston that are equal to Katy ISD? If Klein is not much different than Katy then I wouldn't mind having my kids in that school system. In Katy the schools that we are considering are Rylander Elementary, Cinco ranch Jr High, Cinco Ranch High School, Seven Lakes high and Woodcreek jr high. In Klein ISD we are considering Klein HS, Klein Forest HS, Mittlestadt Elementary, Wunderlich middle school, Theiss Elementary Doerre middle school. I need to know everything because our decision depends on the school district.

    Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated! I don't know where else i can get real feedback from real people! LOL Thanks so much!

    I don't know anything about Katy schools but all my kids went to Klein H.S. . They are renovating it as someone said, but in my opinion, this is the best of the Klein Schools with Klein Forest being the worst although I hear it is getting better..Doerre and Kleb are similar middle schools, just depends on which neighborhood you move to which middle school your child will go to but they both feed into Klein High.

    y kids went to Krahn elementary, Kleb middle and Klein high..some of my friends kids that went to Krahn went to Doerre because if the neighborhoods they lived in, then all the kids meet back up at Klein.

    I have been happy with Klein HS and the area in general..

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