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  1. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    So long Grocers Supply/Thermal Supply...
  2. History of Lucky Burger

    ^Oh no! I would have loved to see that!
  3. New Photo Sharing Website?

    I use Google Drive for most everything - they offer 15GB storage for free, and then $1.99/month (or $19.99/year) for 100GB.
  4. Apartment Novelties

    I lived next to Turtle Pointe in 1999 - definitely well on its downhill way then..
  5. Wolfe Nursery

    Wolfe (Beechnut) was one of my first jobs - I learned a lot there about plants! And I still have my old name tag...
  6. Big sign on Westheimer near Hillcroft/Voss

    Maybe it was for the gas station that used to be where the CVS is now on the corner? That would be pre-2005 ish.
  7. 10630 Olympia

  8. I have the best deal with Comcast for internet and AT&T U-Verse for TV (I haven't had cable for years until this month!). My neighborhood just got AT&T fiber enabled, so I may look into that soon. But yeah, all depends on where you land here.
  9. Denton Developer From SW Houston?

    I went through there - a pretty boring neighborhood but fun to see the streets!
  10. Rebirth Of The Montagu Hotel...

    Oh wow - great pictures! And the Jim Dandy sign on the corner!
  11. Old Street Names In The Houston Area

    Mackie Dee Oil and Development Company also shows up the September 1, 1911 issue of the Houston Post under "New Houston Corporations"
  12. Car Talk

    Even with the hyper/overdesigned Camry, it's still stodgy - and the grill now makes it looks like it has an annoyed, pursed mouth. The Lexus is just a costlier extension of that.
  13. Goodnight Charlie's + Parking (2531 Kuester)

    Latest is new parking lot construction and parking variance by "Elysium 1634 Westheimer, LLP." This is the old site of the long gone Kewpie Cleaners.
  14. Arlan's Market, Big Chief, and Safeway

    Commenting to follow - I don't know the history of Big Chief other than it changed to Arlan's around 2012. They also rebuilt the McDonalds out front and removed the teepee that it had..
  15. The Siege of Memorial Bend

    There have been many in between, but here's another one about to be demolished: 438 Faust Ln.