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  1. What was it before it was Woodrow's?
  2. I recently heard a story about how townhouses were first introduced in Houston and wondered if anyone has any information about this. Apparently J.L. Phillips was one of the first to build townhouses in Houston. Rumor has it that he had a daughter in college who died and he built a property on Augusta for all of her sorority sisters to live in. He sold each unit to them at cost selling out in less than two hours. He he also built an identical property on Bering Dr with his foreman "Hud" Johnson who died of brain cancer sometime after that. I'm not sure if I have my facts straight but would be interested in knowing more about these two men.
  3. Yesterday, while craving a good pizza I went back trying to remember some of the greatest pizza joints that no longer exist in Houston. Yes I know Panjo’s Pizza and Shakey’s Pizza as well as Pipe Organ Pizza were some all time favorites but that’s in a totally different thread. I’d love to hear what y’all have to say!
  4. Apparently was "spotted" at a Voss Road nightclub. Anyone have any thoughts on what that nightclub might have been?
  5. Does anyone know anymore details on the Voss road rapist who assaulted numerous women in the 80's and 90's? I know he was the Quarterback for Westchester High School football team in the mid 70's.
  6. Someone recently brought to my attention a bar or game room type place called Grandaddie's in the 60's or 70's. Apparently this was located on Memorial Drive in between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford roughly where the Kroger is currently located. Not sure if this location is accurate but would love to know more.
  7. I think this is where Ninfas was. Apparently this was taken in 1974.
  8. I've heard from numerous people that the first Randall's was at Kirkwood and I-10 which is now Charlottes Saddlery.
  9. I was curious about the area that is south of Richmond Ave and north of 59. It's between Fountainview and Chimney Rock. It's now a bunch of warehouses and a few townhomes. Does anyone know what was here before? The first house I ever lived in was at 5807 Beverly Hill. This was around 1979-1982. Clements baseball field is across the street on Bering. I remember there being a Dirty's restaurant that seemed like it was on stilts. Checking on historicaerials.com it looks like there wasn't too much there but I was curious to know why this area became such an eyesore. Look forward to hearing from some of y'all about this area.
  10. Don't forget Pizza Roma on Dairy Ashford that built a massive new restaurant and the business was dead like a year later.
  11. So the former manager became a funeral director?
  12. What about the place that was housed inside of the old Montgomery Ward's at Memorial City Mall? It was a big drug store or something like that then it was a music store. Maybe Mars Music?
  13. Could you include Two Pesos in that argument? Also: -Breadsmith -Roll N Wrap -Funcoland. -Albertson's -Max-i-mos Pizza -Grandys -Larry's Shoes -Drug Emporium -Mobile One Audio -Tweeter -Lettuce Surprise You -Rock & Roll Plus -Shannon Surf Shop -Hannah Barberra World -Fame City -Adventure Bay Just to name a few. I know some might still be around or have merged with other businesses but just wanted to throw those out there.
  14. This picture was apparently taken around 1962 on San Felipe and Voss facing east. Having trouble figuring out exactly where this was or what that building is in the background.
  15. Did anyone live in or know someone who lived in the colonial house apartments? The commercials were way too funny. I remember they offered a free VCR if you signed a lease.
  16. I am trying to remember the locations of these places. This was in the prime of elementary school birthday party heaven for me.
  17. The funny thing is that considering it's proximity to Westheiemer..Bering and Augusta are probably two of the quietest streets I have ever lived on. I'm wondering if it was that way in the heyday of the "Richmond Strip" era..? Maybe for the lack of establishments that are open 24 hours or the lack of major hospitals in the area. Years ago when I lived on Bering closer to Woodway I rarely heard the fire station close by being called into action. My only complaint about the area is the traffic lights and how stinking long they take to finally turn green...small price to pay I suppose!!!
  18. Awesome story! Even if it's not true I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the horrific moment. Assistant librarian seems about right for that story. However, I would love to hear from an actual participant in these "rituals". Actually one of the best posts on here in a long time and holy shit that freaked me out enough to be suspicious of my neighbors and friends but especially former school librarians!
  19. Awesome story! Even if it's not true I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the horrific moment. Assistant librarian seems about right for that story. However, I would love to hear from an actu
  20. What was located at the sight of the old Spectrum movie theater before it was there?
  21. Did anyone live on Bering or Augusta that might have some fun stories to share? I would really like to know about Woodgrove (2250-2350) Bering. Built around 1978 and in my opinion rather unique!
  22. Hopefully you will be joining us on Facebook as a member of the "We Grew Up In Spring Branch"group. Excellent bit of info and look forward to hearing more about it. Thanks for sharing!
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