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  1. It is now! Gotta find time to go. Anyone else try it yet?
  2. This is not 100% realiable, but one of the workers at the Memorial City Mall location told me that the "suits" thought there was too much competition built there already. They get plenty of visits at the mall and they don't want to have one in the mall and one so close outside the mall too. I see the reasoning. Chick Fil A has kind of a cult following, like White Castle. I'll drive out of my way for a White Castle if it's about 5 miles away...I'll also cross the freeway and go in the mall if I REALLY want Chick Fil A. And if the mall is PACKED like it is on the weekends, I'll go all the way to the Westheimer location. BTW, anyone try Sushi Pop on Bunker Hill @ I-10? I think I might hit that tonight.
  3. I was dissapointed at first. Really wanted a Buffalo Wild Wings or something there. But now that I think about it, another med center means more people that will need apartments, and there are some "shady" apartments on Gessner and Westview (just west of Gessner), that would be nice for my property value if they where torn down to build some nice apartments to rent to the medical staff. And more people means they'll need more places to eat, and eventually drink during happy hour. Hmm, I sure would like to open a bar on gessner. A happy hour bar that opens at 3pm and closes at 10pm...man those are my dream work hours! So is the Uncle Bob's Self Storage gonna remain or is it getting demoed too?
  4. The project is going through some financing issues in order to finish up with the asthetics they want. Looks like what they want is gonna cost 2.5 times what they had in their original budget.
  5. This corner used to have Cornbreads, (as nice as it was to have a sports bar down the street from me some of the folks that went there where kinda thuggish), Schlotzkiz (spelling?), CiCi's Pizza, and the Asian Supermarket. It's all gone now! There is a sign up for "Cherry Companies", who I guess is either the Demo company or the General Contractor. I'm wondering if anyone has a clue as to what will be constructed here?
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