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  1. Cool i think i'll sign up, though i've never played before.
  2. I'm new to town and was wondering where in Houston can i get great pizza. Please help! Dominoes, Pizza Hut,Mr. Gatti's is not an option.
  3. I'm sorry but your previous posts from my short tenure on this forum has shown that you haven't proved anything but being pro Dallas.my opinion is that you are as sensitive about negative comments about Dallas as the one's here about Houston. You're no different....but that's okay.
  4. Could you present sources that would prove him/her wrong?
  5. Yes, he did just say that . Ouch! Let's close this thread and move on. You guys are all crazy if you asked me. The new Lakewwod church is good for Houston. another tourist attraction. Look on the bright side, we can't get astro world to remodel,so why not Compaq.Yall are still crazy though.
  6. Dallas seemed older to me when i visited...especially around their downtown area.their freeway's also have an older feeling.
  7. The Williams Tower Down town skyline Uptown skyline The skyline view from the ship channel The Galleria China Town The light rail cars( even though the lines go for 8 miles, our cars look the best). Our diversity TMC All of the stadiums Galveston Nasa Houston livestock show and rodeo International festival Yao and Mcgrady New Lakewood church Westheimer River Oaks Herman Park Roger Clemens The enormous amount of restaurants The Woodlands,sugarland,katy,kingwood,humble,pearland,baytown,pasadena,kemah, clearlake,and on and on and on.
  8. What are things you like about houston : weather , dining,shopping,tourist attractions etc.....
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